64th Independence Festival celebrated with patriotic fervour and gaiety

Published By : Admin | August 15, 2010 | 12:26 IST

Shri Narendra Modi invigorating speech on Independence Day 01

Delivering Independence Day address after unfurling Tricolor and taking salute at Rajkot, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi noted it with satisfaction that Gujarat has taken the right initiative for resolving national problems. By winning meaningful participation from people, Gujarat strides to development with peace and security. However, he regretted that the Union Government is boosting the spirit of anti-Gujarat forces, by taking their side, just to suffocate the people-centric governance in Gujarat. He alleged that Centre is supporting the elements that resist Gujarat’s development, which ultimately harms the national interests.

An impressive array of cultural events followed the spectacular march-past, the Independence Day festival attracted a lot of participation and enthusiasm.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s address, in the morning, from the ramparts of Red-Fort, CM noted that people have got disheartened. People’s expectations from the PM are not being fulfilled, as he is lacking the strategy to resolve national problems, such as price-rise, terrorism-naxalism and the Kashmir-issue. Besides successfully addressing the state’s problems, by synergizing social-peace and good-governance, Gujarat has found solutions to the nation’s problems, during the last decade. He highlighted State’s achievements in the sectors like youth’s skill-enhancement programme, education and 9% growth rate in agriculture.

Shri Narendra Modi invigorating speech on Independence Day 02

Gujarat is making rapid strides in different sectors, preaching the Mantra of Development: Gujarat’s development for India’s Development. He recalled that the freedom-movement, which was leaded by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel. He observed that the decade of Gujarat’s Golden-Jubilee has become the decade packed with Gujarat’s golden development.

In his public address, Prime Minister did not utter about curbing the price-rise or about the grains that are perishing in the national go-downs, nor has he expressed his concern for the poor. Central Government has not made sincere efforts to improve Urea-Fertilizer production. However, Gujarat has already equipped the farmer with modern- technology and scientific -knowledge, claimed CM.

Issue of Kashmir’s terrorism is not between the Center and the terrorists, but, the 100 Cr. populations of our nation are deeply concerned about it. CM warned the Centre that by initiating dialogue with the terrorists on the issue of Independent Kashmir is bound hurt national sentiments & national interests. Though it is a very sensitive issue, solutions must be found by taking in to consideration the wish and feelings of 100 Cr Indians.

CM deeply regretted that the nation is lacking political will as well as a strategy to tackle the menace of terrorism, naxalism and Maoism. Why the arms-supply to Naxal-forces is not being stopped? The situation is quite alarming and intolerable that the innocent citizens have to be at the mercy of such forces. Gujarat has successfully thwarted the evil designs of terrorists. By busting the national network of anti-nationals, Gujarat police have remained successful in thwarting the efforts of serial bomb-blasts. Gujarat police is capable enough to annihilate terrorism, added CM.

Emphasizing the need to take a tough stance, CM added that the 18th century law can not contain 21st century terror-menace. He went further extending his full support to the centre in wiping out terrorism from the country.

The Prime Minister has not drafted an appropriate policy or fail-safe scheme to solve the crisis faced by our country, however, Gujarat has shown the path by finding lasting solutions to the problems faced by the people. CM pointed out that the peaceful and prosperous decade is filled with many achievements. Even though, relentless efforts are being made to block Gujarat’s journey of development. Gujarat is not going to tolerate such initiatives, added CM.

Centre has also failed in providing right motivation to the youth.

CM indicated that Centre is rewarding the NGOs which are carrying out anti-Gujarat activities, such NGOs are continuously engaged in retarding the development of Gujarat. Such deeds does not protect the human-rights, on the contrary they are protecting the rights of demons and evils. Such NGOs are getting crores of rupees in the form of assistance.

He sternly rejected the activities which are aimed to tarnish the glory of national festival. People must identify such elements, noted CM.

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