Friday, April 18th 2014
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Chief Minister Inaugurates TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

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November 16, 2013 ###

Narendra Modi: IT sector plays utmost part for the development of human resources Expand maximum use of information technology for empowering common man

Gujarat Government has successfully initiated towards the direction of good governance by implementing IT application and E-Governance

TCS TATA group Chairman Cyrus Mistry and CEO Mr. Chndrashekhar along with the office bearers of TCS had discussions on the vision of IT sector

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated IT Garima Park of TCS in Gandhinagar and called for maximum use of information technology for empowering common man and to solve the existing problems.

The IT Garima Park of TCS is constructed on the area of 25 acres land, allotted by the state government in Gandhinagar. TCS has always been a strategic partner with the government of Gujarat for E-Governance and has provided wider horizons to IT professionals for exploring their IT skills. Garima Park will be the symbol of the development of Gujarat’s IT sector, Chief Minister said.

Mr. Modi said that in the current era, the influence of IT will be increasing on each and every stage of life. India has already arrived at the point of transformation in every sector and the use of technology will help the poor to cope up with their problems and similarly will empower the common man. This will thereby, turn out to be beneficial to solving the problems of the country. He emphasized the need to provide opportunities for novel research to the Indian youths as their intellectual prowess and capabilities can bring desired changes in today’s competitive world.

TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

Gujarat has successfully initiated in the sectors of IT application and E-Governance across the country. With the round the clock electricity, IT facilities in the form of GSWAN and optical fiber network across the villages of Gujarat, even a common man can now feel the atmosphere of effective governance and rapid and transparent deliverance of justice, he added.

Chief Minister spoke of how the state government has used IT services for bringing about qualitative changes in delivery of public services, for public distributing system and for redressal of grievances through SWAGAT online programme along with expanding the scope of health and education sectors. He also gave outline of the state initiative of curbing corruption using IT surveillance application.

TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

He said that there is a great scope of employment for women in IT sector, and also the field does not have any gender bias. He suggested that TCS should develop a task force for the good of common people through IT intervention.

TCS TATA group Chairman Cyrus Mistry, CEO Mr. Chndrashekhar and the company’s office bearers had discussions with Mr. Modi on his vision for IT sector.

Mr. Mistry expressed faith that the Garima Park would establish a bridge of relationship between TATA group and Gujarat.

By the result of the business geniuses and consumer growing market of Gujarat, the Tata Group availed an opportunity to develop business relationship in a range of sectors in Gujarat. By the co-operation of TCS, Gujarat’s IT networks has shown the direction of administrative transparency and dynamism in public services, he said.

On this occasion, Mr. Cyrus Mistry happily said that around 10,000 skilled youth will get an employment opportunity in the Garima Park of TCS.

On this occasion, MLAs’ Mr. Shambhuji Thakor, Mr. Ashokbhai Patel, Mayor Mr. Mahendrasinh Rana, Chairman of Khadi-Gramodyog Board, Mr. Vadibhai Patel, Guda Chairman, Mr. Ashokbhai Bhavsar and several representatives, Experts in Information Technology, Principal Secretary Dr. Varesh Sinha, I.T. Secretary Mr. S.J. Haidar, other invitees and employees of TCS were present.

TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

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TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

TCS’s Garima park in Gandhinagar

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  • 3Rupal November 17, 2013 NaMo, I watch nearly every speech of yours since 2009. I am amazed that you can talk at a intensity of your audiance, it means you can understand and so resolve problems of any level of community&society. People of India will be blessed if they have you as Prime Minister in 2014. I wish that any of your speech won’t make any negative controversy in future. Jai Hind.
  • Arun Satsangi November 16, 2013 Congratulations! A new dimension of development in Gujarat with the advent of IT Industry in Gujarat by TCS …

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