Thursday, April 24th 2014
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Gujarat has never bent & will never bend, Delhi Sultanate should know this: CM addresses people across 26 places at a time through 3D technology

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Shri Modi addresses people across 26 places covering 15 districts of Gujarat simultaneously through 3D projection technology

This is a historic gathering. Gujarat is the first state to use such technology: Shri Modi

We are not here to defeat someone or make someone lose their deposit. We are here to work towards a Bhavya and Divya Gujarat (glorious and divine Gujarat): Shri Modi

Gujarat has never bent and will never bend, Delhi Sultanate should know this: Shri Modi

India is the world’s youngest nation but seeing the nation under UPA will any youngster feel his or her future is bright? Asks Shri Modi

CM lists out instances of Congress lies and injustice to the people

PM talks about FDI but those investing in Gujarat are given IT notices: CM

Let us vote in large numbers. See the experience in the last 11 years, people will not allow Gujarat to decline like what has happened in Delhi: Shri Modi

You know me, you know our Party, you know the Lotus. We will leave no stone unturned in serving you: CM

Your affection makes me work hard, inspired me to serve you. Every moment of my life is devoted to the people: Shri Modi

BJP will break all record of victory in Gujarat. Let us show the world we can bring change with the power of development: Shri Modi

For the world, it is V for victory but for me it is even V for Vikas! Says Shri Modi

Continuing the innovative usage of technology to connect with people and that too on a larger scale, Shri Narendra Modi simultaneously addressed people across 26 places covering 15 districts of Gujarat through the usage of 3D projection technology. Shri Modi strongly urged the people of Gujarat to vote for the BJP and expressed confidence that the BJP will emerge victorious and break all records of the past. He spoke at length about the development initiatives in the state that have touched the lives of people. He categorically affirmed that Gujarat has never bent and will never bend in front of the Delhi Sultanate.

Speaking on the innovative usage of technology, Shri Modi said that this is a historic gathering and that Gujarat is the first state to use such technology, showing the technological advances made the state. He added that technology is only the medium and his bond with the people is very strong and deep.

Shri Modi affirmed that people have not gathered here with the narrow objective of defeating someone or making someone lose their deposit but to work for a Bhavya and Divya (glorious and divine Gujarat). He stated that in the last 11 years there have been numerous attempts to derail Gujarat’s development journey but said that we have demolished their attempts to derail Gujarat and its growth.

The Chief Minister declared that the people do not wish to see Gujarat ruined the way Delhi has been ruined and pointed out that those neck deep in corruption and looting nation’s coffers are wondering when their Hand (symbol of the Congress) will enter Gujarat. Referring to the ads of the Congress where people from different nations were shown as people of Gujarat, Shri Modi asked why is Congress painting poor picture of Gujarat’s children that they are getting photos from Sri Lanka? Or why get a photo of a farmer from Rajasthan? He expressed faith that the people are familiar with the lies of the Congress.

Shri Modi stated that in the last 11 years he has spent every minute to work for the development of the people of Gujarat and improve the lives of the people. He shared that he has adopted the path of silence to all the negativity solely because he has faith in the people.

During his speech Shri Modi shared valuable insight into the various development works taking place in Gujarat. He spoke about how the coasts of Gujarat that were earlier seen as a burden are becoming the gateway to India’s progress. Similarly, Shri Modi recalled that when he became the Chief Minister the state’s budget was not even Rs. 6,000 crore but only recently the new SAUNI Yojana worth Rs. 10,000 was launched. He talked about the development initiatives for fishermen and also the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana.

Lauding the people of Gujarat for their farsightedness, Shri Modi said that it is this farsightedness that has manifested in the form of political stability, leading to the development in the state. Shri Modi told the gatherings that he is working not only for the present but for the future generations.

Shri Modi took on the Congress and the UPA for their failure on various fronts. He asked which is the party whose Hands are darkened with the coal scam and which party made money during the CWG? He came down heavily on the Congress for their failure to protect Indian fishermen and affirmed that things were different during Atal ji’s Government.

Likewise, Shri Modi declared that the Congress has no right to seek votes from the farmers. He recalled that when the monsoon was not upto the mark UPA ministers came here and promised Rs. 15,000 crore but till date not a penny has come from Delhi. He asked Dr. Manmohan Singh why were cotton exports banned when the cotton prices were highest, which could have benefitted many farmers and added that they have done this not once but repeatedly.

The Chief Minister came down heavily on the UPA for the dismal agriculture growth and also pointed out that in the last 11 years the number of agricultural universities had increased from 1 to 4. He listed the various obstacles UPA has been creating vis-à-vis the Narmada dam. Shri Modi said that he has stopped the tanker business of Congressmen and that is why they are worried. He shared that the Centre was not helping the state in providing wagons to transport salt. The Chief Minister shared that the Congress has a special dirty tricks department that comes out with new dirt everyday.

Shri Modi remarked that India is the youngest nation in the world but seeing the UPA which youngster will feel that his or her future is bright? He listed the false promises of the UPA be it their promise to bring prices down in 100 days, the ‘Ghar nu Ghar’ scheme in Delhi which has not seen the light of day for so many years and the decision to snatch LPG cylinders from the common man. He talked about how Gujarat has become a tourist hub, which has given opportunities of livelihood to the poorest of the poor. He shared insight into the 108 services that saved the lives of many Adivasi brothers and sisters from snakebites.

In his speech Shri Modi attacked the Prime Minister and said that the Prime Minister talks of FDI but companies that invest in Gujarat are served IT notices at the insistence of the Gujarat Congress. Giving an example of the anti-Gujarat mindset of the Congress, he recalled that the Congress even boycotted the Swarnim Gujarat celebrations.

Shri Modi urged the people to come out in large numbers and vote and said that he is asking for their vote on the basis of the work done in the last 11 years. “You know me, you know the Lotus, we will leave no stone unturned in serving you” he stated. Shri Modi spoke about how the affection of the people makes him work harder in order to serve them. He added that the conventionally letter ‘V’ is for victory but for him it is both Victory and Vikas.

The public meetings across the 26 places were attended by people in large numbers. Cutting across lines of age, gender and from all communities people turned out in large numbers to listen to Shri Modi.


The following places are covered during the interaction:




Ahmadabad Dholka Shri Ram Market, Magiya Dholka
Ahmadabad Viramgam Opposite K.B. Shah Vinay Mandir, Near Golwadi Darwaja, Viramgam
Amreli Amreli Gymkhana Ground, Amreli
Amreli Rajula Hidora Cross Road Ground, Rajula
Bharuch Bharuch Hostel Ground, Bharuch
Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Prayosa Party Plot, Kadiya Bid, Bhavnagar
Bhavnagar Talaja Mukam Post Borda, Taluka : Talaja
Jamnagar Jamnagar Aazad Chowk, near Khadi Bhandar, near New Collector’s Office,
Jamnagar Dwarka Mukam Post Bhatiya Taluka Kalyanpur
Junagadh Junagadh Hajiyana Baug Ground, Junagadh
Junagadh Patan-Veraval K.C.C. Ground, Ghanshyaam Plot, Veraval
Narmada Nandod Not Given
Navsari Navsari Prince Cricket Ground,Navsari
Porbandar Porbandar Sudama chowk, Porbandar
Rajkot Gondal Sakhanu Ground, Opposite Court, Gondal
Rajkot Jasdan Vella Ghella Ground , Jasdan
Rajkot Morbi Opp Super Market Sardar Baug, Sanada Road, Morbi
Rajkot Upleta Bavda Chowk, Upleta
Surat Mangrol Mukam Post, Vankel
Surat Olpad Siddharthnagar, Olpad
Surendranagar Dhrangadhra Old Gym, Opp Navyug Cinema, Dhangadhra
Surendranagar Limbdi Fatesinh Gym,near petrol pump, limbadi
Tapi Vyara Opp Old Bus stand, Vyara
The Dangs The Dangs Rang Upvan,aahva,taluka aahava
Valsad Kaprada Near Nana Pondha-Vapi Road Agro, Mukam Nana Pondha, Taluka Kaprada
Valsad Valsad Sarvoday High School Ground, Sengvi, Valsad



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  • Kamal Wadhwani November 30, 2012 Mr.Modi, you are not for Gujarat only, but for our loving India.
    Create the history for our country too.
  • dknair4bjp November 30, 2012 Oppose Corrupt Congress…Say No to Congress…!!!
    भ्रष्ट कांग्रेस सरकार का विरोध देशभक्ति के उच्चतम दायित्व है…!!!
    To oppose corrupt Congress government is the highest obligation of patriotism…!!! Vandematram, Jai-Hind, Jai-Bharat…!!!
  • Shah Sanket November 29, 2012 Dear Sir,

    Please use this Technology Sir its good but also go each and every Place bcz our Gujarat People want you go to People in place So effect more in this election.
  • November 29, 2012 Your approach is 100% perfect as it is modern approach of showing virat swaroop!!!
  • Mahesh Chauhan November 29, 2012 With best wishes.
    …………….. Please come tomy house. …..Raipur,,chhattisgarh,,09907246851
  • Mihir Shah November 27, 2012 Dear Modiji,
    I suggest you that you should go to people in place of this 3D
    It make people feal that the our modi is came to our town. and will definately make differnt.
  • Hitesh Odedra November 26, 2012 Gujarat has create the history of progress among the whole country in past ten years . But congress is still blaming our honourable c.m . They put blame of doing unneccessary and over budget expences had done in 3d interaction .but why they cant see that we are doing in state level what they cant able to think also at central level. It shows the progress of gujarat.

    Sunlo congress awaaj gujarat ki ,
    Band karo burai modi ki ,
    Dheer dharo aur dekho raah chunav ki ,
    Akela modi tum sabpe padega bhari ,
    Dekh nateeje niklenge pasine ,
    Jeetega sirf hamara modi.
    Yanha na koi ahmiyat hai tumhare vadon ki ,
    Baat sunte hai hum sirf narendra modi ki ,
    Nahin thamni baah barbadi ki,
    Hamein to aadat si hai narendra modi ki.

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