Shri Narendra Modi to visit Pune on 14th July 2013

July 9, 2013 Author: admin


Shri Narendra Modi to address students at the Fergusson College

Shri Narendra Modi to address a public meeting at the BJ Medical College Ground

Shri Narendra Modi to inaugurate the Sadhu Vaswani college of Nursing

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Pune on Sunday 14th July 2013. He will attend three different programs in Pune during his visit.

Shri Modi will address students of Fergusson College at 12 pm. He will also interact with the students after the speech. Prior to his address he will visit the room in the college hostel where Veer Savarkar stayed as a student at Fergusson College. In the run up to his speech at the Fergusson College, Shri Modi has urged the youth to give ideas and also said that he would share some of their views in his speech at Fergusson College.

Shri Narendra Modi will address a public meeting at the B.J. Medical College ground 3 PM onwards. BJP leaders like Shri Gopinath Munde ji, Shri Devendra Fadnavis ji, Vinod Tawade ji and Shri Prakash Javadekar ji will also be present in the meeting.

Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing at 6 pm in the presence of the revered Dada J.P. Vaswani. Mrs Manomani Venkat, the principal of the college and Mrs R.A. Vaswani, the chairperson of the college will also be present at the event.

You can watch all the events LIVE on the website and follow @narendramodi_in on Twitter for real time updates.



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The only person to match Atal Bihari Vajpayee's abilities is NAMO.
Nitin Shukla
I heard his complete speech today which he has given at Pune...Great Speech, Great Vision, and only and only desire to make Bharat Proud...Really we are in darkness and we have to come up from this darkness. As a citizen of India and as young person I am also saying nothing will happended, nothing will change, when a good government will come, when a good Leader will lead the country , we still don't know...Really Painful.
Nitin Shukla
After listening that great leader, We should talk about samaj,cast etc....We should talk as Bhartiya...
Modi ji, Indian proud of u , other minister are see your work
Ravi Ranjan Kumar
पधारो म्हारे देश जय हिन्द! जय भारत!
modi ji tusi great ho. band kar do congresiyo ki bolti, hum aap ke saath hai.jay hind......
All the best sir.. NaMo Namah :)
S.p. Choudhary
Sirvee samaj -pune modiji aapka tahdil se hardik-abhinand or hardik swagat karte hai. Welcome , welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to pune.
Chahul Jain
Mr Modi had devoted his life for India.Unlike Other politician he has nothing to gain personally.He works for more than 18 hours with full efficiency and without any discrimination.I have seen more than 10000 speeches made by him right from 2002 and always found him thinking about growth for India and International through contributions in Gujarat.As Indian Citizen I feel India needs Modi to be PM even if he does not have ambition to do so.I would urge all sections of society in India please support him for PM and do not get in false controversies created by parties opposing him,you know who I am referring to.The main reason for these parties go against him is for vote bank politics and they fear if he comes to power for atleast 15-20 years they have to sit in opposition and that will dilute their existence.So only solution is Narendra Modi is next PM of India if India needs progress.
S.p. Choudhary
Sawagtam-susawagtam-sawagtam. Pune mai hum aapka tahdil se sawagat karte hai. S.p.