Monday, April 21st 2014
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Affluent and well-to-do families should adopt Anganwadis, help society grow: CM

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May 13, 2012 #

Several attempts made to throttle truth, but Gujarat won’t get cowed down by opposition and non-cooperation: CM

Affluent and well-to-do families should adopt Anganwadis, help society grow: CM 

Our only Mantra is that of development: CM

Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today asked the affluent class and well-to-do families to adopt Anganwadis and extend their might in helping social organizations to fight malnutrition.

Shri Modi was speaking at a function to mark the conclusion of ‘Baaj Khedawal’ Kelavani and Sanskriti Mandal’s diamond jubilee. The Chief Minister lauded the efforts to the community for giving a prime place to education from a very early stage, which is extremely commendable. He lauded the foresight of the community elders, who would have envisioned the importance of education even sixty years ago.

The Chief Minister also stated that today was also the diamond jubilee of our nation’s Parliament. Our society is based on democratic system with inherent power to find a way out, he said.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister expressed concern about the growing issue of malnutrition. He added that today’s affluent class is more ‘beauty conscious’ rather than ‘health conscious’ due to which even they are falling prey to malnutrition. He expressed a need to spread awareness to create a healthy society.

Shri Modi reaffirmed that the only mantra the Gujarat government is following is that of Vikas (Development). He added that all energies were directed in that direction and that there was no stone is left unturned to ensure all round development for Gujarat and its people. He also said he was aware of the several attempts to throttle the truth and present Gujarat in bad light but they would not be cowed down by such opposition and non-cooperation. He asked if Gujarat’s development is being seen all over, how is it missing the eyes of anti- Gujarat elements? He exuded confidence that the people would find potion for the untruth.

The Chief Minister stated that there was a sea of difference in what the Kankaria area was a decade ago and what it is now. He also pointed out to the new fleet of buses and BRTS that never existed till a few years ago.

The Chief Minister said that opportunities for development were there in Gujarat in the past, too. There used to be beach at Mandvi, lions in Gir, Rann in Kutch but nobody cared to project these treasures to promote tourism. Gujarat registered 11 per cent growth in agriculture, but some can’t see it.

The Baaj Khedawal society president Shri Kamlesh Bhatt said that they stressed on equal importance community’s development along with that of women and children during the last 60 years. The society takes care of widows and deserted women.

The society handed over a cheque of Rs.1.60-lakh to the Chief Minister’s Kanya Kelavani Nidhi. Mr. Modi released a souvenir on the occasion.

Prominent among those present on the occasion included MLAs Shri Bhushan Pandy and Shri Anandshankar Pandya and other community leaders.

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  • Ramesh Desai May 14, 2012 As a student, I have stayed for a year (1953-54) at the Baaj Khedawal hostel in Vidyanagar and am conversant with the community’s efforts in the field of education. I do not belong to that community but I acknowledge the debt that I owe them with gratitude. It is good to know that they are now also crossing the community boundaries and contributing to Kanya Kelavani at the state level. Kudos to them !

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