Home Minister Amit Shah not guilty, evedience fabricated: Hon’ble CM

July 24, 2010 Author: admin

Speaking with media in Delhi early in the morning on Saturday, the Gujarat Chief Minister said Amit Shah is not guilty, and all allegations against him are false.

‘Amit Shah is completely innocent and all evidences against him are just fabricated. Everything is politically motivated. The whole country knows that during the 2007 elections, Congress had projected Sohrabuddin as a national hero and tried to cash in on him. However, they had to suffer a huge loss. This is a conspiracy against the Gujarat government. It is an attempt to disturb the developmental trajectory Gujarat is following for long. They are just trying to avenge the 2007 election loss,’ Shri Modi said.

‘BJP and all the forces that are fighting against terrorism, leave it to the common man to judge. Amit bhai will follow all the legal procedures in utmost honesty and fightback in the same way,’ Shri Modi added.

‘The Congress government has failed in curtailing price rise, they went to Pakistan and came back with nothing, their statements in the house instigate the Maoists making them kill innocent people, Kashmir is burning again. All in all, the government has failed on every single stand it took. It is a Government of failures,’ the Chief Minister stated.

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