• Shri Modi dedicates Solar Power Plant to nation at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh

  • Shri Modi dedicates Solar Power Plant to nation at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh

    February 26, 2014 Author: admin

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    CM throws open Solar Power Plant in Neemuch, MP

    Addresses to make India self-reliant in the field of energy

    Misery in energy policies due to the despondency of UPA government: CM

    The Welspun Group contributing in the industrial development of Gujarat has set up 151 megavolts’ solar plant

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today while throwing open Welspun Solar Plant in Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh said that India should become self-reliant in the field of energy keeping in mind the demand of the time. He was of the view of that when it comes to development; the maximum use of natural resources of energy is the best way.

    The welspun energy company has set up 151 megawatt’ solar power plant covering up 800 acres. This mega solar plant was started off eight months earlier than its presumed time at the cost of Rs. 855 crores. With the help of this plant, about 6, 24,000 houses will avail the energy. The welspun company also has it’s one of the industrial units in Kutch of Gujarat.

    Shri Narendra Modi dedicates Solar Power Plant to nation at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh

    Facilitating Shri Shivrajsinh as a chief minister with full of energy and dynamism Mr. Modi said that Madhya Pradesh has given a completely new visage of electrical energy to the nation by establishing such a huge solar plant. He also extended his felicitations to the Welspun Company for its value contribution in the field of energy.

    In his address Mr. Modi reiterated that BJP is the government which does understand the voices of the people. “(Power to empower people), for us power is the medium of common man’s empowerment, and their total power is the way to extirpate corruption, (absolute power for absolute corruption),” he said. According to him India can show her strength at unconventional energy sectors by producing energy using the natural resources but the UPA government has always been despondent over it and rather favored corruption.

    Mr. Modi expressed his concerns saying that although our country is full of natural resources, get-up-and-go youth power and dynamic societies, it has gone down since a last decade. “even though there are warehouses, people strive. The electricity factories of the nation have the production capacity of 20,000 megavolts, yet due to the lacking of coals enough energy is not produced leaving thousands of people in darkness; however the UPA government has caused huge coal corruption.

    He said that the rupee is going down unprecedentedly against dollar, causing the danger of current account deficit because of the adoption of coal importing policies that has increased huge load on national economy.

    Referring the mistakes of India’s policy makers, Mr. Modi said that after freedom of the nation, the congress governments never did think over the visionary to install hydro power on the rivers that emerge from the Himalayas and to install the wind power at the sea-shore and also to develop natural resources of solar energy on the open lands.

    There are green, white and saffron colours in our national flag and the green is for revolution in agriculture, white revolution (milk) and now that the saffron energy revolution is on the go.

    Mr. Modi gave a vision of the seven-energy chariots to directing self-reliance in energy sector that include gas, thermal, hydro, solar, wind, bio-mass and nuclear energy.

    Mr. Modi said that we could produce electricity from every possible areas by utilizing bio-mass energy. India could have emerged as the biggest power in the energy sector, but the present national leaders of Delhi don’t’ have the vision of complete future planning of the nation. According to him development is the only solution of all the problems and all the governments of BJP is on the go to meeting the expectations of the people so as to transforming the lives of the common man.

    On this occasion along with the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Shivrajsinh Chauhan, all the dignitaries were present.





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    Piyush Pandey
    Shiv Mama You are to Good Neemuch is my home town now we fell proud. Dont Waste Your Time With explanation. people only hear what they want to hear............::::
    Suresh Ram Rao Channagiri
    Mr. Shivrajsinh Chauhan ji good work keep it up bharat Matha Ki Jai, vandhi mataram
    Commendable job done by MP chief Minister, go ahead for more.
    Dinesh Patel
    BJP is Just GREAT !!!
    Bhawani Gupta
    Modi has proved his abilities over and over. We want to see him India's next PM
    Krishna Mallya
    Modi speaks what he will do for the country in next 60 months. Time is ascence and it is challenging to build a strong nation from the scratch.
    Krishna Mallya
    God wish, next 60 months or beyond should usher in well for India under leadership of Narendrabhai Modi. It is heartening MP is making big strides in the matter of economic development. Modi is what Abe for Japan.
    This is a great achievement. Please correct the article by replacing the word megavolt with Megawatt.