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CM greets the people on Diwali and New Year

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November 2, 2013 ###

Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s message to people

“In Vikram Samvat 2070 let us perform our duties towards the nation for creating a majestic and matchless future for India”

“The glow of Gujarat’s growth has a great capacity to actualize the dreams of people of India”

“Gujarat’s glory has spread throughout the nation and the world owing to the hard work of the people of Guajrat”

CM greets the people on Diwali and New Year

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has greeted the people of Gujarat on the occasion of Diwali and extended his best wishes to the people for the new year.

In his Diwali and New Year message Mr. Modi appealed, “In Vikram Samvat 2070 let us perform our duties towards the nation for creating a majestic and matchless future for India“.

Here is the text of the Chief Minister’s message:

The glow of Gujarat’s growth will be instrumental in creating a majestic and matchless future for India.

Cultural heritage of our nation eternal and ageless.

Our sages and seers, with their scientific approach, have knitted such an incredible social fabric that this social structure based on moral values is giving us strength and guidance to live since thousands of years.

Veda says, “Dipakhya Jyoti Prakasho”, means, let the light of lamp illuminate our lives.

Twelve years back, we kindle the lamp of development in Gujarat. Today Gujarat’s glory has spread throughout the nation and the world owing to the hard work of the people of Guajrat.

Following to the vedic tradition, we incorporated ‘Panch Shakti’ in the development of modern Gujarat. We synthesized the natural resources with manpower. We have created a repute for good governance and healthy democracy which is based on people’s participation.

This twelve years’ journey is a result of the trust that six crore people of Gujarat has put on the government machinery. Tenure of past governments saw a hunger for power and indulgence in petty politics owing to which Gujarat suffered blots of communal riots, violence and turbulent times. The state has reversed this scenario now.

For the first time Gujarat has seen political stability for long time, a record of sort, credit of which goes to the peace, unity and brotherhood demonstrated by the six crore people of Gujarat.

Gujarat’s twelve years’ development journey has witnessed unprecedented hurdles.

The present leadership of India has leaved no stone unturned in practicing political enmity and making injustice to Gujarat even though the state is an integral part of our federal democracy. And yet Gujarat has never bowed down. People of Gujarat have always diligently and relentlessly marched forward in the direction of good governance.

This is the reason why Gujarat’s good governance and the strength of Gujarati people is now showing path for India’s growth.

In the beginning of 21st century there was a common hope among the people of India that our country too will spread its influence in the world through development. Unfortunately, the current rulers sold out our country’s prestige owing to their hunger for power, ruining the dreams of 125 crore countrymen.

Growth made by Gujarat is not merely a part of maps and graphs but very well apparent before all to witness.

Gujarat has changed the political scenario of the country.

Now there is no alternate left for others but to follow the path of development politics taken by Gujarat. Everyone desires a development like Gujarat. An overall atmosphere of respect for Gujarat and Gujaratis is a fruit of our bonhomie towards others.

Even in our committed efforts for the good governance and in our aim to create divine and glorious Gujarat, we have kept the development of India at the core. The good of every citizen of this country is inherent in every move of Gujarat and the state’s development politics.

In democracy, election can be seen as a giant step in the direction of keeping alive the awareness among the people.

The glow of Gujarat’s growth has a great capacity to actualize the dreams of people of India. And this fact, acting as a shining lamp is encouraging people for taking new vows.

As Gujaratis, let us take pride in all these achievements and perform our duties towards the nation in the new year of Vikram Samvat 2070 for creating a majestic and matchless future for India.

Diwali and New Year greetings to you all.

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  • Chandrakant Shukla November 5, 2013 Nutanvarsh Apake jivanme saravatra sbhubha or kalyan karak banirao
    Chandrakant, Meera Jaimin & Parivar
  • M.BHOOMA November 3, 2013 Very True Sir.Wishing you a HAPPY DIWALI &NEW YEAR Sir.May we do all that we could to put back BJP on the pedestal, to realize the dream of a developed,peaceful,economically sound,culturally strong,Bharat.
  • Ramesh Tiwari November 3, 2013 “On this divine day of Deepawali, let’s light a lamp of righteousness, though tiny, in the atmosphere shrouded by the darkness of broken humanity – hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, cunningness, corruption and all. Fear God, and be effortful to grow in prosperity not alone but with brothers.” These are the words of our loving leader, Narendra Modi. Happy Divali everyone!
  • Shweta Tanwar November 3, 2013 Apko abhi Diwali ki bahut bahut subhkamnaye Modiji. I wish to bhagwan that next year We will be celebrating Diwali with you as our PM. I wish From next year India will start shinning same as Gujarat. We will try to perform our duties towards our nation for making it prosper and shinning India.Jay Ho Modiji ki. Jai Hind
  • Manickavasakam2 November 3, 2013 Dear Modiji .. Superemo Namashkar..We are all behind your support in all the days to come of course .but my worries are to give you strength to look after Gujarat also in future..because Gujarat is having a very good C. M…
  • Desh Kumar Kaushik November 3, 2013 my feverate p m modi
  • Gopal Krishan November 3, 2013 आप सभी को दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाऐँ।
  • 3Rupal November 3, 2013 Happy Diwali & New year
  • piyushfofandi November 2, 2013 We Done in Gujarat and now we do in Bharat. #CongressMuktBharat. Transformation of Spiritual Bharat is in Doorstep we have to Awake and Arise for Maa Bharati. Yes We Can.. Yes We Do..

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