• Panchamrut – the philosophy that drives Gujarat’s growth…

  • Panchamrut – the philosophy that drives Gujarat’s growth…

    February 18, 2012 Author: admin


    “Try not to be a man of success, but rather to be a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

    “The secret of success is consistency of purpose.” – Benjamin Disraeli

    The journey towards development cannot be completed overnight. It comes with values, vision and the ability to deliver whatever the circumstances may be. When Shri Narendra Modi took over as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the State was going through a terrible earthquake tragedy. Furthermore, there had been a drought & flood. Several sectors required urgent Government attention. But as time progressed ‘Gujarat’ became synonymous with ‘Development’. This transition would not have been possible without the able leadership and vision of Shri Narendra Modi, who nurtured and presided over the execution of several development initiatives across Gujarat.

    At the heart of every success lies a philosophy that drives it. In case of Gujarat it was Shri Narendra Modi’s Panchamrut Philosophy, a vision for the all-round development of Gujarat. Panchamrut is the integration of five different streams which has driven the growth Gujarat. Through Panchamrut, the government has been able to substantially improve the quality of life. Through the mantra of ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas’ (All together, growth for all) and Panchamrut Philosophy, Gujarat witnessed a significant increase in income and employment levels for its citizens. Shri Narendra Modi has shown the world ‘good governance’ is not merely a phrase quoted in manifestos or vision documents but are achieved through concrete performance.

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    Sudhir Paliwal
    param aadarniya shree narendra bhai, sadar vande! aap ko ma bharti desh seva ka sankalp majbut se pura karve. aap kripa kar ke aapki sabhi books ko hindi me translete karva de jis se hum jaise log bhi padh sake. aap ka apna sudhir
    Kshirode Baruah
    I am very proud to be just one of the crores of unbiased head in this country who has only word to say,Jai Janata,Jai Bharat-Mata,Jai Narendrabhai!
    Rajubhai Patel
    Dharmesh Makwana
    Narendra modi saheb pranam duniya bhale game te kahe pan ek samaye akabar na darbar ma rahel maha vidvan gayak eva tansen ne vadanagar ni bala e shanti api hati ane aje a salagata gujarat ne ape shanti api 6e ema kai shanka nathi ap agal 6o ane amara mate ujjaval bhavi na path pradarshak 6o gujarat ne atyare davanal salgave 6e jene tamare j shant karvano 6e jay hind apano hit chintak
    Panchu Gopal Seet
    Odisha govt. should learn and initiate such viable project in our state. Awesome job administrate by Mr. Modi govt. at Gujarat state. Best of luck sir
    narendra sinha
    Great philosophy of putting the very basic elements together... knowledge, energy, water, people and security. Concentrating on every element per year will show sustainable growth per secta.
    Ramesh Desai
    Jal, Urja, Jan, Gyan and Raksha the five ingredients of Panchamrut - the five nectars is a succint way of saying that it is the team that succeeds. All the five are needed for a sustainable development. Pseudo-secularists may chafe at the Sanskrit word Panchamrut but the philosophy described by any other word, would be as sweet !
    Babu Chittillappilly
    You really have a vision. Ur vision clearly articulated by simple words understood by all. Like all big visionaries. Less words and more of deeds. Saluting your vision. Gujarat already is blessed by Gandhiji and his Gandhian economics & has become a role model for innovation and social entrepreneurship. You will accentuate it. With highest regards for Leadership... Babu Chittilappilly from Kerala.
    Modiji is true follower of Bhagwat Geeta. A true karam yougi. India needs such people who can look after the welfare for all who can look after the poor and rich ,hindus, muslims ,sikhs ,Christians with equality
    Jaydip Baba Patel
    We all love this concept "panchmrut", but still if we want to make it best of best then we must give full freedom to youth for all the things they want to do. Youth is energy. but unfortunatly we gujratis are having mediocare and sterotype in new concepts from youth.And this can be solved quickly if there is some system to provide them platform.
    Shiva Ji
    It is Sterling Character that drives the instincts in Man. It is Strong will that converts them into Action. It is Purpose that Drives these two. When all this combines we have what we call a True Leader. India has got a Leader in Shri Narendra Modi Ji after a long time. This opportunity should not be missed. For India to succeed we require 2 big Sacrifices. a. Individual Ego b. Organisational Ego The sooner we realize this the better it is for us. Shivaji