• Fantastic visual treat awaits you as Narmada Dam overflows!

  • Fantastic visual treat awaits you as Narmada Dam overflows!

    August 8, 2012 Author: admin

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    Fantastic visual treat awaits you as Narmada Dam overflows!

    The Narmada is the lifeline of Gujarat that is held sacrosanct by its people. And on the night of 7-8th August 2012 it added waves of joy in our hearts when the Narmada dam began to overflow. This momentous occasion brings a major relief to the areas that are served by the Narmada Canal.

    Gujarat’s strides in development would never have been possible without the constant blessings of Ma Narmada and through this she is yet again showering the people of Gujarat with her auspicious benedictions. In the last decade, the Sardar Sarovar project has become among the most talked about projects all over the world, overcoming earlier problems ranging from an atmosphere if despair and hopelessness.

    The sight of the dam overflowing is a treat for the eye. Here is an assortment of photographs you wouldn’t want to miss…

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    Namoji The sooner you become Pm the earlier will my mother be saved.I am with you all the way.Regards, Ganesh.
    Vijaya Rao
    At a time when the entire country was reeling under drought like conditions, this dam was overflowing!! Incredible indeed....
    Dawn Young
    Mr Modi, I'm a big fan of your's along with millions of hopeful others. Don't let us down. We love you.
    Future India will be bright and beautiful along with the upliftment of the poor definitely the whole world is going to watch your dynamic leadership.Hope India is safe under your leadership.Jaiho India.
    Anjan Sengupta
    Sir, This is indeed a great achievement. From Gujrat to India stage is the next landmark. You need to have a survey done by an international reputable agency, which will showcase that Muslims in Gujrat truly benefitted from your rule. I am sure this is true, economic tide takes with it everyone that embraces it. That done, the state of Guajarat and its economic contribution to India - all those "economic" numbers can later on be given. You need to win with the "emotional" numbers and story as I have enumerated above. All the best. Satyamev Jayate
    Another example of progress!!! Wish we see you at the helm of India affairs in 2014. The need of the hour is to have a visionary like you come forward and lead the country. BJP will be digging its grave if they do not go into the election with declaring you as a PM candidate. All the best!
    Rodney Murphy
    Modi ji.. hope you become the PM of india in 2014... hope the strangle hold of desh drohi Congress is destroyed for ever.. the criminals of congress have systematically destroyed India for the majority of their rule .. the rot started in during indira's reign and now is taking the country to gutter... Hope GOD has mercy and the charlatans like Congress deshdrohis bite the dust ... at least for 50 years ,.. that is the only WAY FOR INDIA TO PROGRESS... MEDIA IS UNFORTUNATELY POPULATED BY YOUR ENEMIES ADN PAID UP SYCHOPHANTS WHO SING PAEANS TO THE cONGRESS desh drohis ... WEEP iNDIA wEEP...
    Dear Modiji You are nothing but rebirth of swami vivekananda (Narendra) . Its dream of majority of indians to see you as prime minister of india. Hope the people of india will be as lucky as people of Gujarat
    જય સ્વામીનારાયણ જો તમે આ પગલું જલદી લેજો તો અને એમાં સફળતા મળી તો એક પણ ભાભો કે બાપો કે કોઈ હજુરિયો કે ખાજુરીયો ગોત્યો જડવાનો નથી તમારો 1 શુભ ચિંતક અને એક ગુજરાત નો જીમેદાર નાગરિક ધર્મેશ સુહાગીયા સુરત ૯૮૯૮૪૫૨૩૪૬
    I am very happy for you and Gujrat but i would like to see you in the top seat of the country so that the whole country flows with plenty and we can all be proud of who we are.may you be successful.Viijayi bhav!
    Salute Mr. Modi. Keep up the good work for Gujarat and next for India
    Narayani Picks
    Dear Modiji, my next Prime Minister of India, congrats for taking Gujarat on top of developments, hope soon will be seeing the same in entire India once you become PM.
    Mansi Trivedi
    The pictures are really breathtaking. My grandfather was one of the senior officers when this project was under construction, about 25 years ago. Today, looking at this I am feeling proud of him and the work he has accomplished, proud of having Mr.Modi as CM, and proud to be Gujarati.
    Fabulous Visual Treat. Undoubtedly Ma Narmada is the back bone of the developed Gujarat.
    Nirav Rana
    hope it will help in area of kacch n saurast people who are suffering