• Watch LIVE: Shri Narendra Modi to address BJP Vikas Rally in Delhi

  • Watch LIVE: Shri Narendra Modi to address BJP Vikas Rally in Delhi

    September 26, 2013 Author: admin

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    Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel along with other BJP leaders will also address the rally

    Shri Narendra Modi to address BJP Vikas Rally in Delhi

    On the morning of 29th September 2013, Shri Narendra Modi will address the BJP Vikas Rally  at Japanese Park, Rohini, Delhi.  Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and other BJP leaders will also speak at the event.  Lakhs of people are expected to attend the massive rally.

    The event will begin 10 am onwards. You can watch the event LIVE on www.narendramodi.in  and follow live tweets on narendramodi_in

    To know more visit : http://www.bjpdelhi.org/index.php

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    ek hi vikallp hain modi lao desh bacho
    Gaurav Singla
    he is the best person in country this time leadership
    Raghu Arshid
    He is one of best kind and passionate LEADER
    Rajendra Rewatkar
    sir what is your opinion about formation of new states be specific about formation of vidhabha because BJP support d demand of separate vidharbha but do not take any initiative in this regard ,if u will be prime minister of India what will be your first step about formation of new states ?
    We are eagerly awaiting for your tomorrow's speech.Your speech will surely make fissures in AAP and many are sure to desert it.
    It would be great to see Lion of India speaking live again. First time I saw him in National Council meeting in Talkatora stadium in Delhi. Jai Jawan !!! Jai Kisan !!! Jai Vigyan !!!
    Ramesh Chander Sharma
    Looking forward to this rally too, Viewed Modi's Sriram college address on TV. Was disappointed with many interruptions made by all TV channels during Riwari address. Lucky and thanks to U tube for uninterreputed full coverage of Bhopal and Trichy address. U tube is requested to use powerful server during Modi,s address as masses are tired of dirty tricks of all the Indian TV channels.
    Nikhil Agarwal
    Narender is the only leader who as support all over India and he can give India a very good and efficient governance which nation eagerly waiting for. today our country is facing serious problem Internally and externally. Manmohan singh is more interested talk to our neighbor pakistan when our Army and Police camp is attacked. every citizen of India lost trust in Congress lead UPA govt be safe guarding border, controlling prices, economic condition of India Dollar gone up. Army is fed up with this present UPA govt. common man is fed up due to price rise and petrol and diesel hike. today people cant effort to have three time food everyday. let all politician need to travel all over India and should know the fact of the common man in which way he is suffering. Gas cylinder is 1025/- if u do not have aadhaar card. why this problem for common man do anyone can answer why common only should suffer.
    Waiting....m Fan of your political speeches...No one has that kind of oratory apart from Atal Ji
    Aditya Sharma
    What a load of crock playing on TV channels ...Congress cronies just 2 days ago defending the ordinance..Sanjay Jha n their ilk..now dutifully towing Rahuljis line..Biggest sycophants in the world ..Drama enacted at the press conference tdy..good cop bad cop routine falling flat