Shri Narendra Modi meets Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in Gandhinagar

January 19, 2013 Author: admin


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji congratulates Shri Modi for victory in 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections

On the morning of Saturday 19th January 2013 Shri Narendra Modi met noted spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar in Gandhinagar.

Sri Sri Ravishankar ji congratulated Shri Modi for the record victory in the 2012 Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections and for winning the trust of the people.

Here are pictures from their interaction.

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Congrates, Milan of Dhrmaguru & Rajguru is very precious thing in the history of Gujarat state. In 2014 we want to see our honorable C. M. as P. M. then the people taste the real AZADI.
Harshad Patel
Congratulation. Great combination of Dharm and Rajneeti
Sankar Saha
Meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Sankar and Hon'ble CM, Gujarat is a beautiful enlightment not only to the CM but also to the people of the State.
Anand Bhatt
A Great combination of a Spiritual Guru & Politytion.
i have seen that even in villages where people do not know the primeminister name but people know about Modi ji. Its great achievement and people want you(Modi) to be PM and the will come you will be PM for me i will be one of the happiest person i the world
you are great politician
Sarita Aggarwal
politicians with spirituality is for better change in india.
Ratnakar Venkatesh Pai
both are future of INDIA to make it as superpower in the globe
Vindhya Balasubramanyam
Mr.Modi,congrats on ur victory. None other than Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can give you the best guidance for good governance. Have not seen any other spiritual leader with such a broad vision for the world. Pls continue to meet him and take his guidance. All the best!
Viren Sharma
India shine with Social and Spiritual knowledge