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Shri Narendra Modi has been a trend-setter for Indian Politicos be it governance, development, technology or social media presence. On 31st August 2012, a yet another example will be set by Shri Narendra Modi, when he will speak with you face-to-face! It’s the 1st time in India that any politician will connect LIVE with the people directly!

Be a part of Google+ Hangout, post your question now!

Shri Narendra Modi to be on a LIVE, face-to-face conversation with you. Be a part!

July 27, 2012 Author: admin

In a yet another initiative to connect with the people of the country, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi is all set to speak with you LIVE, face-to-face over Google+ Hangout! For those who have always wanted to have a word with Shri Narendra Modi in person, this is the time! Speak with Shri Narendra Modi on “Strong & Glorious India long cherished by Swami Vivekananda!” Be the youth of Swami Vivekananda’s dreams.

We come across excerpts of interviews of politicians & leaders on television or newspapers or online, but it is for the first time that a common man gets to ask questions to a CM LIVE! All you have to do is post a question, either a video or a text question! The last date for submitting questions is 27th August midnight.

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The coutndown has begun- 3 days to go to ‘Hangout’ with Narendra Modi!

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    June 7, 2014 0


    Dinesh Yadav May 29, 2014 Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

    Congratulations !

    Wishing you the best of health and a long life
    Jai hind ! Jai hind ! Jai hind ! Jai hind ! Jai hind ! Jai hind !


    vishwanathan May 28, 2014 respected sir, I am thankful for reviving BJP single handedly and defeating corrupt congress.I wish to suggest few points towards containing black money and check counterfeit notes.
    the high value currencies of Rs1000&Rs500 denominations should have validity period.Date of expiry should be printed on these currencies.After the expiry date these currencies can only be credited to holder’s bank account.
    to start with,high value currencies with validity date should printed and the old curr


    Chirukandath Praveen May 28, 2014 Sir ,

    First I would like to wish you all success on your new task and wish you have a very long tenure and india shines in world map under your leadership .

    I have a strong feeling that india will develop in all fields . Being a real patriot rather just a politician I have a strong feeling that you will monitor all ministry and beurocrats closely so that all the things guided goes in the right direction, which was lacking in the earlier governance.

    My request is that kindly guide and m


    Swati Nagar May 27, 2014 Congrats modi ji for ur victory:) 1


    Shahbaaz Khan May 27, 2014 Sir Congrats for becoming PM, Sir i want to give message to your twitter handler person, that he should not miss tweets when a soldier dies like today a pilot lost his life in Mig 21 crash, all politicians from other parties have posted their condolence but your twitter account handler has not posted yet (as of now). So please tell him to not miss such news. Regards, Jai HInd. 0


    Lineesh Jose May 27, 2014 Dear Sir,
    My heartfelt congratulations on your swearing in as the PM of India. I hope your rule wl be barked in golden letters in the history of India. Can you think about refining the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and put an end to the longest hunger strike of irom sharmila…


    Shahbaaz Khan May 27, 2014 Sir Ji, Congrate for becoming PM of India. Sir i would like to tell your twitter handler person that he should always pay his condolence when a soldier dies or a Pilot lost his life. Today also he didn’t post tweet regarding the lost of life of a pilot in Mig 21 crash. So Please Tell him to do so. He miss such news. 1


    Sreeni Sreenivasan A S May 27, 2014 respected sir congrats,we are all happy to have you as the pm of our country 0


    Joshi Deepak May 27, 2014 Beloved Prime Minister
    Congratulations and wishing all the best for taking Indias development journey to newer heights under your dynamic leadership. Being a Gujarati, I am proud of you. It is a moment full of pleasure coupled with sorrow too. Gujarat has lost a personality full of effective and efficient good governance. Hope, you will spare some time exclusively for Gujarat.
    To gather we will script a glorious future for India ,as an Indian, I am always with you.
    With best regard

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