Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Assam, calls for the wipe-out of the Congress in 2014 Elections

April 19, 2014     

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"It surprises what the Govt. here does. In Delhi there is Mother & Son and here it is Father & Son: Shri Modi in Assam"
"Assam CM spreads one lie everyday and abuses Gujarat and Modi once a day: Shri Modi"
"Should Assam not get proper Railway Connectivity? Elect a Govt. that links you with the rest of India: Shri Modi"
"Over a lakh families sought jobs under NREGA but all Assam Govt. could give jobs to were 12,000: Shri Modi"
"Bodo and non-Bodo people are being divided by the Congress only for their own gains. They should take everyone together: Shri Modi in Assam"
"Rahul ji seems to have done a PHD in spreading lies. Atleast please verify what you say in your speeches: Shri Modi"
"Your CM keeps doing NAMO daily. It would be better if he thought about Assam's youth: Shri Modi"
"Shri Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Assam"


Addressing massive rallies in Barpeta, Mangaldoi and Nagaon in Assam, on the afternoon of 19th April, Shri Narendra Modi came down heavily upon the misgovernance of the State and the Central government, which only believed in spreading lies and misleading the Nation for their personal gains. Shri Modi condemned the divisive politics played by them and urged the people to elect a government that would work for the development of the State and the country.

Criticizing the State government for the lack of development in Assam, inspite of it being in power for nearly a decade, Shri Modi spoke of how the ‘Mother-Son’ duo in Delhi and the ‘Father-Son’ duo in Assam had only brought ruin to the people who had elected them. The Congress’ blatant lies were exposed by Shri Modi who spoke of how the Congress Vice President was making false claims of giving employment through NREGA. Shri Modi said that while crores had applied for jobs through NREGA, only few thousands were given jobs. Even in Assam, out of the one lakh families that applied for NREGA, only a few thousand people had been employed.

The Congress’ apathy towards the safety and security of its people, especially the women, was condemned by Shri Modi who spoke of how females from the North-East had been victims of heinous crimes in Delhi, and also in their state of Assam. Shri Modi also stated recent figures which showed that Assam had figured in the list of top three states with the most crimes on women. He spoke of how the Congress had misled the Nation by creating a Nirbhaya Fund of Rs. 1000 crore, but has not used a penny out of it till date.


Stating that the Congress’ only focus was on divisive and destructive politics, Shri Modi cited how the division of Telangana and Seemandhra had only brought further ruin and misery for the people of these states. Referring to a similar step taken by the Assam government, and in context of the violence witnessed in the State due to conflicts between Bodos and non-Bodos, Shri Modi said, Bodo and non-Bodo people are being divided by the Congress only for their own gains. They should take everyone together,” said Shri Modi.

Shri Modi spoke of how the Assam CM would spread one lie everyday, and stated how a TV channel recently had exposed the lack of basic amenities in the region. “News Time Assam actually came to Gujarat to verify the lies your CM said and they opened the eyes of the people of Assam,” said Shri Modi.

He also spoke on other pertinent issues of infiltration from the borders, the need to protect natural resources and the much-required focus on ensuring education and skill development to the youth.

Shri Modi urged the people to show their support for the BJP and make it victorious, and assured them that with development and good governance he will return the love of the people. He also extended greetings and conveyed good wishes on Rongali Bihu.

Narendra Modi addresses rallies in Assam






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