Shri Narendra Modi has stated time and again that the question of whether India or China will emerge as the leader of the 21st century will be determined by the manner in which we empower our youth with relevant skills. Shri Modi is a firm believer in the India’s demographic dividend and has stated repeatedly that it is our youth who will fulfill Swami Vivekananda’s dream of a Jagad Guru Bharat.

In the last decade, Gujarat has taken several strides in enhancing our youth with skill development. Be it revamping ITI structure, giving job letters to ITI educated youth or focusing on soft skills, the tireless efforts of the Gujarat Government in skill development have delivered phenomenal results. On 21st April 2013 Gujarat’s Kaushalya Vardhan Kendras were awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration! Here we bring to you aspects of Gujarat’s efforts in skill development in the form of Tweets:

Gujarat: Showing the way in skill development

Commendable initiative by Guj Govt for commendable efforts in skill development under leadership of @narendramodi.

Labour, Emp, Education, Industries Mines, Tribal dev, Women dev, Urban Dev, Rural Dev dept involved in GoG's skill development initiatives.

Guj's Labour, Emp dept has trained over 780000 people in 2012-13 under schemes such as CTS, ATS, MES, eMPOWER, KVK, short term courses.

Gujarat's Education Dept has trained over 244000 people in 2012-13 under GKS & SCOPE initiatives.

Short-term courses by Guj's Industries, Mines Dept have trained over 29900 people in 2012-13. Great efforts of GoG for youth & women.

PPP based skill training by tribal development department of Gujarat Govt has trained over 6880 people in 2012-13.

UMEED initiative of GUDM & GMFB, Urban Development Dept has trained over 33,000 people in 2012-13. Great initiatives for skill development!

Guj's skill development budget for 2001-02 was a meager Rs. 107 crore. In 2013-14 it is Rs. 1000 crore. Commendable leap under @narendramodi

In 2012, over 12 lakh people given training through ITIs, KVKs, UMEED for urban poor, eMPOWER, SCOPE initiatives of Gujarat Government.

Gujarat: Winnings laurels for skill development efforts

Gujarat's Kaushalya Vardhan Kendras win PM’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration in April 2013!

335 KVKs in Gujarat functioning as of April 2013. 120 KVKs in Tribal dominated areas. 58% of those trained in KVKs are women. #Incredible

From August 2010 to March 2013 over 8 lakh people trained in KVKs in Gujarat

About 238 short term courses running in KVKs. Soft skill component is compulsory. Fees are nominal. Free for SC/ST/Women/BPL/Handicapped.

In a time when Guj celebrates #Vivekananda150, it wins PM's Award for skill development initiatives @narendramodi

Shri Modi’s thoughts on why skill development matters

Read @narendramodi 's blog on skill development. He calls for strengthening Yuva Shakti through skill development

For me, skill development is most important dimension of our nation's development journey @narendramodi

Shri @narendramodi 's simple, powerful Mantra for the youth, SKILL+WILL+ZEAL

A first in the nation, Gujarat launches Swami Vivekananda Superior Technology Centres for youngsters

In a 1st, Guj has launched 20 Swami Vivekananda Superior Technology Centres for the youth

Swami Vivekananda Superior Technology Training Institutes will encourage skill, research & development via technology

Along with skill development, comprehensive focus on soft skills

Under guidance of @narendramodi, Gujarat has also focused on soft skills along with skill development

In this video, @narendramodi gives example of G-Auto to share how soft skills can make a difference

Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English (SCOPE) launched in 2007 by Guj Govt. It has trained over 3 lac people.

SCOPE has trained over 3,00,000 people since its start in 2007. Target is to train 5,00,000 people in English skills

Revamping ITIs, making them the gateway of success for thousands of youngsters

Phenomenal changes in ITIs of Gujarat under leadership of @narendramodi. Courses revamped, budget increased

Earlier, studying in an ITI was considered to be a disadvantage but now, Gujarat has broken all these barriers

Government ITIs are present in all 225 Talukas of the state. Over 50% of them are run of PPP basis

Guj's ITIs have engaged in partnerships with several private firms, MNCs. This has opened new opportunities for youth

In 2001, less than 3400 women trained in ITIs. A decade later, it shot up to over 67,000 in 2011!

Guj Govt's comprehensive ITI reforms- Class VII + ITI pass student equivalent to SSC, Class X + ITI pass equal to HSC. Very commendable.

5 fold increase in number of ITIs in Gujarat. ITIs are present in all Talukas of Guj. Over 50% ITIs in Gujarat are running on PPP Model.

65,000 job letters in one week! A record of sorts by Gujarat Government

In a historic move, over 65,000 youngsters got job letters from @narendramodi in a week during Vivekananda Youth Employment Week, April 2012

Vivekananda Youth Employment Week held in April 2012 as part of #Vivekananda150 celebrations. Job letters given to 65,000 youth in 4 venues.

From 15/11/2011 to 25/09/2012, 1028 job fairs organized by Guj Government where 1,06,183 youngsters were given employment/apprenticeship.

To celebrate #Vivekananda150, Guj Govt organized Industrial Job Fairs. 1028 job fairs organized & over 106200 candidates given employment.

Gujarat gives Rs. 800 cr for skill development but Centre? Rs. 1000 crore for the entire nation!

Small state like Guj allocates Rs. 800 cr for skill dev in 2013 but GoI allocates Rs. 1000 cr only: @narendramodi

Do you have more unique facts about Gujarat’s success in skill development? Feel free to share them with us. All you have to do is log in to Twitter and share your fact with #GujSkillDevelopment. Your Tweets will then be displayed on the website!

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PM to inaugurate India's longest bridge in Assam
May 25, 2017
Road connectivity in the North-East will see a major transformation: PM to inaugurate India’s longest bridge
Dhola-Sadia Bridge to provide efficient road connectivity to remote and backward areas which have poor road infrastructure
Dhola-Sadia Bridge to give a major boost to overall economic development in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Road connectivity in the North-East will see a major transformation when Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurates the country’s longest river bridge –the Dhola- Sadiya Bridge in Assam tomorrow. This new, three lane, 9.15 kilometre bridge has been built over river Lohit, a tributary of the Brahmaputra, linking Dhola in Assam to Sadiya in Arunachal Pradesh. The bridge will fill a huge connectivity gap that has existed in the region. Till now, the only means to cross the Brahmaputra at this location has been by ferry only in day-time and even this is not possible during floods. The last bridge over the Brahmaputra was the Kalia Bhomora Bridge at Tejpur. This will however change from tomorrow with the Dhola-Sadiya bridge ensuring 24X7 connectivity between upper Assam and Eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh.

The bridge will also reduce the distance from Rupai on NH- 37 in Assam to Meka/Roing on NH-52 in Arunachal Pradesh by 165 KM. The travel time between the two places will come down from the current six hours to just one hour – a total five hour reduction. This will result in saving of petrol and diesel worth Rs 10 Lakh per day.

The Dhola-Sadiya bridge promises to usher in prosperity in the North-East. It will provide efficient road connectivity to remote and backward areas which have poor road infrastructure. This bridge will also give a major boost to overall economic development of the areas north of Brahmaputra in upper Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It will also cater to the strategic requirements of the country in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, besides facilitating numerous hydro power projects coming up in the state , as it is the most sought after route for various power project developers.

The total length of the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge project, including the approach roads on each side, is 28.50 km. The length of the bridge itself is 9.15 Km. It has been constructed on BOT Annuity basis at a total cost of Rs 2,056 crore, as part of the Arunachal Package of Roads and Highways under the Ministry’s SPECIAL ACCELERATED ROAD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME for NORTH EAST (SARDP-NE). The objective was to bring the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh closer to each other.