• CM dedicates walkway & rides at Sabarmati Riverfront to the people

  • CM dedicates walkway & rides at Sabarmati Riverfront to the people

    December 5, 2012 Author: admin

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    Breathtaking view of Sabarmati Riverfront. CM Inaugurated water sports activities and walkway

    Shri Narendra Modi inaugurates Sabarmati Riverfront walkway and water rides to the nation

    Walkway is a first such project initiated in entire India: Shri Modi

    Shri Modi urges people to maintain cleanliness. Gives example of Kankaria Lakefront.


    On the evening of 15th August 2012, Shri Narendra Modi dedicated a walkway and water rides to the people. At the occasion, Shri Modi said, “the walkway is dedicated to India, because it is the first such project initiated in entire India.”

    Shri Modi appealed the citizens to maintain cleanliness and use the new location in disciplined manner. He gave example of Kankaria lakefront where following his appeal, in last five years, not a single public facility has faced damage. Shri Modi asked people to keep Sabarmati river front more clean than own house.

    The Sabarmati Riverfront project is a development project that is very close to the heart of Shri Narendra Modi.  The latest expansions along the Riverfront are one of the dreams come true of Shri Modi, achieved after a decade of hard work and innovation. The Sabarmati Riverfront has won numerous awards and was recently declared among the ‘100 Most Innovative Projects in the World’ by KPMG.

    This breathtaking view will be yours to see! Come see the fun and frolic at the banks of river Sabarmati, it’s one of the many great things to do in Gujarat!

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    Sabarmati Riverfront to get a new walkway, water rides on Independence Day!

    Here is some more news that will bring cheer to the faces of people of Ahmedabad!

    On Wednesday, 15th August 2012 Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi will dedicate to the people a walk way and rides at the Sabarmati Riverfront.

    The walkway is 7km long on the western side and 6 km long on the eastern side.

    The AMC has planned to launch ferry service between Vadaj Dadhichi Rushi over bridge to Vasna river bridge. A dream run will be held for runners on the riverfront walkway between Vallabh Sadan and Vasna Barrage and back. The AMC has hosted a grand musical event as well.

    Giving a major impetus to tourism in Ahmedabad and particularly the Sabarmati River Front Project, 25 rides will be launched on 15th August at the auspicious hands of Shri Narendra Modi.

    In the near future, an amphibious bus service that can be operated on land as well as water will be operational.

    The Sabarmati River is the lifeline of Ahmedabad and has always been central to the identity of this booming city. Till a decade ago, however the Sabarmati River running through Ahmedabad resembled a stretch barren land where children played cricket and circuses were occasionally held.

    The vision to re-develop the Sabarmati riverfront assumed importance ever since Shri Narendra Modi assumed office in 2001. Today, the Sabarmati Riverfront has become an important cultural landmark on the map of Ahmedabad. From shops, informal markets to hosting International Kite Festivals, its all happening on the banks of the Sabarmati!

    Just a few months ago when KPMG declared the Sabarmati Riverfront Project in the list of ‘100 Most Innovative Projects’. KPMG hailed it as a project towards urban regeneration and environmental improvement, which will transform the river as a focal point of leisure and recreation. 

    In addition the Sabarmati Riverfront has won several prestigious awards including the HUDCO National Award for innovative infrastructure development, the Prime Minister’s Award for the best concept and design of a public project and a National Safety Council of India, Safety Award (Prashansa Patra) in 2006. 

    Now, with the coming of the walkways and rides, you are further assured of a wonderful treat the next time you decide to venture onto the banks of the Sabarmati…

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    Monu Agarwal
    Ramesh Desai
    Nehru was a visionary, sardar was an implementer but Narendra Modi is a dreamer, visualiser and implementer, all rolled into one. He is able to motivate his party workers, the bureaucracy, the industrialists, the businessmen and all the segments of even the lay public. His slogan 'Development for all, Co-operation from all' is not an empty slogan. it is actually happening. Sabarmati riverfront takes gujarat and India one step nearer to the developed world. I wish that Shri Modi sticks to Gujarat and continue being a role model for others to follow. Combination of the right kind of followers and a matching leadership alone can deliver such results. Taking Modi to the centre without the rest of the Indians becoming as positive as the enterprising gujaratis in thought, words as well as action will not yield the same results as in gujarat. Let other states find leaders who match their own temperament but follow Gujarat's path to achieve similar results. I am sure, Modi would always be available as a consultant to all who wish for his services in that capacity.
    Shekhar Kibe
    Narendra Bhai ko sadar pranam, About 10 years back I had seen the Sabarmati River full of sand and Recently, on 15-07-12, I was in Ahmedabad and seen Sabarmati River Front projet from Ellis Bridge. I cannot imagine the picture i seen. This is all because of great vision of you. People of India are waiting for your vision to make India developed country by the 2020. Thanks
    Gotam Ratod
    the real hero of hindustan my guru my all
    Shri Namo has contributed well to progress of Gujarat. We need him to take larger roles at the National Level for faster development of India
    Rajesh Kanna
    an innovativ project ever to our country! and gujarath, done many puNya in her erA, since she got u as the CM! I wish bhAratha mAtha too see(select) YOU as "PM" soon!
    Chandrashekar Swaminathan
    Its a privilege and pleasure to see you do yeoman's work tirelessly regardless of what people throw at you from the parallel life....its would be a privilege to work with you and contribute for nation building in any way Sir.Can you Mentor willing States who share your vibes...
    Prathmesh S Bhatt
    Not a Single politician Matches your level of Dedication and Energy and Vision Sir, I am proud that there is one Great Indian Politician I can Boast that he is from my Gujarat and from My India keep it up Sir New Delhi is waiting......
    Ameitt Kherr
    I clearly remember the days when there was either no water or a stinking swamp in the entire riverbed. whenever the dam overflowed and the water was released people would flock to see the flowing river. Now the face of Ahmedabad is changing fast . River front is just a small part of it. All because and a result of good governance under leadership of Shri Modiji. Also due to the trust of people which will continue over the time.
    Sumit Kushwaha
    Hello sir! I am not from Gujarat...but still i am a fan of you because i am "Indian"....and I am proud to have leader like you in our country...who shows us real development, that people need. Wish You Good Luck Ahead Sir... :)