• Shri Narendra Modi to be on a LIVE, face-to-face conversation with you! Be a part!

  • Shri Narendra Modi to be on a LIVE, face-to-face conversation with you! Be a part!

    August 7, 2012 Author: admin

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    Shri Narendra Modi will speak with you LIVE, face-to-face over Google+ Hangout on 31st August 2012

    All you have to do is post a question, either a video or a text question

    Speak with Shri Narendra Modi on “Strong & Glorious India long cherished by Swami Vivekananda!” Be the youth of Swami Vivekananda’s dreams!

    The initiative is organized by Vivekananda Cell, Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department, Gujarat


    In a yet another initiative to connect with the people of the country, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi is all set to speak with you LIVE, face-to-face over Google+ Hangout on 31st August 2012! Google+ Hangout is an application on Google+ that facilitates group video chat with upto a maximum of 10 persons.

    We come across excerpts of interviews of politicians & leaders on television or newspapers or online, but it is for the first time that a common man gets to ask questions to a CM LIVE! All you have to do is post a question, either a video or a text question here! The last date for submitting questions is 27th August midnight.

    For those who have always wanted to have a word with Shri Narendra Modi in person, this is the time for them! Speak with Shri Narendra Modi on “Strong & Glorious India long cherished by Swami Vivekananda!” Be the youth of Swami Vivekananda’s dreams! The questions posted here will be shortlisted and the selected questioners will be invited to join Shri Narendra Modi on Google+ hangout. The Hangout will be broadcasted LIVE on youtube! So, if you are not on the ‘Hangout’ session, you may as well watch it Live on YouTube!

    The Google+ Hangout with Shri Narendra Modi is scheduled to happen on 31st August 2012, the 5th Friday of August 2012. To participate, you need to follow Shri Narendra Modi on Google+. To go to his profile and follow him, click here. This initiative is organized by the Vivekananda Cell, Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department, Gujarat & Google is the official partner of this initiative.

    On an international level, among others who have interacted live with people before on Google+ hangout are USA President Barack Obama and Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    Being abreast with modern technology is icing on a cake and Shri Narendra Modi has had an influential web presence since he came to power. Connecting with people on social media has been nothing new for Shri Modi. The tech-savvy CM already has a huge fan following on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, with more than 8 lakh followers on twitter and more than 6 lakh fans on facebook! His Google + account which was created only 2 months back, already has a huge followers base of more than 90,000!  Shri Narendra Modi has always believed in open exchange of views with people on a regular basis be it through any medium.

    In India, when people talk about taking technology to the doorstep of common man, nobody misses out on making a mention of Shri Narendra Modi, as he is known for having a penchant for modern day technology and providing the same to the people residing in remote areas. He is committed to offering transparency in whatever work the state government takes on hand.

    In a bid to achieve mass participation, the Chief Minister in the past has made optimum use of technology that has helped improvise governance and also speeded grievance redressal procedure. An example of this is Gujarat government’s SWAGAT e-governance system, a UN award winning initiative of Gujarat!  The government through e-governance has resolved thousands of long-pending complaints!

    So, make the most of this chance to speak with Shri Narendra Modi, the leader who has envisioned and implemented change for good and post your question now!

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    Dharam Surana
    sir now you know what happened to natural resource and i ask you sir what is your outlook on this oil and gas iron ore coal spectrum all this with consurvative estimates can do wonders on revenue genaration your opinion sir
    Satyesh Ghetiya
    Ghogha-Dahej Ro-Ro ferry service is very admirable step for transportation.But it may not be as useful as a big bridge made over that sea.Considering high tides and other factors,Is it possible to think to make a megastructure to save money,time and petrol?
    frm IIT B... how a student can manage politics and his academic ? Jai Hind..
    Ashish Vyas
    Respect Sir, We are happy to say that you have done many good things for this state, now our(all people who leave in this state) time that we do something for this state yes this is the time that we all need to “Walk Together for Mother Nature and our next generation”, your development has to be maintain from our end, and below three points I would like to discusses with you. I have written little in details regarding below three points and other suggestion that I would like to share with you. Hoe we can fix these issue and how to aware people. 1 ) Save Electricity 2) Save Patrol 3) Respect Society Rules and Mother Nature Ashish Vyas 9998167577
    Hitesh Kakrani
    Dear Sir, I would like to know during your tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujrat, have you ever faced the dilemma of making a rational decision or a emotional decision and what did you choose for ? Hitesh Kakrani NaMo for PM
    Kaushik Hoysala
    Sir, I'am baffled at today's tax system. If my income is 10L income tax of 1.3L i.e 13% of my income. If i buy a nano LX. showroom price-2.09L I pay tax of 45K i.e 4.5% of my income. a plot of land if it costs me 3L, 30K will be registration fee. 3% of my income. even if i purchase a shampoo i pay vat. which will be 10% of my income. i.e 30.5% of my income will be paid to Govt for the services they rarely provide. Why do you expect people to submit their taxes honestly if you levy so much taxes on us. I have to give my 200% to earn my 10L and you take away 30% by a single Govt order.... When I pay taxes for income why do i have to pay taxes separately for every commodity I purchase from my already taxed income? OR Why do I pay income tax if I have to pay taxes for all my purchases?. Don't you think the system needs a reform
    Modiji, Today corruption is being seen as Political corruption alone, the entire system is corrupted right from tax evaders to employing bribes to expedite govt tasks etc. Political corruption is just a consolidator of all the corruption rampant in the society. What is your solution to the chronic corruption that is eating away the dream of a great India.
    Naileshbhai Amrutbhai Patel
    Respected Sir, If you will be the next P.M. of our Nation, 1)What will be the most Important Work First According to you? 2)Should Education be required in Politics as Qualification?
    आदरणीय मोदी जी, आज तुष्टीकरण संविधान व मूल राष्ट्रीय भावना के सम्मुख एक चुनौती व अभिशाप बन चुका है। श्री विवेकानन्द जी ने कहा था कि कश्मीर के बाद यदि कहीं स्वर्ग है तो वह असम है।आज तुष्टीकरण की राजनीति विदेशी घुसपैठ जैसी भारत की संप्रभुता व अस्तित्व को चुनौती देती गम्भीर समस्या पर भी लीपापोती कर रही है। असम कश्मीर बनने की राह पर है। देश आज इस समस्या के समाधान व राष्ट्ररक्षा के लिए सरदार वल्लभ भाई पर श्रद्धा रखने वाले आप जैसे नेता से मुखर अपेक्षा रखता है। इस गंभीरतम समस्या पर राष्ट्र के सम्मुख आपके विचार व निर्देशन क्या हैं?साभार
    Dear Modijee, People have seen many inovative initiative's coming from you & one of them is election voting via Internet for few of the municipal / village elections as a pilot project to begin with & thats really out of the box thinking and more surprisingly it came from a Goverment thinktank. Sir, we all are aware that our country has been made poor & poorer since independence by one single political party who have been coming to power only on APPEASEMENT & VOTE BANK POLITICS. As a solution to this we MUST ensure that we have COMPULSORY voting implemented across the country, this is the only master stroke that can counter the mentioned problem. What are your views on this & how do you plan to have this implement, kindly share your ideas on this. Thanks Bhushan #ModiHangout