Gujarat’s 5 Model Initiatives for Overall Development

October 14, 2012 Author: admin

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My parents taught me not to give advise to anyone who do not appreciate it. Mr Modi is needed by the people of Gujarat. If people of rest of India are indecisive about having Mr Modi as a PM, then that is just great for the people of Gujarat. Let the people outside Gujarat suffer for their choices, based on false image of Mr Modi. Let Mr Modi take Gujarat to the Golden Age over next 5 years, such that rest of India / World will blinded by Gujarat's success and be compelled to come to Mr Modi, and beg to provide some leadership for them. Many countries are already seeing this, and over next 5 years, it will become avalanche ! Great for people of Gujarat.... Until that time, his focus on Gujarat is the right thing to do.
Aayaan Desai
5 model devlopment of gujarat by Mr.Modi
Raakesh Kanodia
आदरणीय सर, आपके दूरदर्शिता से ही देश का विकास हो सकता हैा आप ही हमारे देश के भावी प्रधानमंत्री होगेंा ऐसी हमारी धारणा हैा
Piyush Suraiya
Also systematic Cattle development & sustained Agriculture growth!
Piyush Suraiya
NaMo's Inclusive Growth Strategies include Economic & Industrial Growth, Diplomatic Ties Growth, Investment opportunities growth, Society & Community Growth, Literacy Enhancement & Education Growth, Constructive Growth of the youth across the board, all over Gujarat!! In short, the Common Man's & People's Growth!!
Dilraj Patel
I am not a very big thinker or philosopher But i strongly want to tell here that it is one big mistake Mr.ModI did and the other one he might be doing .the first one is HE BANNED GUTKA IN GUJARAT(That is same as "Darubandi" Will promote Corruption in Lower class of the office and loss of state revenue as TAXES and other one is if he try to compete for president that will strengthen congress by splitting smaller parties resulting in winning of congress but yes if he stays in Gujarat and keep on promoting or setting an example in India of good governance and development after a while congress will be defeated and than may be he can think of becoming prime minister of India I am sure i am not the only one to think like that but i think i should share my view may be it helps every one of us
Raghunathan Banagiri
Pradeep Udutha
Narendra Modi is a legend.............................
આલોક શાહ
Gujarat....Most developed state of India!!! Proud to be a Gujarati...
Manoj Poonia
नरेन्द्र मोदी चुम्बकत्तव का विशाल भण्ङार हैॐ