Innovative Initiatives

Modi is too dynamic to stick to the status quo or be bound by the hackneyed cliché, “old is gold.” In order to realize his dream of Vibrant Gujarat he has overhauled the entire state machinery and thrown wide open the doors in all directions. Apart from inviting multinational and foreign entrepreneurs, he has designed and organized agricultural festivals, focused great attention on female education with a view to bringing about social change. He has adopted all these innovative measures not merely to modernize and equip administration but also to inculcate responsive work culture in the rather slow and sluggish administration.

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Sanjay Tiwari November 18, 2014 Sir you have changed the perceptions of the people abroad ….. a charismatic and enigmatic personality of India..we are proud of you…..
Shamir Das November 18, 2014 Brett Lee, Steve Waugh are two Australian cricketer who truly are connected to India with a purpose. Sir ,your choosing of Mr Gavaskar, Mr Kapil Dev and V V S Laxman in your team touring Australia is very thoughtful and very purposeful. The cricketing bond between India and Australia perhaps over the years has overtaken the one we had with one of our neighbour. This therefore should be used to negotiate and resolve all issues if any with the most friendly country.
James Basumatary November 18, 2014 The only ever most powerful prime minister of India. He is the one who is going to bring our nation developed. we all support you. Jai Hind
Ken Hutchins November 18, 2014 Mr Modi, India and the rest of the world are watching with admiration the way you have embarked on your Prime Ministership. Congratulations. Stay healthy and active because this is just the start of reforms that are essential to the emergence of India as a proud and thriving economy. The journey has just started, there is a long way to go. Regards Ken Hutchins
Hardeep Dave November 17, 2014 First in Madison Square, New york n now in Allophones arena,Sydney. Working hard for India, Indians should bow to this living legend. He is selling our demographic difference to the world.Let’s take an initiative from our side.:-)
Nagaraja Arkalgud November 17, 2014 Dear PM , Sir, Hope you will plan a visit to Canada. Thank you for putting India on the world map.
Vijay Sharma November 17, 2014 Sir, first time I feel that you have made every Indian origin living abroad that India is also their country and they can feel proud of India. Namo Namo.
Ramdayal Chauhan November 17, 2014 He has ability to lead world
Tony Rajkumar November 17, 2014 Jai hind Modiji, aapne to kaamal kar diya.Bahut acha din aa gaya.
Amuda Pillai November 17, 2014 MODI JI what an amazing speech!!!!!!!!!
A BIG Salute. We R PROUD of him & proud to be an indian NOW. The energy he communicate to others around him. He take each everyone with him.
A politician who is action oriented rather than just words.Its good to see People all over the world likes him.