Narendra Modi’s miracle in Gujarat ! Picture comparison with Singapore !

July 5, 2012 Author: admin

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Gujarat Truth

  • Riverfront  development has historically been associated with the economic development of nations and states. Be it Singapore, Hong Kong or our own Ahmedabad !
  • See for yourself what Modi government has achieved in last ten years !


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Ravi Kumar
Narendra modi is imagine man .He born for development.I wish that you will become next prime minister.
Soumen Mondal
narendra modi is my best person.He is a syombol of devolopments.I will prey,you shall become next indian prime will make new india.
DrManek Patel
I am happy to learn about sabarmati riverfront project. This is the dream of Ahmedabad and of yourself. I wish all the success to be finish as early as possible. I have covered the riverfront project in my "WELCOME TO AHMEDABAD" book with your photograph.
Apurva Dharia
Better than Marine Drive...beautiful
Sandeep Khare
Mr Modi making sure that be it any field -technical, industrial, spiritual, agricultural, commerce, economical, power, transport, tourism when he will lead, will lead in all, allowing India to be put at par at world' best. He is one man, who is truly living Vivekanand' vision on every day basis. Salute to the man for his never ending desire and dedication for provide relentless service to nation. Jai Ho
Ramamurthy Madupu
In Naredra Modi, I see a ray hope in the darkness perpetuated by the rotten political party, the Congress. Because it is totally a bankrupt party which has to choose a lady, that too with foreign origin, who has no record of service nor experience except a surname starting with G. If the country needs to become a prosperous one, the Congress has to be dumped. Good that people are seeing through their game, we expect better light.
That's called india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE MY INDIA