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February 18, 2012 Author: admin

Born in September, 1950 at Vadnagar, a small town in Mehsana district of North Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi grew up in a culture that instilled in him the values of generosity, benevolence and social service. During the India-Pak war in the mid sixties, even as a young boy, he volunteered to serve the soldiers in transit at railway stations. In 1967, he served the flood affected people of Gujarat. Endowed with excellent organizational capability and a rich insight into human psychology, he served in Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and played a prominent role in various socio-political movements in Gujarat.

Right from his childhood days he was confronted with many odds and obstacles, but he transformed challenges into opportunities by sheer strength of character and courage. Particularly when he joined college and University for higher education, his path was beset with tough struggles. But in the battle of life he has always been a fighter, a true soldier. Having put his step forward he never looked back. He refused to drop out or be defeated. It was this commitment which enabled him to complete his post graduation in political science. He started with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a socio-cultural organization with a focus on social and cultural development of India and imbibed the spirit of selflessness, social responsibility, dedication and nationalism.

While serving in the RSS, Shri Narendra Modi played several important roles on various occasions including the 1974 Navnirman anti-corruption agitation and the harrowing 19-month (June 1975 to January 1977) long Emergency when the fundamental rights of Indian citizens were strangled. Modi kept the spirit of democracy alive by going underground for the entire period and fighting a spirited battle against the fascist ways of the then central government.

He entered mainstream politics in 1987 by joining the BJP. Just within a year, he was elevated to the level of General Secretary of the Gujarat unit. By that time he had already acquired a reputation for being a highly efficient organizer. He took up the challenging task of energizing the party cadres in right earnest. The party started gaining political mileage and formed a coalition government at the centre in April 1990. This partnership fell apart within a few months, but the BJP came to power with a two-thirds majority on its own in Gujarat in 1995. Since then, the BJP has been governing Gujarat.

Between 1988 and 1995, Shri Narendra Modi was recognized as a master strategist who had successfully gained the necessary groundwork for making the Gujarat BJP the ruling party of the state. During this period, Shri Modi was entrusted with the responsibility of organizing two crucial national events, the Somnath to Ayodhya Rath Yatra (a very long march) of Shri L.K. Advani and a similar march from Kanyakumari (the southernmost part of India) to Kashmir in the North. The ascent of the BJP to power at New Delhi in 1998 has been attributed to these two highly successful events, substantially handled by Shri Modi.

In 1995, he was appointed the National Secretary of the party and given the charge of five major states in India – a rare distinction for a young leader. In 1998, he was promoted as the General Secretary (Organization), a post he held until October 2001, when he was chosen to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat, one of the most prosperous and progressive states of India.
During his stint at the national level, Shri Narendra Modi was given the responsibility to oversee the affairs of several state level units, including the sensitive and crucial state of Jammu and Kashmir and the equally sensitive north-eastern states. He was responsible for revamping the party organization in several states. While working at the national level, Shri Narendra Modi emerged as an important spokesman for the party and played a key role on several important occasions.

During this period, he travelled extensively across the world and interacted with eminent leaders of several countries. These experiences not only helped him develop a global perspective but also intensified his passion to serve India and lead it towards the socio-economic supremacy in the comity of nations.

In October 2001, he was called upon by the party to lead the Government in Gujarat. When Shri Modi ‘s government was sworn in on October 7, 2001, the economy of Gujarat was reeling under the adverse effects of several natural calamities, including a massive earthquake in January 2001. However Shri Narendra Modi, a master strategist, who was enriched by national and international exposure and experience, decided to take the bull by its horns.

The biggest challenge that he had to face, when he took over as the Chief Minster, was the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the areas affected by the massive earthquake of January 2001. Bhuj was a city of rubble and thousands of people were living in temporary shelters without any basic infrastructure. Today Bhuj is proof of how Shri Narendra Modi has turned adversity into an opportunity for holistic development.

Even when the reconstruction and rehabilitation was going on, Shri Narendra Modi did not lose sight of the bigger picture. Gujarat had always focused on industrial growth. Shri Narendra Modi decided to correct the imbalance by focusing appropriately on social sectors for an integrated socio-economic growth. He conceived the Panchamrut Yojana – a five-pronged strategy for an integrated development of the state.

Under his leadership, Gujarat is witnessing massive transformation in several sectors including education, agriculture, healthcare and several others. He developed a clear vision of his own for the future of the state, launched policy-driven reform programmes, reoriented government’s administrative structure and successfully put Gujarat on the road to prosperity. His intentions and capacity were noticed within the first 100 days of his coming to power. Little wonder that these skills coupled with his administrative acumen, clear vision and integrity of character translated into a landslide victory in the December 2002 general elections and the Modi government was voted back to power with a massive majority of 128 seats in a house of 182. The spectacular performance continued in 2007 when in yet another election Shri Modi led the BJP to a record win.

Shri Narendra Modi completed record 4000 days in service of the people of Gujarat on 17th September 2012. He has been blessed by the support of the people of Gujarat in three successive elections. After leading the party to victory in 2002 and 2007 (117 seats) elections, Shri Modi led the BJP to another victory at the hustings during the 2012 Gujarat Assembly Elections. The BJP emerged victorious in 115 seats and Shri Modi was sworn-in as the CM of Gujarat for the 4th consecutive time on 26th December 2012.

Today, people’s expectations have been more than fulfilled. Today Gujarat is leading the nation in a variety of sectors be it e-Governance, investments, poverty eradication, power, SEZs, road development, fiscal discipline and many more. Its growth story is not based on the development of any one sector but on the development of all three sectors (agriculture, industry and services). Behind the robust growth of Gujarat is Shri Modi’s Mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and his emphasis on Pro-people, pro-active good governance (P2G2) where he has made the people of Gujarat active partners in the state’s progress.

Fighting against all odds, he ensured that the Narmada dam reached 121.9m. Height – He even observed a fast to counteract those obstructing the construction. “Sujalam Sufalam” – a scheme to create a grid of water resources in Gujarat is yet another innovative step towards water conservation and its appropriate utilization.

Certain novel ideas like introduction of Soil Health Cards, Roaming Ration Cards and Roaming School Cards show his concern for the most common man of the state.

His initiatives such as Krishi Mahotsav, Chiranjeevi Yojana, Matru Vandana, Beti Bachao campaign (save the girl child), Jyotigram Yojana, and Karmayogi Abhiyan, E-Mamta, eMPOWER, SCOPE, iCreate etc. aim at multi-dimensional development of Gujarat. The vision, concept and time-bound implementation of such initiatives is what makes Shri Narendra Modi stand out as a true statesman who thinks of the next generation against the backdrop of politicians who can only think as far as the next elections.

Widely regarded as a youthful and energetic mass leader with innovative thoughts, Shri Narendra Modi has successfully communicated his vision to the people of Gujarat and has been able to impart faith, trust and hope among more than 6 crore people of Gujarat. His outstanding memory of addressing lacs of people, even common men, by their first name has made him the darling of the masses. His immense respect for spiritual leaders has helped build bridges across religions. A wide cross-section of the people of Gujarat, cutting across income groups, religions and even political affiliations, continue to adore Shri Narendra Modi as an able and visionary leader who is transparently and convincingly uplifting the quality of their lives. A skilled orator and a deft negotiator, Shri Modi has earned the love of people from villages and cities alike. His following encompasses people belonging to every faith and religion and every economic section of society.

It is under his able leadership that Gujarat has bagged several awards and accolades from all over the world – including UN Sasakawa Award for disaster reduction, Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) award for innovations in governance, UNESCO award, CSI award for e-Governance etc. The very fact that Shri Narendra Modi has been ranked as the number one Chief Minister by the public for three consecutive years speaks volumes for his achievements.

His masterstroke of putting Gujarat on the global map essentially is ongoing campaign called the Vibrant Gujarat that truly transforms Gujarat into one of the most preferred investment destinations. The 2013 Vibrant Gujarat Summit drew participation from over 120 nations of the world, a commendable feat in itself.

Gujarat has been registering double digit growth rates for the past several years. While Gujarat continues to accelerate on the path of growth and development, the voyager continues to walk tirelessly, leaving behind his footprints on the sands of time, transforming milestones into milestones, step by step.

Even an overview of his journey in politics from grass-roots to the helm will speak volumes of his ever rising stature as a leader.
If one looks for the ideas and ideals of leadership, here is a classic role model showing how the youth, endowed with strength of character, courage, dedication and vision at once flowers into creative leadership. It is not quite common to see, in public life, a man with such profound spirit of service and fixity of purpose; loved so well by the people whom he loves so deeply. He has, in not so long span of time, emerged as the man of destiny.

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What a energy you have .!!!!
Shrikant Dubey
Dear Shri Modi Ji, Well wishes and support is with you. Just select the right candidates.
Dear Sh. Modiji, Our vote, well wishes and support is with you. Just select the right candidates.
Jeera Ganesh
Hi sir we need your service as a Prime minister till the end of corruption in India. Save our nation. Jai Bharatha Matha Ki Jai, BJP ki Jai, Narendra Modi ki Jai........................
Bhonsle Rajbir
Sumit Kumar Moudgil
At present humans on earth know india by mahatma gandhi in future humans on earth know india by Shri Narendra Modi Modiji >>>>>>>>>>>> gandhiji
motivational ideal personality that must be followed to make a strong nation
Martand Chaware
jay jay jay ho tumhari yehi shubh kamana hamari. please do come to Solapur in Maharashtra for campign and do turn the election table in ur favour . "vidhayass dharmays sanrakshanam param vaibhavmnnetumetataswarashtram samrtha bhawatwa shishate bhrusham"
Tarun Kanodia
Narendra Modi Ji you need to have more partners in South and North Eastern India to acheive mission 272+ and form the government in 2014. do watch satyamev jayate 2 in march and watch the show regularly which will help you to plan development of India as it has good insights of India
Prasad Khare
Hame garva hoga hum Prime Minister Modijike netrutvame Hindustan ko age badhaye. 272 mission kamayab hoga hi hoga.
Sushil Garg
Jayaraj Nagaraj
I am pride that i am being part of you Ji,'as the squirrel in the Rama Yatra' on the rescue of our nation from the false people in the nation,as you rightly said "Congress-Quit India"
Manhar Patel
From: Manhar Patel, Hanover Park,USA PAYRE DESHWASI , KASSAM LO MATRUBHUMI KI MODI KO PRIME MINISTER BANAYANGE Dear Brothers and Sisters of India, If we truly love our Matrubhumi, please do not stay on sideline in upcoming loksabha election in 2014. Our forefathers, our rajas were not united that’s why Moguals, Sikander, Angrej, made dare to come in Bharat. The king Sikander defeated Great King PURU. Pruthwiraj Choowhan deffeted by Ghouri. Our culture disturbed, our social value tainted and our matrubhumi left behind compare to western world. We should learn from our forefather’s mistakes and make sure we not continue the same mistake and fighting among us each other and divide us based on religions, languages, casts, and keep repeating our mistakes and keep our BHARAT week. If we read history of western world and learn one thing from them, stay united, keep national interest first and elect our leader who are capable to lead, who are honest and who is visionary. Since India become independent from British rules, first time someone courageous and visionary leader like SARDAR PATEL we have now is NARENDRA MODI. Please make every effort to elect Shree Narendra Modi as our PRIME MINISTER in upcoming LOKSHABHA ELECTION. He already proved us by leading Gujarat and we know that he will lead INDIA. HATH SE HATH MILAO MODI KO PRIME MINISTER BANAO SEN THIS MESSAGE TO ALL YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS AND REQUEST YOUR FRIENDS THEY DO SAME THING
Maheeram Geela Bishnoi
मैँ नरेन्र्द मोदी को ऊपाधी देना चाहता हुँ वो ऊपाधी हैँ राष्ट्रभ्राता आज से नरेन्र्द मोदी पुकारेगेँ अतः मैँ सभी देशवासियोँ निवेदन करता हूँ ।
It may be that i'll become unconscious when i meet Mr. Modi ji because anyone could be senseless by getting a sight of live "GOD".......... It's good for "INDIA" to see u "The PRIME MINISTER" to save our country from some international monsters and to make the 2020 dream of APJ abdul kalaam true .
Manjul Agarwal
Modi bhai rose from a tea vendor to graduate in political science, to a record three time CM, to a PM candidate. He should sponsor a Mahan Bharat Foundation to counter anti-history by the likes of perpetually pampered Pappu who survive solely by sycophancy, VB politics and Hindu denigration. As PM I hope he can revive the glory of the Vedic age so Bharat will once again be a world beacon.
a great leader and servant of gujarati people now yearning to become the BJP leader of this great country,India.he reminds sardar modi is educated and experienced politician administrator,if bjp wins 2014 polls,we hope to have people responsive PM.JAI BHARAT unified in diverse culture and lingua and religion.
Naman Attri
An example of a true leader .... An example of a real change .... Hope he wins ...
Excellent Introduction.Thanks a lot.It will be more complete if Steps taken by Modijee for the Muslim Communities are placed with .Digambar Behera,Convener,Puri Nagarik Mancha,Puri,Odisha
Narendra modi is India’s one of the most idealistic politician. His educational background cannot be defined in two words. The BJP Iconic leader “Narendra modi” had to go through a whole different path during his childhood days. Unlike Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi, Modi took his education start right from first grade to masters completely in India. Since he was born in a financial backward class family, Modi spended most parts of his childhood to support his family. - See more at:
Raghavendra Singh
Namo Namo Shri Modiji is thought full man who doesn't think himself , he's sincere about his country first.and i would like to say that our country needs this kind of person at this time.otherwise what'll be happen everybody knows.
Light is emerging. Darkness period is over. Man with clear vision will surely direct towards success.
Shiv Shanker
Shri Narendra Modi is a person of strong will power with the pure BHARTIYA SPIRIT, he is the only person who can lineup all the people and give them to the write direction of success and peace..also not to forget BHARAT IS THE HINDU DESH, we must remember to our GOD SHRI RAM CHANDRA JI, and make THE MOST MEMORABLE TEMPLE OF SHRI RAM CHANDRA JI. As we alwasys pray to God before going for any good work like the same we should take this step without delay. I BELIEVE NARENDRA MODI IS A PERSON WHO CAN MAKE OUR COUNTRY AGAIN LIKE A RAM RAJAYA (UTOPIA)- WHERE EVERYBODY WILL BE HAPPY, HEALTHY AND LITERATE - GOD BLESS YOU NARENDRA MODI JI - JAI JAI SHREE RAM CHANDRA JI KI JAI :-)
Nirav Amin
Indian has a right time to choose Shree Narendra Modi ji as a leader of Indians, if Indians can't take this opportunities; i think keep muming is the best PM for indians - means RAM RAJYA ne PRAJA SUKHI>>>>>>>> We indian want to see Shree Narendra Modi ji as a Best Leader of Nation.
Pradeep Chittoor
There is NO ALTERNATIVE to Narendra Bhai for leading India to PEACE and PROSPERITY . The sooner Indian public realizes that , the better. On Modi's part, he needs to be a bit more refined and speak a bit for the minorities as well. His slogan '' CONGRESS HATOA, DESH BACHAO '' IS A MEANINGFUL AND REALISTIC SLOGAN
Siddharth Rai
First time I knew about modi ji from his desk. He was courageous & ambitious person in childhood also.Today only Narandra modi is a capable politician who will improve Indian economy.
Peru Buddy
Dear Sir, I dont have an age to praise you, we want only the Person,The Man like to rule our country. India is going towards very economical crisis . Youths of India expecting the Man like you to rule our country. Our support was there for you . We would like to have you as our next and ever long Prime Minister of our country. Jai Hind Sir Mr.Narendra Modi
RajThilak Selvaraj
Dear Sir, We all need not only "VIBRANT GUJARAT". We need " VIBRANT INDIA" under the leadership of the Great MODIJI.......
Abinaya Bm
Hello Sir, Recently our entire family has been shifted from Tamilnadu to Gujarat(Ahmedabad). Here we are enjoying real peaceful life and all other things are great!!! It is the time, we are expecting highly talented Prime Minister like you to set right India to control corruption and improve growth of our country.
Omeducareers Counselling
...............Yes We Can, Yes We will Do..........Golden words from Shri Narendra Modi Ji...........And Our Commitment with Shri Narendra Modi Ji is that we will do everything for bright future of HINDUSTAN.......Supporting & asking support from people of HINDUSTAN to Make a King to Shri Narendra Modi ji.....Jai Hind Jai Hindustan.
Gaurav Jain
jai bharat jai modi.......... we are desperately waiting for him to become the pm of india
We need India to be under a selfless, hardworking person like modiji.
Abhishek Sharma
Namaskar modi sir, keep changing the gears and speed up the development strategy in india, we should focus on the degrading quality of education in india. Youngsters are eager to see you as the PM of india.
Srinivas Ch
Namaskar Shree Modi ji my kind words of Our's initiatives such as Krishi Mahotsav, Chiranjeevi Yojana, Matru Vandana, Beti Bachao campaign (save the girl child), Jyotigram Yojana, and Karmayogi Abhiyan, E-Mamta, eMPOWER, SCOPE, Women Empowerment, Vivekananda, iCreate etc. This such type of offering programmes this are thurmendus projects plese keep goon after u ................
Surendra Sharma
sir,hume aapse bahut umeede hai,,,aap aage bado hum aapke saath h..congress mukt bharat ke liye,,,with best wishes.
Hello Sir. I salute u for everything.the way u hve made the people understand what they are born for.I m vry much sure that today evry single person in gujrat would be more then happy tat you have always been there for them..aaj sabke mann yehi hoga ki unko dekhne ke liye unka mota bhai hain..iska matlab unko chatt milgaya.i stay in wb.murshidabad..yaha ka development kuch bhi nai hain..sir sach main bahut mann lagake kaam karna chahata hu..really sir want to work under you.plz give me a chance
आज के दिन मोदी जी के शासकल में प्रत्येक वह व्यक्ति जो गुजरात में रह रहा है अपने को अत्यधिक मफूज़ समझता है। मेरे ख्याल से देश के किसी भी हिस्से में इतनी अधिक आत्मसुरक्षा की भावना के साथ नहीं जिया जा सकता है। यदि आदमी अपने को सुरक्षित महसूस कर रहा है और उसे दो जून की रोटी आराम से मिल रही है तो यह पृथ्वी ही स्वर्ग सामान प्रतीत होती है। यदि हमारा लीडर हमारी सुरक्षा की चिंता रखता है तो वही सही मायने में लीडर है। नरेन्द्र मोदी जी के कुछ ही शौक हैं -अच्छा पहनना, साफ़-तरोताजा रहना और सुशासन देना। Pankaj Kumar Agrawal
It is always sounds good whenever hear about Modi's achievements. He has risen up to this level by his own 'Karmas", even though he is continuously facing odds not only from congress but from party stalwarts also.He is like elephant among----gs.He is grand personality not only in the minds of good thinking Indians but also in foreign countris. Whenever I go and meet foreigners in or NRIs there, their questions on India always include information about Modi> Most of the time they ask, "How is our Modi?" But one thing which I feel is that he should not utter any thing which harms his personality. Whenever he retaliate with good words, people praises a lot. His calmness says everything what he wants to say.
You are doing your best for Gujarat, now want to see you doing your best for India.I want to see you as PM of India in 2014 and for this i will do everything from my side. Jai Hind
Shyamsundar Dheeraj
you are a real leader. you can make india A sone ki chidiyan. you can make samridh aur shaktishali bharat... ye mera dil kahta hai. i hope you will be bharat bhagya vidhata.
Kumar Shiva
next Prime Minister Of India with aim of development like Gujrat state
Modi Ji Fisrt Time In Indian Politics A leader support a sinking boat full of true indians . You have done a great job at patanjali Baba Ji and his followers like me need a strong man like you who can say publically this is right . See modi ji One more leader from congress also feel same thing he also admited in CII speech than Mr obama and whole western world is dancing on Yoga but in India yoga guru is facing Humiliation . Knowing and doing is all together different thing . All indian youth including ruling party Vice president Know what is right and what is wrong But You are the only man who just not only know but you support the right . Thanks Modi Ji .
I will be very happy when shri modiji will be annouced as the PM candidates of BJP... We indian really wants to see u as a PM
Daljit Sisodia
Today India need PM as Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi. All are heartly wanted next PM of the India. Best wishes to the Great leader like Shri Swami Vivekananda, Shri Bhagat Singh,Shri Netaji, Shri Sardar Vallabh bhai patel..........
Baburaj Ravi
Best wishes to the Great Virgo born leader. India will be safe in your hands. Do visit Kerala and make the Hindus proud.
Shailendra Sharma
The people of this country have alredy elected you as their Prime Minister in their hearts, whatsoever your opponents within BJP and outside may try to create hurdles for you but one day they all will be compelled to scumb to the choice of the masses. We are thankful to GOD to have a person and a leader like you. I have already predicted that it will be BJP led Govt. at the centre in next General Election but I am unable to declare the PM as I don't have your correct birthdata. But still, God has sent you to free India from the clutches of corrupt and selfish politicians.
Manojkumar Srivastava
this is true that you are most dynamic and efficient leader. your popularity is on the top place by dint of your shining and praiseworthy performance in gujarat for more than a decade.that is why the projecting you for the post of prime ministership is fully justified.but in my view the most suitable candidate in bjp is mr lal krishna advani who has a undisputed political career. you should support and project his name for the primeministership.this gesture of you will enhance your stature.yes you can work under him as second leader next to him.
Wow Modi, Wow Gujrat. It could be WOW BHARAT also if he is given an opportunity to serve as PM for next 10yrs. He is the right candidate for next PM, but in a country like India, people will never elect r accept him to be next PM,irrespective of which ever party he be.
Jagdish Choudhary
amazing;a true leader & hope 4 the india....we'll be always with u.....go ahead of luck.........mind blowing...............
Nirmit Desai
an amazing person & best Politician in after a long time which works for public of india................ he is a real hero for world & ideal for gujrat
Suresh Kumar Sharma
Handling great leaders is primary job of a real teacher and you are more than a teacher. If he can not do it, how he will script mind of a student to be a great leader. shree NM is teacher of the time. He is going to teach world leaders to govern their respective countries or states.
Urvish Parikh
Your India Today conclave speech was Inspirational...
Kirti Patel
I can already visualize Mr. Modi as next prime minister of India. We all are proud of him. Jai Hind
veerbadra lokesh
NaMo is great. Waiting to see shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India.
Pranat Kumar
Narendra Moji is the best CM in India and I am sure that he is the only leader who can lead us natianally
Narendra modi sir, you have to become P.M (C.E.O) of INDIA,VICTORY comes to your feet shortlty,waiting for that movement sir,raise our India to international status ,you can only do that
Raghav Attal
nice i like way he became man of country
Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo
When i went to Gujurat for the first time.....I thought to go out and check some good places. While going in the auto I asked the auto driver "Yahan par kya sabse acha hae [what is the so special over here..??]". He replied "Yahan ke log hi sabse ache hain[The people from here are themselves great]" I was just stunned..!! Thank You Sir, You have really changed the people over Gujurat, and if they have so much big thoughts then how come gujurat be back?? It will be great if you become the PM someday...:) It's my dream to see u as Prime Minister of India and Dr.Kalam as President Go ahead and change India Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo[Just google my name to know more] Odisha[Web Designer and App Developer]
GanpAt TalpAda
“I’ve Read Your Summary.” “And I Found” You Are Enough, You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are, Never Let Your Self Think That You Don’t Have Everything Wonderful To Share With This World, You Sparkle And Radiate You’re Own Unique Beauty, ..Know That You Are Amazing Sir. HATS OFF TO SIR.....!!! "I LOVE GUJARAT"
Riya Dhulani
“I've read your summary." "And I found" You are enough, you are perfect just the way you are, never let yourself think that you don't have everything wonderful to share with this world, you sparkle and radiate you're own unique beauty, ..know that you are amazing Sir. HATS OFF TO SIR:-)
PM material beyond doubt.......A Positive change which India & Indians need at this crucial junction. Only Na Mo as P.M. in 2014 can make India a number one Superpower by 2020.......
Anil Tiwari
After Gandhi and Patel, once again a leader has arrived from Gujrat at a critical moment for India. We hope and pray for his continued success and for him to become India's Prime Minister. He is the man India has been waiting for to usher in the change and unleash the energy of her people to reach her logical place in the comity of nations.
milan soni
sir u r great.and I m proud that ur cm of the our state.
Sirji, Congratulations You are one more "SARDAR" for Gujarat
Mishri Suriya
Sir you are not only CM (Common Man) but also PM (Progressive Man) Sir your Irony is that you are IRON man like Sardar Patel yet Man of Peace like Gandhi yet not Gandhi. Narendra Modi is not less than Narenradra Nath Datta. you have matched the name by consistency of character and courage.
Modi ji, Congratulations to you, you make all Indians proud, in this world. Modi ji, you are and will be all Indian's future you have and will always achieve excellence for our Bharata Maa. JAI HIND
the way modiji give speech in his rally whether through 3D or directly,he understands the feeling of 6 crores gujaraties,in gujarat it is difficult to think other politician than modiji,i would like the modiji to serve gujarat only becuase still there is more to do make gujarat pride..
jay pujara
Gujarat jesi sakal pure India ki kardo modiji....aur Aatankwad aur Bhrastachar ko nabud kardo plz be the Next PM of India we all r wid u....
Suraj Pai
Sir my humble request to you sir, please give one job to our unemployee RAHUL GANDHI...
All the Best to you sir... jai hindh, jai sri ram
This man can change the fate of nation. We can hope for a rich, developed and disciplined India out of him. Congress ruled for 50 years but the real progress began in the leadership of Atal Ji. If it were BJP’s strong PMs, it would make development in the same way. But there was congress which looted the country by making millions of scams. Now we need one strong leader like Modi whose actions always speak. Modi can solve the several issues like terrorism, Kashmir issue. Modi sir, wishing you a wonderful victory!!
Mukesh Pandya
modi sir,.....Delhi ke safar ke releted ek share Jindgi Ki Asali Udan Abhi baki he dosto Jindgi K Asali Imthan Abhi Bake he, Abhi ti Napi He Hamne Muthi Bhar Jamin dosto Abhi to Sara Ashman Baki he.....Gandhinagar se Delhi....
Vipul Prajapati
Khil utha ye chaman mera Khil utha ye gujarat mera Lehrane laga ye khet mera Lehrane laga pura gujarat mera Pura hua har sapna mera Pavan hua gujarat mera Sapne pure hua kyuki ek vikashpurush hai c.m hamara, Badal jayega ye desh mera jab vikashpurush hoga p.m hamara.
Vinay Dudhane Maratha
He is the rolemodel of all people. people learn biography and improve thier carrier.
Vivek Tripathi
माननीय नरेंद्र मोदी जी को मेरी शुभ कामनायेँ हैं ये चुनाव तो मोदी जी जीतेंगे ही और उनके विकास से जुड़े काम उन्हे प्रधानमंत्री की कुर्सी तक ले जाएंगे। जय जय गरवी गुजरात । जय भारत।
Hitesh Odedra
Khil utha ye chaman mera Khil utha ye gujarat mera Lehrane laga ye khet mera Lehrane laga pura gujarat mera Pura hua har sapna mera Pavan hua gujarat mera Sapne pure hua kyuki ek vikashpurush hai c.m hamara, Badal jayega ye desh mera jab vikashpurush hoga p.m hamara.
Patel Jay
"Rising SUN/SON of INDIA , one and only one Shri.Narendra Modi" Make The SUN/SON Shine Forever...Please VOTE Modi"
Satasiya Dipak
Modi sir, you are the best person for state of gujarat government.I am very impress for your development of gujarat.So i want to you will become our next CM.
Hitesh Odedra
Shree narendrabhai modi is the man with the habbit of hard and smart work that we can see in his biography .he has the abillity to reach the goal by his great vision and hardwork .he is the man with out any lust or corruption in his background.whatever he is today is because of his abillities to lead the state. Now its our depends on our choice what we want an corrupted government of congress or an honest and peoples well wisher modiraj. " jab tak rahega congress raj , hota rahega bhrastachar , vikash ka na hoga vichar , hota rahega atyachar , kab tak sahe ye atyachar , aao milaye hum apne vichar , or milkar laye modiraj .
In washington you would not dare to speed and then tell the traffic cop, Jaanta hai sala main kaun hoon. I am so and so' s son. Take your two bucks and get lost. "on the beaches of australia and new zealand you wouldn't chuck an empty coconut shell anywhere other than the garbage pail. Why do not you spit paan on the streets of tokyo? Why don't you buy up the police as well as the secret police to hush up a rape, murder or crime in munich? Why are you giving sincerely written and driving test after getting international driving license in usa? Why don't you use examination jockeys or buy fake certificates in boston? We are still talking of the same you. You who can respect and confirm to a foreign system in other countries but cannot in your own. You who will throw papers and cigarettes on the road the moment you touch indian ground. If you an be an involved and appreciative citizen in an alien country why can not you be the same here in india. Once in an interview,
you walk out of sahara airport and you are at your international best. In singapore you don't throw cigarette butts on the roads or eat in the stores. You are as proud of their underground links as they are. You pay $5(approx. Rs.220) to drive through orchard road (equivalent of mahim causeway or peddler road) between 5 pm and 8 pm. You comeback to the parking lot to punch your parking ticket If you have overstayed in a restaurant or a shopping mall irrespective of your status &identity. In singapore you don't say anything. You do. In dubai you wouldn't dare to eat in public during ramzan. In jeddah you would not dare to go out without your head covered. In london you would not dare to buy an employee of the telephone exchange at 10 pounds (rs.300) a month to, "see to it that my std and isd calls are billed to someone else."
what you are is god’s gift you, What you become is your gift to god”. “the route you take depends on the decision you make”. Therefore always think:- Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendship? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? You say that our laws are too old. You say that the municipality does not pick up the garbage. You say that the phones don't work, The railways are a joke, The airline is the worst in the world. Mails never reach. You say that our country has been fed to the dogs And is the absolute pits. You say, say and say. What do you do about it? Take a person on his way to singapore. Give him a name - yours. Give him face - yours
One has to abandon all desires in the world be free form attachment an latent impressions doing everything out worldly and thus playing one’s part in the world. He has to cut the bond of attachment form all sides, by the sword of knowledge. He should to play with life and should be loyal to ideals and must spiritualist out his thoughts, emotions and actions. Soul require solitude, In order to get peace mind has to become calm. The physical existence must be free form all thoughts daily for sometime and furring the period of wisdom dawns. Thought mediation, one may study his true and realise he as spirit of freedom, spirit of unity, spirit of immortality. Live in truth by becoming truthful, love all, for love is unity, by reflecting upon thought. The man bonda may perpetuate slavery, Beware of lust, greed, anger passion hatred, jealousy and the unlimited wants of five senses. They are enemies.
The mind of a person have steady wisdom and he is not to distressed calamity, he is not affected by the afflictions arising form thunder, lightening, storm, flood etc., and fear arising from the venomous and ferocious. When he is pleased in an affluent condition, he does not long for sensual pleasures. The body with the controlled mind possess pious understanding or evenness of mind. He does not rejoice in pain that may be fall on him. He has life or body as he identified self, being routed in the self. He will not praise any body when later does any good to him nor sensor any one when one does him any harm. For when a man thinks of objects, attachment form desire is born, from desire anger arises, form anger comes delusion, form dilution loss of memory, form loss of memory the destruction of discrimination, form distraction of discrimination, he perishes as he is swept away by impulse of passion and emotion and he will act irrationally.
Identification of mind as an independent personality and the tenability to enter into harmony and oneness is resulting in mental and physical suffering, the sense of obstruction and disappointment towards disintegration of society. Desirstic approach, the energy gets deplete object conscienceless leading to a state of starvation and one. consciousness. Gita says ‘he whose mind is not shaken by diversity, who does not hanker of the pleasure, and is free from attachment, that meets with everything good or bad, neither rejoices nor hates his wisdom is fixed’.
There is no spiritual without love. Spiritual realisation automatically makes us love every body. Truth and universal love raise us to a spiritual status and we can see the divine life. This is the highest vision which comes when he realise God in his heart and surrender himself completely to him and there by wiping out his ego sense. Purity truth and Constant remembrance of God comes by practice and in pure mind otherwise passions will create havoc. Desire move the sense, Tapas cuts the senses and annihilates desires. Tapas. is worship meditations. Thus for controlling the bondage of the path of spiritualism. In this manner there will not be required by thought control nor the restrictions can be imposed upon such individual who has given his oneself to the swept of impotent without feeling any discontentment by the swept of impulsive notions. This is required for the rectification of prevailing maladies in the society.
Janarthanan Gowtham
I salute in tamilnadu sir.You are the great indian leader sir.i want to like talk with you sir.for your development ideas sir.please sign your autograph sir....i salute again to you sir.
I will definately vote for BJP sir... because i want to see you again PM of our beautiful state.
Jayanti Thakor
Sir aap to gujarat ke nath ho kem ke gujarat no vikas kiya he me to herroj prathana karta hu ki aap pm bane ki desh bachalo next missinn dec 2012 election jitega bjp jitega
Samir Natwarlal Mistry
Honorable Chief Minister, you have converted dreams into vision & vision into outcome. And especially for implementing e-governance. You are one of the success Leaders of Gujarat. This success will lead you across the boundaries of Gujarat & India. With Best Regards.
Ghanshyam Patel
Karsanbhai Chawda
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Garvi Gujarat Shri. Narendrabhai Modi. N = Natural = કુદરતી A = Active = સક્રિય R = Rare = વિરલ E = Expert = નિષ્ણાત N = Noble = ઉમદા D = Distinguished = પ્રતિષ્ઠિત R = Religious = ધાર્મિક A = Abolitionist = ગુલામીની પ્રથા નાબૂદ કરવાની ચળવળનો હિમાયતી, M = Maghirilant = ઉત્તમ O = Obliging = ઉપકાર કરનાર D = Deserving = લાયક I = Intelligent = બુદ્ધિશાળી
Santoshsingh Raghuvanshi
Dave Manish
jay dwarkadhish, manniy modi ji mane garv che k tame gujrat na cm cho parantu maru 1 shwpn che k tame hindushtana pm bano ame tamari shathe j chiye a mate hu drroj 5 minit bhgwan pase prathna karu chu k ap pm bono ane desh ne a arajkata mathi bachavo bas aj apna gujrano 1 nagik dave manish
Gaurang Dodiya
સુપ્રભાત માનનીય મુખ્યમંત્રી શ્રી નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મોદીજી અમને ગર્વ છે કે તમે ગુજરાત ને વિશ્વના ટોઉંચ પર મુકિ ગુજરાત ને ગૌરવભર્યું સ્થાન અપાવ્યું છે અને આપ શ્રી ગુજરાત ને હજુ પણ એ કામયાબી ના શિખર પર પહોચાડો આવી શુભકામના પાઠવું છુ અને આપ શ્રી આવી રહેલ ચુનાવ માં તમે જીતો આવી શુભકામના લી . ગૌરાંગ ડોડીયા
proud To Be an Citizen of Gujrat
Sir, Though this is true, but it looks like a Hindi Film Story where a hero fights with all the odds and challenges. Sir, we salute you and look forward for further growth of Gujarat and our Nation. We look towards you as a PM who will take India on a new highs and put it on top of Mt. Everest. Good Day Sir...:-)
Akshay Deshpande
i am very proud n my nation is very proud to have such A true indian and hero. sir u should be next PM OF OUR COUNTRY N ALL THE BEST FOR UR UPCOMING POLL ELECTIONS IN GUJARAT
Jitendra Patidar
We want person like you have a youthful and energetic mass leader with innovative thoughts so that understand the critical situation of India and Indians who are facing bunch of problems,every where in government offices,unemployment ,corruption and lot of Indian people daily sleep without food in this costly life .every one know every thing what is going on but they have no money ,no power.if some one rise his/her voice against some what happened you know very well .... every Indian want to think about whole India very very thanks to accept.
Krishan R. Suthar
I'm very proud of you and i feel very pleasure that we have an option for the next PM of india as you... One man who can lead the nation with his potential efforts very well... One thing i want to suggest you that at time of declaration of candidates for PM position, it may be possible that your own party declare any other person for that position... bu sir we will not be ready to accept it... it will be very fatal decision not only for your own party but for whole nation's desireness..."Ye hamari ashaon ka gala ghot degi".... so if your party doesn't accept you... if you feel such (actually a'm sure that you and only you are deserve for that position) then please come with us on the behalf of JANTA(common man).... without any party ..... and i'm pretty sure that people are waiting for the occasion when they will elect you as PM.... Sir , please don't make compromise at any cost ...... We are waiting ......we are waiting...
Bharat Shah
Harish Dewasi
मैं तो यही चाहूँगा कि देश के अगले प्रधानमंत्री आप ही हों!!! ये कोंग्रेस की सर्कार इतनी भ्रष्ट है, इसने पूरे देश को लूट लिया… इस देश को सिर्फ आप जैसे ही इन्सान सुधार सकते हैं!
Mukesh Panwar
I want that you will save our country.. and my dream is to touch you once in my life...
Hardik Shah
naveen pareek
I am feeling vary proud because my country next PM is one and only u... you are my ideal. I am also want to work like u.
Jalpesh Karia
मैं तो यही चाहूँगा कि देश के अगले प्रधानमंत्री आप ही हों!!! ये कोंग्रेस की सर्कार इतनी भ्रष्ट है, इसने पूरे देश को लूट लिया… इस देश को सिर्फ आप जैसे ही इन्सान सुधार सकते हैं!!!
Shailesh Lakhani
લોખંડી નેતા અમારા ગુજરાત ના શ્રી નરેન્દ્ર મોદી નેતા આને કહેવાય જે દેશ ના વિકાસ વિષે વિચારી શકે તે દેશ ની સેવા કેવાય નેતા બુદ્ધિ શાળી હોય તો દેશ નો વિકાસ થાય અને વિકાસ કરતા વ્યક્તિ સામે એ ઈર્ષા કરે જેને વિકાસ ના વિચાર કરતા આવડતું નથી તો વિકાસ કરતા નરેન્દ્ર મોદી ને લાખ લાખ અભિનંદન શૈલેષ લાખાણી વિસાવદર
Aditya Agrawal
dear modi sir ji,,,,, i have lots of respect for you in my heart , you are a true leader in my eyes because what ever u may done for gujrat state i totally respect your great effort , i really appreciate your great work i want to u as the PRIME MINISTER of INDIA u r the top containder for this post in my u r the PM from now till i will send u this message ,,,,i always support BJP u r the only great man who gives us a crime free, currupt free, bribe free, and a developed nation ,,,,then we said with great honour and respect INDIA IS GREAT OF ALL ,,,,jai modi ji ki ,,,jai chhattisgarh....jai bharat
Aditya Agrawal
respected sir ji, main aapka bahut bada prasansak hu, main aapse yahi vinti karta hu ki aap jald se jald bharat desh ki kamaan apne haatho mein lelijeye nahi toh hamare bharat desh ki bahut jyada durdasa hone wali garib aadmi aur garib ho raha hai aur amir aadmi aur amir please sir ji aap hi wah saksha hai jo desh se bhrastachaar mita sakte hai aur bharat desh ko vishwa stur par lake khada kar sakte hai ,,,,baaki logo se mujhe kuchh bhi umeed karna bekaar hai sabhi currupted hai.......narendra modi ji ki jai ho....jai jai bharat jai jai chhattisgarh....
Nakul Barfa
I do not want to paise the great leader of Gujarat just by using big words. He is just doing his job with honesty and he has the dream to make our country proud. What we as Indian can do is to help him making India a better place to live! The way he has been the CM of Gujarat in last 10 years I would like to see him making whole India like Gujarat. He does not need any introduction becasue his work speeks for him....!!! I will use my vote to the best of my country's interest by making Mr. Narendra Modi as real Prime Minister of India. Becasue he knows hos to be a leader and how to develop the country bu keeping the dignity of their people. All the best Mr. Modi for the election and always remember that true Indians will always be with you!!! jai Hind!!!
Shailendra Prasad Pandey
Dear Modi sir I have great respect for you as a leader of this great nation .The future of India is safe in your hands .May God bless you as the PM of India soon .You are true son of Mother India
Murugamurthy RD
Sir, You are a perfect leader as I dream! I pray to the Almighty, that India should have many good leaders like you! Though I am from Tamil Nadu...we will back with you sir. My respective salutations to your brave n honest heart n leadership.
Viren Kumar
Really i thanks to you sir, coz, B4 1yr i was in AHMD. i see the loyalty of Auto Drivers(Not only one i am telling about for the all Drivers i stayed there for 20 days WHAT THE PEOPLE OF GUJRAT.!!!!!!!! hoping the same for DELHI the CAPITAL OF INDIA ). i am thanking to you & your Administration....... GREAT WORK SIR!!!!!! TEACH TO THE REST OF STATE,,,,,, VIREN 09911677336 DELHI
Respected Sir, I am pilavendran, from Tamilnadu,I have invented a female contraceptive product especially for female's,my products advantages is no need operation, condom,copper-T,hormonal Pill's.Myself tried a lot to get loan from Nationalized banks.But no one not turn to my side. As a Dedicated CM of Gujarat,I think you will help me to start my unit at your State,I have export opertunity to USA also.Please help me to control our country's unhealthy population growth. Thanks, Pilavendran S.Mobile 08122033663.
Aavkar Raval
Underhand methods result in tragedy However, if truth is on one's side then religion will also side with you... There is two types of politics: one based on the treasury and other based on truth One serves the king's personal interests while the other serves the nation. The aim of the first is to be on the throne forever while the aim of the second is to remain in the hearts of the people. Sir you're one of them who lives in people's Heart. Thank you for being Such a good leader.. India is waiting for you(at-least I'm awaiting a Lot) Jai Hind
Avinash Limaye
I never knew till the now that you are younger to me. I am proud of your achivments, Long live God Bless Take care.
Aditya Narayan
Jai shree ram Shree narendra modi ji ko mear pranaam me(indore) M.P.ka rehne wala ho or ek company me web designer ho.mene aapke bare me bahut pada ho. humare C.M.(Shree shivraj singh ji) ke kaam karne ki me dil se sharayana karta ho or unme aapki chavi mehshus karta ho. mera ek sapna hai aapko desh ka P.M. bante dekho or is saffer me or pura desh aapke saath hai.mere layak koi huqkm ho to jarur reply karna.dhanyavad jai hind!
dear sir app shree jyare p.m banaso tyare Gujarat ni ankho ma harsh na ane dukh na banne ashu hase harsh eno ke app p.m banya dukh enu ke ap shree jeva c.m..........
I want to see you as Prime Minister of India in 2014, and a very developed India as Gujarat.
Dharmendra Pandey
mdi sir! you are a man with vast experience of adversity, but you made a history in governance, i want to see you as PM of our country.
Respected Sir, Gujarat has gained alot from you... Now our BharatDesh is waiting for you lead... Pls come and guide...
people think you want to be pm for for power but only few knows deep thoght within u "IF U WANT TO CHANGE ANYTHING FIRST REACH AT THE TOP LEVEL N THEN CHANGE IT "
defination of modi sir - an ideal n have all features which is needed not only for be a pollitician but be an active n success pollitician likely to have a basic theory for success
Shubhadarshi Nayak
during my short stay in gujarat for a year and half i have realised the kind of potential this state has and the whole credit goes to you mr Modi..Be it law and order,be it uninterrupted power supply...It was awesome...i passionately cherish those days.....You are to me by far the best CM India has ever seen......
Ankith Kaundinya
our country need u as the prime minister desperately,sir its clear that many obstacles u need to face to get their... whatsoever please get to that position .... ur presence their makes a great diffrence to our lifes and our nation....
Deepak Sahani
future of india
Chirag Raval
I so totally agree.. you are a blessing for gujarat
great person and this kind of person have this kind of personality.this personality suits this name Narendra because india got one narendra which is Swami Vivekanand is legend and this is modern Avtar of it. Pray for them he live many years and can get lots more energy to challenge negative thinking which is more in our country. Thank you sir.
Amit Sharma
Keep going Sir, I am not from Gujarat but I am a Engineering graduate and Management Student. Gujarat has presented several case studies for KPMG, BCG and other consulting companies to study. I sure it will go on soon and expecting a bigger role from you to the nation. Thanks for making us proud... Amit Sharma
Mahesh Deshmukh
i really really inspired Mr.Narendra Modi Sir ......... And I want to see you become PM of INDIA
sarathy sambasivam
Viral Vira
I, myself is a non-political person, but Shri Narendra Modi, not as a Politician, but as a Person, attracted me. Not only his work but also his ambitions and the unique pattern of his, is unmatchable. This is the first time in my life, ie. in 33years, I'm reading Biography of a Politician. I would like to wish Shri Modi All the Very Best for all his new ideas and ambitions. I'm really missing Gujarat, but at the same time, very proud to be a Guajarati.
Vijay C Odedra
sir i'm proud of you gujart c.m jay jay garvi gujarat,vande matram...and best of luck japan visit.
sir we r honur u. u r gudie the new young politicians on vivekanadar way. our hearty congrats to .u.
Perfect example for JACK OF ALL TRADES....:)
Siddhu B Janai
Realy amazng must read abot his way of politics ,social n economic devlpmnt plans n practicl planing
Ramarao Balla
He does the best administration to keep the Gujarat State in No.1 position withi his cleverness in positive manner not in negative manner.His cleverness may be lauded by every citizen of India.I am from Andhra Pradesh.
Congrats and I am proud of you being a best CM in India. Wishing you to be the next PM of India taking Gujarat's development to whole India.
Sushil Anand
One of the greatest leader's in India who can take the nation to the next level. Wishing you all the very best! I aim to reach out to all growth oriented and progressive indians to support narendra modi in development and nation building programs. Jai Hind.
Hiren Shrimali
નરેન્દ્ર્ભાઇ તમે ગુજરાત ના નાથ ૬ઓ
Ketan Shah
નરેન્દ્રભાઈ મારા એલીસબ્રીજ વિસ્તારને અમે જી જાન થી સીચેલો છે. તમારા ધારાસભ્ય કે કોર્પોરેટરોએ પોતાનું લોહી રેડ્યું નથી.અમે તો ઘણું બધું ભોગવેલું છે. પણ ગંદા રાજકારણ નો ભોગ દરેક બનતા હોય છે. તે નો ગમ નથી પણ આજે એલીસબ્રીજ વિસ્તાર ના ભાજપ ના કાર્યકર છુટા પડે છે અને તમે થ્રીલર જોવો છો આ સારું નથી. વફાદારો ની કસોટી ના કારણે તો બાજપાઈજી જેવા નેતા ખોવા પડેલ છે.
Suraj Bishnoi
modi ji aage bado sara desh aaj aap se umid lagaye betha hai, ye jeetajna bhi aapka veerodh ho raha vo aapki safalta ki vajya se, aapko 2014 me pm banna hai desh ke liye, jai hind
narendrbahi aap mane malvano moko aapo mare tamne malu che . tame surat aavo tyare mane malvano moko aapo PLS..........
mane vishvas che ke narendrbahi 2012ni vidhan sabhani chutnima 145 sito lavi batavse gujratno vikas lokone joye che .
Charu Rawat Mittal
Modiji "The man of destiny" .... we all definitely and fervently hope that these words are like a blessing for this country too which now desperately needs major reforms on many fronts like crushing corruption totally, freedom from selfish leaders and making each Indian feel proud of our Indianness and not overwhelmed by western commodities and culture!
jayesh vasava
keep it up MODIJI ,we are with u.
Rahul S Patil
you are the great leader only you have the abroad thinking about the country devolopment you have inspired the whole world in leading The real leader you should take the country at the peak of devolopment
Bankim Barot
You are a great visioner, strategist and executor of India and we young generation of india has been taking inspirations how to convert obstacles into opportunity. Long live sir, we need leaders like you to see India super power and Gujarat Hyper power of India.
Amit Singh Tomar
You are such a great role model for us Modi Jee, Keep it up
Dear Sir, You are doing a great job in Gujarat! God has blessed you with courage, strength and all qualities since you are a man of character and possess religious values. And since you have character and religious values, you will always do good of all, even the smallest person of the state. Wish you all the best and I am sure if you be the PM of India, India will definitely see great heights of success. May God bless you enough strength for it. Regards, G Shah
Let the people on TVs talk what ever they want... its we who are to be convinced and vote... not they. You are doing so good to Gujarat... now its time the country should be benefited from your leadership... we the people from south India loves you so much ans we shall stand behind you..
Tushar Kachhadiya
Proud to be gujarati and i hope the next prime minister of india are you sir... vande matram jay jay garvi gujarat..
I love and respect INDIA, deeply.I respect personalities, who can make INDIA the most prosperous & powerful Nation of the world. I think you are one such person, whom I can see now in this Great Country. So, I respect you..... I have heard much about the vast developments you have made in Gujarat in recent years. We are all eager to see them. [I hope I will be able to see them personally, soon.] But your achievements are not well-known in states like Kerala or Tamilnadu.So, I request you to have videos in English, Malayalalam, Tamil...,through which we can imagine how you can make India to the top of the world. Sir, Please do. ... .. Wishing you sir, all the bests.... May GOD Bless you... Dr.K.B.Venugopal.
honest leader proud of gujarati....
Sagar Prajapati
Sir you make us feel proud , when people say "you are from land of narendra modi " salute to the real hero.
Chandrakant Patel
long live NaMO, What Gujrat today was never before in any CM time. Progress over all was undoubted for friends or Foes. We need Narendra Modi je for 1000 years God will give you a power to enrich India.
Pranat Kumar
Narendra Modi is a really good and honest leader of India and I hope that he can change India's image and can give good governance if elected as a Prime Minister
Drkapil Dev
owr party is very close to the hearts of peoples. but we dont have reach to them... u r a great leader of bjp and india.. we like u very much.. difficult to vote u bkoz no base here in haryana.. we want somebody to come and do the baselevel strenthen in haryana...
Arunkumar R Pillai
Real he is a a classic role model and good Leader for our Nation.He will be our Next prime minister.Only He can make Bharath as Powerful nation.
Abuses come out while thinking of politicians, but sir you are one of few exceptions. our heart & mind fills with joy & hope. our country and her children are desperately in need of your great leadership... You are our next PM...
Vishnu Phoenix Kamath
Sir, I have been observing your posts in Facebook quite regularly and also Gujarat Assembly too. You are the only CM who keeps a statue of Swamji i.e. Swami Vivekananda's statue. An excellent Quality Sir which no leader in India has. We need People like you. You have our Full support.
Leaders of opposition in center must take some lesson from you to follow the same development path for our country...sir please give them some guidance.
Vidya Bhusan
inspired.....moved..........motivated............MODI SIR.....u r the undisputed leader of india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abhishek Panchal
Respected modi sir, thank you sir for great development to create vibrant Gujarat.i wish you good luck sir to made the Gujarat best in the world.i am sure you are the next PM of India because we are Gujarati and Gujarat with you.
Tushar Bhatt
great sir its time for India ... Gujarat is almost done and its on way ..but now its time for India...
Umang Patel
Proud to be an Indian! and proud to be gujarati where CM like Narendra Modi(An immense strength) is there....
Amit Dave
Sir you are the hero of gujarat. i like your will power . this nation need only 5 Narendra Modi for developing India become world power.
Vishnu Jith
sir. i sure .... your the next PM of india... bcoz... u r the real hero of indians ... and future of india jai hind sir.
Rajdip Gadhavi
highly appreciate the leader ship we get.this is a lesson for all politician in India!!!!!!future vision er CM of Gujarat..
Anil Prajapati
Respected Sir, I want to see you as a Prime Minister of India. I am not flettering you but you deserve it. Your decision making process, your courageous nature and visionary skill will help you to achieve it. Sir, according to me you need to concentrate on areas where everybody expects basic change, which nobody has done in India and which is most desirable like effective Police Department functioning. Today nobody consider police as its friend, but as a currupt agent who serve even to thief if pay money and punish honest and genuine person. They just work as a "Dada" where genuine person avoid to visit even for genuine problem. We need curruption free transperent and people friendly Police Department. Sir, compare to other states, in Gujarat crime rate is low. So if you will do small efforts in this direction, people will follow your leadership like anything.
Sir..We all are waiting for you.. We all are supporting you..In all the way...keep it up...Sure you will be the next PM. Jai Hind.
Felt full of pride for such an vibrant personality. God bless him. May he live long and take our country to the top of the world.
Arvind Shah
Arvind shah I am 73 yrs old but you are my GURU. Modibhai is not great in INDIA but WORLD famous cause your work done without any JUSH req. I am now in U.S.A.and will come in INDIA in SEPT 2012. GOD will help you,all over WORK.GOD will give you to much power. ARVIND SHAH.
Sushilkumar Kulkarni
I have never been to Gujarat state,but what I read of infrastructure development is very delightful and inspiring one. If India want's to be a developed nation,then Indian people have to think over selecting a capable,inspiring,role model politician.The vote should be given on basis of work done by politician and not on basis of religion or cast or money.I think Narendraji stands out from other Indian politicians to lead it in that way.I suggest Narendraji to create a youth power to develop India across all states. -Sushilkumar
Venugopal Mohan
My guru naraendra bai saahabji you are the great world famous role model indian leader Every day i am praying for you Our G O D will give peace and happy prosperous life bharathmatha mohan