White Revolution: Massive Jump in Milk Production!!

November 6, 2012 Author: admin


Be it green revolution or white revolution, Gujarat always shines bright. Gujarat has set a benchmark in milk production with its White Revolution under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. Team efforts of dairy farmers and supportive infrastructure and policies by Gujarat Government have carved a niche for Gujarat among the top milk producing states of India.

Gujarat has seen a massive jump in production of milk since past decade. Today, Gujarat is not only self – sufficient but the dairies of Gujarat send 20 lakh litres of milk to Delhi, 8 lakh liters to Mumbai and 5 lakh liters to Kolkatta, along with supplying milk power to armed forces. Milk production in the state has increased by 68% during past decade. This can be seen as there is a rise in share of cooperatives from 46 lakh liters to 100 lakh liters per day, in value terms from 2400 crore to 12, 250 crore over a period of 10 years.

The largest dairy co-operative in India popularly known as Amul, hails from a small town of Gujarat, Anand. The first dairy co-operative union was formed in 1942 with only two co-operatives joining as members. Today, the figure has jumped to 16,100 with 3.20 million milk producers contributing milk twice a day. Nearly 11-lakh cattle owners in Kathiawar and Kutch region have been brought under cooperative sector in dairy. Moreover, the number of milk societies formed and run by women has jumped from 800 to 2,250.

Milk Production is closely linked to the facilities available for cattle care. Considering this, Gujarat Government has taken a revolutionary step by initiating animal hostel. The animal hostel is a first of its kind initiative in cattle-rearing, providing shelter to the animals in villages through a public private partnership. Shri Modi believes that this initiative has shown a new path to the country for cattle rearing. The animal hostel has not only increased the milk production levels, but also provided employment to rural women. Women Sakhimanda prepares vermin-compost fertilizer out of animal dung while gobar-gas has been set up to meet the need of power.

The state government under the vision of Shri Modi has played a pivotal role in strengthening the dairy sector of Gujarat. In Gujarat, special focus has been given to scientific training of farmers with newer technologies and better farm practices through an initiative called Krishi Mahotsav. This initiative is very closely monitored by Shri Modi and he personally addresses farmers encouraging them towards better practices. During Krishi Mahotsav 2012, he addressed many dairy farmers across the state via video conferencing highlighting state’s achievement in milk production in the last decade.


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Not only human beings, even animals would be dreaming of Narendra Modi being the PM of India. Only Modiji can send the message of Divine India across the world.
Hitesh Odedra
Gujarat na vikashpurush ni yashgatha akhi dunya na hothe che. Have to rah juvo 2014 ni . India's next p.m is definetly shree narendrabhai modi. No one can stop him
Aayaan Desai
The state government under the vision of Shri Modi has played a pivotal role in strengthening the dairy sector of Gujarat
Hans Albert Lewis
I appreciate the hard work you have put in, but i wished Dr. Kurien's Name to be mentioned in this article... Wishing you all the best and looking forward to you taking PM candidature