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  • Information Technology – eGovernance

    February 18, 2012 Author: admin

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    “I believe that IT+IT=IT i.e. Indian talent + Information technology = India Tomorrow. It is my firm belief that our talent will build the future of India with the help of IT” – Shri Narendra Modi

    “eGovernance is easy Governance, eGovernance is Effective Governance and at the same time, eGovernance is most economical Governance” – Shri Narendra Modi


    As per CM Shri Narendra Modi’s vision, technology is the key to progress in the State. GoG has infused five Es in governance: Ease, Economy, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Ethics. 

    Shri Narendra Modi believes in using the latest advancements in technological field for the well being of the masses. Gujarat has the largest optical fibre wide area network in the whole of Asia stretching as long as 50,000 kms. This provides him and other Government functionaries a platform to interact not only with the lowest-rung officers of the Government all across the state but also with the people in rural areas through video conferencing.

    Shri Narendra Modi has introduced a novel concept of SWAGAT State wide Attention on Grievances by Application of Technology to redress public grievances. This is a unique initiative of its kind in the whole world and is included as an international best practice case study on e-governance for development by Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization and the Manchester University on the parameters of e-transparency, openness and accountability.

    The e-dhara project giving computerized land records to citizens has been widely acclaimed. E-Dhara enchances complete computerization of land records across the state. Elimination of Manual Records, computer controlled mutation process and self sustainability are the leading objectives of e-Dhara system.

    The other areas of e-Governance include electronic weigh bridges and smart cards for driving licenses, online filing of sales tax returns, connectivity between courts and jails, online availability of Government resolutions and forms in digital format. The state government has also initiated recruitment process, bar coding of ration cards and computerization of all the check posts on highways through e-Governance. Citizens’ Charter providing information about 100 public services at 300 Janseva Kendras,  e-Mamta, long distance learning etc. are the other examples of effective egovernance in Gujarat.

    Embracing the technology with proactive governance highlighting information, transparency and openness, Gujarat has its own Service and State Portal online. As per Government of India’s National eGovernance Plan (NeGP), as an MMP (Mission Mode Project), the State Portal is suitably augmented and enhanced to align with the objectives of NeGP. Towards this objective Gujarat Portal is a State a level Portal which enables citizens to access various services related to Government from single access point. It provides information of various Government Departments on the Web Portal and links to their respective websites.

    Shri Narendra Modi’s personal website (www.narendramodi.in) is an example of proactive governance embracing the social networking with ease, efficiency and reach to masses all over the world. Awarded for Best egovernance and Best Social Networking, the site is an example of good governance with transparency, effectiveness, participation and information.

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    Chintan Patel
    We really feel lucky that we are Gujarati. I sincerely request you sir to pull IT/Technological companies in Gujarat. You have succeeded for pulling so much business in Gujarat. Especially manufacturing companies. I think now it's turn for It companies.
    Rajeev Kumar Chaurasia
    feeling very much proud to be here in Gujarat under the management of Narendra Modi ji.Many congratulations for you.