WATCH LIVE: Shri Narendra Modi to address rallies across North-East and South India. On 8th February, 2014.

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Guwahati tunes in to welcome the Modi wave

On 8th February, 2014, Shri Narendra Modi will address rallies across North-East and South India. Shri Modi will address the ‘BJP New Hope New Manipur’ rally at Imphal in Manipur at 11 am, the ‘Maha Jagaran rally’ at Veterinary ground in Gauhati, Assam, at 1 pm, and a rally in Chennai at 7 pm.

Imphal prepares to kickstart the Modi wave

During the rallies, Shri Modi will address a massive audience including supporters and karyakartas.

You can watch the events LIVE on narendramodi.in and follow live tweets on narendramodi_in

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bharat ek mahadesh haiaur isko koi maha sahktishali aadmi hi sambahl sakta hai
Abhinav S Gupta
It is so unfortunate that so many parts of India, like the North East & Kashmir have been forced by the Traitors in disguise of Rulling Party to feel as if they are not a Part of India. It is very sad to see that Vote Bank Politics in India has led to division of the country on the basis of everything, Caste, Religion, Region, to name a few. We now need a Govt. which has a Vision for the Country, which will make each and every citizen of the country feel like a true Indian. JAI HIND