“Narendra Modi is India’s future and an icon to follow”

Published By : Admin | April 18, 2011 | 10:16 IST

Spice Mobile Managing Director Shri Dilip Modi on Sunday said Narendra Modi is future of India. At an event organized by Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ahmedabad, Shri Dilip Modi received Youth Icon award from Narendra Modi.

In his acceptance speech Dilip Modi said, “in Gujarat there’s no word like impossible. This is the state that has so much self belief that it has converted impossible into I M Possible, and it is so infectious that it has become a role model for young entrepreneurs of the country.”

Dilip Modi further said, “Ahmedabad and Gujarat is the place that believes more in action than merely words.”

Dilip Modi who was sharing a dais with Narendra Modi told Narendrabhai during his address that you(Narendra Modi) are a true icon that people are looking to follow. In a city, state which believes more in action than words.

Addressing the young entrepreneurs in the function Dilip Modi said, “there are tremendous opportunities nowadays. Gujarat is a land where opportunities are not lacking, but you need a sense of purpose. Once you have some purpose to do something, the journey will become reward itself, and you will enjoy it.”

“When I started my career, we were in telecom business with operator license. We worked as an operator for eight years. Six years back we were told that if one has to stay in telecom business, the only option was to become an operator, and it needs huge investment. But actually in telecom there were lots of other areas to explore with low cost investment rather than working as an operator employing huge money. We tried to explore other areas. We observed that there were lots of foreign companies in handset business. We went to China and saw that in China local companies were competing international handset makers. Thus we started mobile handset business with purpose to compete with international brands. In those days, whoever I talked to cautioned me not to go into this business, but we created a team that had faith, and now we sell one million devises per month.”

Later in his speech, Narendra Modi asked the question with smile that what would happen to Dilip Modi and Chetan Bhagat(who also was there on the dais and praised Narendra Modi in his speech) as they have praised me.

Source: Desh Gujarat

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