Sunday, April 20th 2014
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Gone are the days when Delhi Sultanate could take Gujarat for a ride!

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Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar District

CM addresses massive public gatherings, takes UPA head on over their anti-people policies

Let us compete on development, let people see who has done a better job: Shri Modi challenges Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

Sonia Ji says whatever development in Gujarat, that happened due to Congress. Next time she may as well say it was Ahmed Bhai who built Ahmedabad

Congress and UPA not only enemies of the nation but also enemies of the poor! Says Shri Modi

Gone are the days when Delhi Sultanate can take Gujarat for a ride! Says CM

Bearing the blistering heat, thousands and thousands of people came out to extend their support to the Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra as it covered parts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Mehsana Districts. Shri Narendra Modi addressed mammoth public meetings in Nikol (Ahmedabad District), Dahegam, Mansa (Gandhinagar District), Gozaria (Mehsana District) and Kalol.

Shri Modi took on the UPA on a series of issues and asked the Prime Minister to compete on the issue of development and then let the people see who is performing better!

The Chief Minister said that Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Rajkot and said that there is no development in Gujarat. She further said that whatever development did happen is due to the Congress rule. Shri Modi expressed surprise at this and remarked that he fears that on her visit to Ahmedabad, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will say that it was Ahmed Bhai (referring to Mr. Ahmed Patel) who set up Ahmedabad! Shri Modi stated that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is unaware that this development in Gujarat is due to its 6 crore people.

Shri Modi came down heavily on the Congress and the Centre for obstructing the Gujarat Government’s efforts to give pipeline gas to the people. He said that Congress keeps giving examples of 3 cylinders cap, here Gujarat can save 3.5 crore cylinders but the anti-Gujarat Government in Delhi issues an order preventing the Gujarat Government to continue their initiative of giving piped gas. Shri Modi said that not only are they enemies of the nation but also enemies of the poor. He affirmed that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is clearly unaware of the development journey of Gujarat.

Putting a direct challenge to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri Modi asked the PM to compete with Gujarat on issue of development. “You build roads, I also build roads, you build canals and I also do the same, you build hospitals and I build hospitals too.   Let the people see it… whoever has done a better job, people will accept him,” he said, adding “…but they don’t want to have a competition for development with me. They only want to do sloganeering,”

Shri Modi categorically said that gone are the days when the Delhi Sultanate can take Gujarat for a ride!

He remarked that for the last 8 years there has been no good news coming from Delhi. Shri Modi stated that what Gujarat wants is peace, unity and brotherhood. He came down heavily on the UPA for the coal scam as well.

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  • Pramodini Swain October 10, 2012 Narendra Modia is a good person he is build a sunder Gujarat parivar my all wishes to you……..
  • Dinesh Patel October 9, 2012 Law Mafia SALMAN KHURSHID is involved in Gulping up Rs 100′s of Crores from ZAKIR HUSSAIN – TRUST for Handicap and Disabled People !!!
  • Suneel Pawar October 9, 2012 shri,narendra modi is as good as chatrapati shivaji maharaj!
  • Navin Chand Gupta October 9, 2012 Great. My best wishes to the 6 crores people of Gujrat to build Gujrat and prosper under Narendra Modi exponentially due to his out of box ideas, commitment to job at hand , move the implementing machinery with focus and respect for their job and earn hard work of people. Honesty and character must be playing its pious role behind all this.
  • Niranjan Joshi October 9, 2012 Many Congratulations Sir, or Modiji as I would love to call you. you have indeed shown us 6 Crore Gujaratis that nothing is impossible, if we have the passion to fulfill our dreams. You Dreamt of a “Golden Gujarat”. and here it is for the world to see & experience the heights of a developmental Passion.
  • Pragnesh Soni October 9, 2012 “This is a moment of hope and pride for our whole Gujarat. And I join all Gujarati in offering best wishes to Chief Minister -Shree Narendra bhai modi.”
    Modi ji aap aage badho ham tumhare sath hai

    न दावा चाहिए……….न दर्द चाहिए……. देश में नरेन्द्र मोदीजी जेसा मर्द चाहिए.

    I want Narendra Modi as Next PM of India…
  • rishi October 9, 2012 I like that gas pipe line vs cylinders.. my mom did tell me about this gas pipe line when i was in india but didnt realise thats happening on such large scale.. very good sir..

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