Gujarat- the growth engine of India

February 2, 2012 Author: admin

In the new millennium, India seems to be set for a great step forward. The new economy promises to turn the nation into a major economic power. With Shri Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs, Gujarat is poised to lead national reconstruction. Shri Narendra Modi took some spectacular steps to enrich energy supply and design several schemes leading to the improvement of infrastructure, setting up of special economic zones etc. not merely for promoting growth and development but also excellence in all walks of life.

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Raju Gupta
Namaskar Friend, The BJP government of 2000 under the leadership of Shri Bajpaiji was the only period in which we can say that India was independent.Currently unemployment is rising and people of India are repressed by western model of education and governance,the recognition of our tradition old father to son skill learning should be recognized for growth.Please read fully at the link below
Pankaj Salve
SIR, if BJP wins 2014 elections and u (narendra modi) becomes the PM , WHAT STEPS U WOULD TAKE TO REDUCE CORRUPTION (NOT FULL ERADICATION)....
dear modiji, ur speech and the development programs were really inspiring.hearty congratulations for becoming the PM candidate. and wish u a very happy birthday......
Laxman Parmar
Modi ji I am your fan to my roots.
Rajeev Shukla
BJP can make India Congress Free...NAMO NAMAH:
Modi ji I am your fan to my roots. I feel you have connected well with the educated youth excellently already. I am not sure that well the situation of connectivity with respect to the downtrodden, spread out in India with poor twitter and internet. One suggestion is start a scholarship to 10 poor {all caste and religions) students from each state in India each year to come and study in Gujrat. This can give chance to connect to masses quickly and with minimal input and lot of goodwill and no loss.
Vinod Kumar Jain
Shri Modiji, I have travelled worldwide and find that Countries, which have nothing to much show , thrive on Tourism. It is one Industry, which can be an engine for Maximum growth in India. India is a Country with a long History & culture. Man made wonders & natural beauty. Toursims will create economic developement & create jobs Nationwide. Best part about Toursim is that the Foreign exchange that comes into teh Country is spent here & there is no need for repatriation. Way back in 2000, I had submitted a Paper to World Economic Forum to be presented in Indian Economic Summit on Tourism. It will be a great honour if you will give me the opportunity to submit this Paper for your kind perusal. I am willing to spend by time & effort for the development of Tourism in India. Submitted withe the request that TOURISM be added to made a priority industry in India. Best Regards
Pushpendra Chaudhary
modi ji i want u prime minister of india bcz u r the best for this post
one day everybody will be in a line to ask for visa of our Gujrat.And i alrady can this that..