Best wishes to all my student friends

March 4, 2010 Author: Narendra Modi




Come March and it is the season of exams. Board exams have started; and it is a big day for all students as well as their parents.


My fellow friends, future of nation, who are going to appear for exam of class X and class XII, I wish them great success in their endeavor.


Every achievement is rooted deep in hardwork, determination and dedication. The best of learnings get tested through the journey of life. In that sense we all are students of life.


Here, I would like to quote Swami Vivekananda’s lines – ‘Arise, awake and do not stop till the goal is reached’.


Exams they say are part and parcel of life. Leave all your worries behind and perform for knowledge. Results will follow automatically.


At the end, I would like to share with you my success formula –


“Desire + stability = Resolution. Resolution + Hard work = Success”.


I am sure each one of you is capable of contributing to the bright future of our nation. Best wishes to all my student friends.



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Brijal Parekh
Thanks sir, We glad to thanking you for gujarat is in BETTER progress.U willl stay here.and chage the gujarat in bright.For student help more.......... regards, brijal
Gaurav Singhal
Respected Sir, I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering from NIT Surat Class of 2009. I wanted to tell you that I am one of your most ardent fans and that I admire your work immensely. I am a product of Gujarat and have been educated entirely in Gujarat.I am also one of the few Amdavadis who have been selected into the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad this year. I hope that I do well there and show the entire world what students "made in Gujarat" are capable of. Regards, Gaurav Singhal PGP 2010-12 IIM Ahmedabad
CA R P Shah
Dear Narendra Modi Saheb, First of all I congratulate for a great success of Svranim Gujarat celebrated in Ahmedabad. I hope, wish and pray to God for your good healthy, safely very very long life as a Chief Minister of Gujarat for ever. I hope that all the leaders ( Indian, International ) take your appointment to learn the way of Growth and all other lessons for public life i.e. in politic life. Sir, you will not believe that I can't listen any word which is against you and Gujarat at that time I am showing the progress of Gujarat and telling them compare to any other state of the India. Sir, I have an humble requeast that I am living on Sola Road, which your strong supporters of YOU and BJP. There one overhead Water Tank build up since last at least one year, but that tank is wainting for your order. If your kindness will focus in this issue more than lacs of people will feel good for water in this hot summer. I hope you will personally however in busy schedule will focus for this common men and give them relief. Thanks, With Regards, R P Shah
Respected Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Your are real Hero of Hindustani Hearts. The Political heir of Sardar Patel Ji. I think that you are only the man who can save India. Only a hardliner can take a tough stand in nation where everyone wants to bend either to pack up a note or drop a name. Our best wishes are always with you. Regards, VIJAI ARORA
Naveen Kumar Singh
Dear CM Sir, I respect the development and inclusive growth strategy of work doing by you for the people of Gujarat and at large for India. Your honesty and dedication for work is par excellent and I have no hesitation to say that Gujarat is most prosperous and developed state in India. Your work in agricultural, social sector, primary health, education, girl’s education and infrastructure is very unique and it will make Gujarat “Japan” of India. When I heard about GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tech City) all my friend surprised and said that this is the sign of a great visionary and a person who committed for truly development and making India a proud nation among world. We people of India want you as our Prime Minister and more development for nation. My best wishes for 50 years of creation of Gujarat. Jai Gujarat Jai Bharat. Naveen Kumar Singh
Padmakumar G Nair
Dear Modiji, Nice formula: "Desire + stability = Resolution. Resolution + Hard work = Success" I felt it pertinent to put a quote from Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, which can be applied for any such formula on education. MY COUNTRY IS MY CAREER Really nice words that can make a life time impression on any student. Love & Regards. Vande Mataram Padmakumar G Nair
Dr. Rashmikant Shah
Dear Narendra Modiji, There is poet in you. No one becomes poet without pain. I am sure you have passed through that. May Gujarat and India prosper under your leadership.
Maanna Neey Narendra Modi ji, Namaskar! I hail from Andhra Pradesh. I heard a lot about the developments that you have initiated in Gujarat. Every one is very much aware that Gujarat stands #1 in Industrialisation, growth rate and GDP. This talks about your superior capabilities. I want you to become Prime Minister of India with like-minded people as your MPs and bring Rama Rajya back. The present government has no ethics. We do not want to be ruled by a foreigner. It is a shame that we allowed this foreigner to interfere in our internal matters, administration and national policies. While we talk about equality, why should there be subsidy for muslims and christians. Why is it conversion of religion allowed. I want you to visit our coastal belt starting from Srikakulam to Nellore and see how missionaries are going bersek and converting innocent people to Christanity. Why are these people given a free hand? Mahatma Gandhi and Swamy Vivekananda and many other leaders were strongly against religion conversions. All this is happening because we have a foreigner who is holding the reins of Indian Government. I urge you to take up this issue on priority at appropriate forum. Kindly let me know, if there is anything that I can do, in this regard. I too would like to become a visionary, able administrator and leader like you. Kindly let me know what you want me to do. I want to be your follower. I want to work with you, Sahab!! Adharaneey Pranam!! Shanker Ramabhotla
Vinayakumar Mallaya
Dear Sir, This action of yours (Wishing the future generations in their important endeavours) is a model that other prominent elders can follow. I wish you all the best on all your future missions for the welfare of our country. Regards, Vinay
Rikin Hema
Mr.NARENDRA MODI is true warrior like ARJUN. Why these self-centered & also with ego rebel MPs wants to hurt BJP? Don't they realize people around the world are watching their activity? Mr.MODI has no SELF INTEREST but only to do good for PRAJA, Regardless of any particular caste. He is true public servant & true warrior.
amit tripathi
dear Guru jee ye uthal puthal , uttal lehar path se na digane paayegi patwaar chalate jaaiyega manjil aaegi aaegi.......... hum sab aapke saath hain sir
Sudhir Munjal
Though thousands of miles away I do know of the magnitude of development that's happening because of him... and in a place like Kerala, where infrastructure development almost gets overtaken by snails, it looks like a couple of years of his reign wouldn't cause any harm... Sadly, the media highlight only the blotches and not the beauty spots.
S. S. Garware
"our ""fair and unbiased"" media loves Modi-bashing and the fact the the rule at Delhi is of the so-called ""secular"" party doesnt help matters either. Only those who live in Gujarat and have witnessed the development first hand know the true picture."
Y. V. L. Pandit
i didnt know abt many these things. all i had heard abt were riots. i know for a fact tht he is a good person, cz he came n met my frnd Divya Salaskar whn her dad died. n the things he said... man , hats off to him. he is one amazing person. now i respect him all d more.
K. T. Lakdawala
"India will loose all the good things like agriculture and our traditional businesses. I can see in the Congress ruling only Real Estate business doing good. Which not good for the country. Please make awareness of the good politicians in India to people you know. I hope Mr.Narendra Modi will be the PM candidate in next election."
P. Y. Chaphekar
"now a days our country needs a strong, determined and action oriented leader like Mr Narendra Modi. This type of leader can stop terrorism, population growth, black market on food, and inflation. No politician is heartly interested to help poor people so richer becomes richer and poor becomes very poor. I think Modi like person is the right choice for Indian people."
Rupa Patel
there is no doubt that modi is able for praise he is only ne cheifminister in india who is brave,simple,n honest man. in india i think we cant compare modi with any one coz modi has unique personality n all leaders have fear if modi will be come in delhi den only one party will be rule in whole states that will be only bjp
Respected sir , I am happy by speech that you give on site,and i feel proud of being gujarati whose CM is respected NARENDRA MODI. JAI JAI GARVI GUJARAT.............
Anand G. Mahindra
Modi is real politition is the assets of Gujarat is need delhi for fast growth of Gujarat as well as country. Person Like Modi not yet met to Gujarat and even in near future it is possible. Till I wish him to see in Delhi as a one of the piller of sound, stable and strong country.
Sanjay V. Arora
Im muslim but i still think that India needs modi..i dont know that he was involved in riots or not! but one thing is for sure he has changed a lot ! he does not treat minorities as minorities .he works for all communities.aagar usne koi paap kiya bhi hai toh bhi use kuch nahi hoga kyuki us paap ke samne usne kai punya kar diye hai.we should give him one chance. god bless him!!!
narendra modi what a name in indian politics...the hars stood to selute him,just for his name..then how cant u b not impressed with his personality when u r infront of him..thanks on behalf of me,atleast one journalist in indias media understood modiji..
V. D. Jain
india needs modi, b'coz modi is a creature created by god specially for india..i wish to see him the prime minister of india for minimum 20yrs with 2/3 mejority..may god give him healthy life to serve for whole nation..
Bharat K. Sheth
Recently I had been to Ahmedabad on an official visit, I found lot of good developments in terms of providing basic infra-structure,i.e, drinking water, Wide roads, Rapid transport system (BRTS)are the best example. No doubt he is the best CM at present
Krunal Kanziya
Modi Means Mastermind Of Diffrent India. He is only One in Polytics who proove Think Diffrence and Vibrant Gujarat.A Great Leader Of Indian Polytics.
Bhavin P. Acharya
come n look results in gujarat how my state is developed by mr.modi not your congess.
Harish Seth
congess is weak party.its should always needs alcohol to distribute to people for voting but not bjp.n being a hindistani modi must b our prime minister.beacause satyamav jayte not asatya.congess encourage terrorism.bullsite congess shme on that hidustanti.barat mata ki jay.
C. M. Maniar
mr.modi is the king of india.he deserve as pm
We can understand your concern for students community also.You are Great!
A. M. Devekar
D name NARENDRA DARMODAS MODI itself discribes a brighter future for INDIA
Ashish Giri
About 12 years back , one Jyotish predicted one day he will become PM of India , He laughed him off along with all others presented there as he never intend enter into that area at all, and commented to Jyotish , if you feel the Dakhina is lower than expected , i can add some. Now every one wants him to see as our PM including Tata and Ambani. Now I really wish the prediction come true and that also very soon.
Gaurav Patel
Dear Mr. C.M., Sorry for being so formal! I should have written "Dear Modi Saheb"!!! First of all I wanna thank you for serving our Gujarat. Just because of you and just because you don't sleep, today we have been able to sleep. I wanna share one of my experiences with you. Presently I am in Delhi doing a project work in ONGC Videsh Ltd, and during my stay in Delhi, I have noticed that people I met in Delhi, they all say just one thing, "Are yaar, kaash humare pass bhi narendra modi jaisa koi CM hota!!!" On hearing this I feel so proud on you, on myself for being a Gujarati and our Garvi Gujarat. I really wanna do something for Gujarat, for India. I have been so busy in study and all stuff, but now i have almost finished my M.Sc. Petroleum Geology from Baroda and I am almost free to think for our state n our nation. write u more next time.... take care, Gaurav Patel
Om Prakash Chamadia
"If anyone is pointing out on riots happened in Gujarat in 2002. It is valid point. Did any of those people who commented about these riots have faced those riots? They all will say NO. I have faced them. Since 21 years before 2002 I have read everyday in local news paper (Gujarat Samachar & Sandesh) only one news that “one person got stabbed or killed in muslim area”, “Bomb found in Muslim area” etc. If you add up all the people got killed in those 21 years, the number will be way less than people got killed in 2002. I am not against muslim, I have good friends who are muslim, but please “DON’T DECIDE OR JUDGE MODI BASED ON ONE INCIDENT, JUDGE HIM BASED ON YEARS HE SERVED AND THINGS HE DID FOR STATE AND COUNTRY” If you can not visualize this, I bet you are dumb."
shubham dwivedi
dear sir, I am simply a big fan of you.biggest credit of gujrat's developement goes to are really an idol for all of us.The formula of success given by you will surely help us.I am just 16 but I know and wanna know alot about our country. thank you
Ashish Nambiar
Its really proud to be Gujarati because of only & only Mr. Modiji. He is come from a coman family and he understand every coman people's problem. He is not only C.M. but also a great human bin. That a luck of every Gujarati's we have Mr. Modiji.
mayank . k . shah .
sir, u r just unbeatabe nd unbelievable.i have meeted u in surat"s airport with mr.jitubhai barot.b.j.p. leader of surat.nd u gave me the complements for my future.u r sincerely my idol.nd one day i seriousy wanted to be like u. " for the people , country nd state-cm(common man)"
prashant k gajjar
dear sir, good morning namskar. may i do work with you? from: prashant k gajjar interior designer and furniture maker age:32
R. S. Ajmera
"Hello, I strongly believe that Mr. Narendra Modi has a vision. He is a Chief Minister of Gujarat and see the development in the last 7 years in gujarat. I dont know why media and specially congress politicians always think about gujarat riots. That was past and see the efforts involved to develop gujarat after that issue. Modi should be the PM only because he only knows one word and that is DEVELOPMENT of his STATE and his COUNTRY. Every big company of the world is today ready to invest in gujarat and modi has made gujarat, A GLOBAL GUJARAT. I feel proud today that i belong to GUJARAT. Cheers."
harsha s
Jai sri ram Hello sir, [b] PLZ READ THIS MAIL SIR...[/b] I am harsha from karnatka,My age is 21 years,,i am great fan of you.I am RSS & BJP kaaryakartha...I want to become your friend sir.Plz mail me sir..i want to share my problems with you sir....I dont know gujarathi..I LOVE YOU are not only GOD of gujarat sir...You are god of india.. RAM RAM SIR
Guru Prasad
Jai Shri Krishna, It is a wonderful site and no doubt BJP under the leadership Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modiji has done a lot beyond one's expectations in all spheres of state improvements and has stood as a ""Role Model"" to other States in India. I pray Lord Shri krishna to give long life to our Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji.
nirali mewada
Thank you sir. . we hope your wish will be come true for all of the 10-12th std.'s students.and thanks bcoz i am also in 12-th std. . this is our good luck to receive your wish. . thanks a lot. your one child girl nirali. . .ahmedabad.
Honourable Sir Feel very good to read your blog dedicated to all those students of class X and XII as well.. I say Thank you very much on behalf of all those students for giving a success formula n encouraging them all.. With all respect once again Thank you so much Sir..
Jayesh Kanubhai Nayi
Thank you if you are truly sorry. By showing respect to Shri Modi you are showing respect to all. Thanks for understanding.
Shri Modi is the new age seer of a different kind. Pray to God he gives him strength, good health and spirit so he can continue working for the people he loves so much. Let Gujrat show India the way ahead - what Gujrat thinks to day, India will think tomorrow.
શ્રધ્ધેય શ્રી ન મો જી સાદર નમસ્કાર, આજ ગુજરાત બી જે પી નું પાયા નું રાજ્ય છે ..અને કદાચ એમ પણ કહી સકાય કે જીવાદોરી છે ...પરંતુ આજે જે શ્રી નીતિન ગડકરી જી ની ટીમ જાહેર થયી તેમાં ૨૫૪ સભ્યોમાં થી ફક્ત ૧૪ થી ૧૭ જેટલા જ ગુજરાત ના સભ્યો ને સ્થાન મળેલ છે કે ગુજરાત મા બે તૃતિયાંસ બહુમતી છે...અને એક અવાજે આખું ગુજરાત શ્રી ન મો જી ની સાથે ઉભેલ છે...સ્વાભાવિક છે કે ગુજરાત ની પ્રજા ને ખોટું તો લાગે જ...કદાચ પ્રજા કે પક્ષ કાર્યકર્તા બોલશે નહિ પણ જે ક્યાંય પણ લાયકાત હોવા છતાં સ્થાન અને મહત્વ ના મળે અથવા ના આપવા મા આવે તેનું પરિણામ લાંબા સમયે સુખદ નથી હોતું...ગુજરાત ના વધારે સભ્યો હોત તો બીજા પ્રદેશ ના લોકો ને પણ તેમાં થી કંઇક શીખવા નું મળતે ...પક્ષ ના વિકાસ પ્રજા નો સંતોષ કઈ રીતે શક્ય છે...અને જે રીતે બી જે પી વિચારધારા ગુજરાત મા ઉજ્જવળ અને સફળ છે તે રીતે પુરા દેશ ને પણ તેનો વધારે લાભ મળતે ....સ્વતંત્રતા નો માર્ગ ના માર્ગ દર્શક પુ . ગાંધીજી ને જ બાજુ પર કરી દીધા હતા તેવું જ આ લાગે છે. જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત વંદે માતરમ ભારત માતા કી જય
Pavit Shah
Respected GUJARAT NA NATH, Today when Mayavati is spending lot of Rupees on statues and garlands, you were the only person who came in my mind. Because you have spend money for GARIB KALYAN MELA. I am very happy that Gujarat is developing fastly. But I also want to see METRO TRAINS running between A'bad and G'nagar very soon. So take some fast actions for METRO. Your Follower, Pavit Shah. JAY HIND!
sir, i felt tha the level and method of learning english in gujarat is not of highest level at where we are lacking behind....sir, education system from 11th may be in eng mediem but regional language aslo of first level to maintain balance between the the way students feel more free at higher study. your efforts are exellence in all fields...head off to you.
Pavit Shah
Yes, That's perfect. Keep it up and try to strengthen your voice with the help of people. JAY HIND!
Ashish Desai
a wonderful site showing the true face of the development , prosperity and true face of te strong leader,my good wishes
Ajay patel
dear sir, thank u very much for your comliments.we have learnt many things from you and we agree that firm determination like MODI DADA is only way to get succed in life. yours
Ajit Narayan
"Modi should be ok as a Prime Minister. He should be definitely far better than Sonia Gandhi(ooops……. Manmohan singh). We need a man/woman of character and who can can stand up to terrorism. We need a personality like Sardar Valabhai Patel"
Anil Bhalla
in my opinion Narendra Modi truely deserves to b the next PM of India!! period!! theres no other candidate who can win against him
I appreciate the progress in Gujarat. At the same,there is peace all over Gujarat.Propserity is only in Gujarat.I appreciate and hopeful for getting thumbing majority of MP to rule in Parliament.Hope for the best.Narendrabhai aap age badho hum tumhare saath hai...
piyush sorathiya
how are you sir, hope you doing fine, iam piyush from surat, vibrant gujarat.i am so excited about to write letter to you sir. sir hu b.j.p. join karva mangu chu, hu really desh mate marathi je pan bane te karva mangu chu,te mate hu maro parivar no tyag pan aapish, mate tame sir mane jaldi response aapjo, hu tamara hath niche tayar thay ne tamari sathe desh ni-gujarat ni seva karva mangu chu, mate tamara response ni wait karu chu, jay hind.
Respected Sir, How can I expain u your self, u cant leve any aucation of gujarat & get complite all chalange for Gujarat with like a grat festival. We can Say this is luck of Gujarat that Found a Leader like u Sir u r Great..Great..Great
Sir, Jay Swaminarayan, My name is Vaishnav Niket Rameshbhai.I am study in std 9th.Thanks sir.You are really kind man for student, for Gujarat's people.I follow your advise. I request you for describe the Math's and science of standard 9.May god bless you.
Thank you, Sir! Best wishes from us! I hope for another successful year for all of us!
virender nahata
Respected Modiji, You are doing a good job as a chief Minister of Gujrat. Today's politics requires a strong leader like you that can make India as a super power. sir, i have a question which i would like to ask you and i expect your response on it. what are you or your party doing for associating youths like me so that your acceptability increases in India. If you take serious efforts i am ready to join you in politics. hope to reply vandematram nahata
modi ji apne gujarat main jo kam kiya hai voh puri duniya ne mahsus kiya hain.hum ek gujarati hone ke nate garv feel karte hain ke aap jesa neta hamari dharti ko mila.hamare desh ko aap jesa neta ki jarur hain.apki site ki vajah se ham bahar rehkar bhi gujarat ka devlopment apne computer par dekhkar garv mahsoos karte hain.jay gujarat ,jitega gujarat,bharat mata ki jay
santosh Gotur
Respected Sir, Wonderful improvement in Gujarata state. Thanking you sir, Regards Santosh G 09731650751
sir we are happy that more women will enter the political stream after the passing of the bill. But we hope you include educated women who will actually make a difference. Please also position good educated people. The other day we heard the mayor speaking and were quite dissatisfied to hear him.
naresh mepani
sir you are a great leader for gujarat,we are proud to be gujarati and you are our CM.ap jesa CM india me nahi koi hai nahi koi future me hoga..Thanks to you for developing our kutch as tourisum and industrial...thanks a lot again..
"As per Sachar committee report, Muslims in Gujarat are most prosperous among Muslims in any part of India. If Modi was a communal person and inflicting hardships upon muslims it would not be possible. Its time now that Indians must see the truth “as it is” and not as portrayed by media and so called “Secular Parties” (who r responsible for 50% quota system in our colleges and govt. jobs and who in my view r actually dividing the country) Before Modi came to power in Gujarat there was a riot on an average every alternate year in Gujarat (even when congress ruled). Since Modi has come to power there has been no riot since 2002. These r some facts. Everyone is free to make their own conclusions. In my view India needs Narendra Modi"
smit padhiar
hello sir iam smit padhiar from ahemdabad and wanna meet to u for my bussienness of kotak life insuarence and iam sure u will help me by giving ur ashirwad in my bussienness which i have just iam hopefull to u that u will help ur son.thanks and regards.
Mahesh Parmar
Shri Narendrabhai has done another miracle to NDA for achieving trust of Shri NitishKumar with spreading vote of confidence to Bihar He has really a lion heart...A great visionary inmaking as per present scenario... Vande Matram...
Brahmbhatt Hiteshkumar J.
An Excellent way to have interaction with the most powerfull man who dares to dream and has capabilities to turn dreams in to reality. I am Excited,Really. Hiteshkumar j.brahmbhatt
શ્રી નરેન્દ્રભાઈ, રાજકીય વ્યસ્તતા વચ્ચે બ્લૉગ પર સમયસરની આપની હાજરી અને સાચા અર્થમાં આપ ગુજરાતને નવી ટેકનોલોજી વડે તૈયાર કરી રહ્યા છો એ અમારા જેવા નેટીયા મિત્રોને ખરેખર આનંદ આપે છે, અને ગુજરાતી હોવાનું ગૌરવ બક્ષે છે. અહીં મારું એક નમ્ર સૂચન છે કે આજે જ્યારે સ્વર્ણિમ ગુજરાતના નારા હેઠળ આજની પેઢીમાં આપણા સાંસ્કૃતિક વારસા અને માતૃભાષાનું માન અને ગૌરવ વધારવાના પ્રયાસો જ્યારે ગુજરાત સરકાર અને આપની તરફથી થઈ રહ્યા છે ત્યારે આપની આ લોકપ્રિય થયેલી સાઈટ પણ જો ગુજરાતીમાં ઉપલબ્ધ બનાવી શકો તો કેવું? આ કોઈ પ્રકારની ટીકા નથી, માત્ર હાડોહાડ ગુજરાતી હોવાનો ગર્વ ક્યારેક આ રીતે વ્યક્ત થઈ જાય છે. જય ગુજરાત... પ્રત્યુત્તરની આશા સહ સ્વાતિ જે. ગઢિયા પ્લોટ નં. ૫૬૧/એ, સેક્ટર - ૨૨, ગાંધીનગર
Respected Modiji, We wish people like you will lead INDIA to become "Developed Nation" very shortly. Your motivation to the students and all other sector people are amazing. Even your enemies will praise you for your efforts to upgrade the quality of life in Gujrat& for all India. We are waiting to see you as Prime Minister of India very soon. Regards, Nandakumar kerala
Dear Narendrabhai Sati Sita ane bhakta Prahalad jevaanee kasoteeo e jamanamaa thayeli to aajanaa kaliyugnee to vaat j kyaathee karaay ? My best wishes are with you forever from far away land. God Bless You Every Second.
[b] 5 crore Gujarati o ki ek hi Awaz SIT Quit Gujarat[/b]
yogesh parmar
[b][/b][i][/i]Dear Narendra Modiji, I was at Hanuman Temple at Raslod near Pratinj, where Mahant is PPP Mohandas Bapu, He has appraised you lot. We all love you. You are HERO of all Gujaratis either HIndu or Muslim. As in your tenure there are no riots , peoploe are asking about progress, businees and investment and devlopments. You have done good job for north gujarat where water scarsity was lot. We see you as most ELIGIBLE PRIME MINISTER. Sir, now through away super PM or Back seat PM and Nehru Vansh cultur. You are our PRIME MINISTER. We need you as PM b'cose nehru has spoiled SARDAR's rught as PM now it is your turn to show them their right place. JAI HIND / JAI GARVI GUJARAT/ JAY BHARAT MATA
Satish Garg
Long Live AKHAND BHARAT - Reunify India. Modi for PM.
yogesh parmar
Dear Shailesh , exactly we agree with you, it is purely politics of congress, why they are protecting their party fellows, who are culprits of anti shikh danga in 1984, why epex court is bysed for that, still matter is pending with epex court, why congress is not worried about it. In that case it was just reaction, and in post godhara it was conspiry, how diffrenet opinions, why human right activist are not crying for them and for kashmiri pandits, HRC , AICC are worried for only single community
There is a star which has been dropped from the sky to the great nation which has been infested by crooked congress government,with distorted view of development starting only with development of their own family. Hence god has dropped this shining star to make the greatest nation of the world.
Ravindra Eswar
Dear Sir, Your wishes are really moral boosting not only for the Gujarath Student but also for entire nation. Gujarath is the big example that Succes is come with every hard work to the nation We are waiting your big service to entire natiom.
Thank u sir m a student of class 12th from kutch
manoj kumar
thank u sir u are the role model for modern hindu who follows dharma and technology.
ajai dave
[i][b]summons by SIT[/b][/i] if godhra was an godhra riots was a was so spontaneous and on a wide scale it would have been impossible for any government to control it...yet gujara government under leadership pof Modiji controlled it...for incidents like gulbarga or naroda patiya or best bakery or ode in anand,modiji cant be was entire gujarat which rose and acted against 'murderers of Godhra'..if summons is to be issued it should be issued against 5 crore gujaratis...SIT must understand this... We r with Modiji...we will fight..gujarat will stand with Modiji...
Thank you very much sir
Dear Narendra Modiji, Yesterday I was upset while watching the news channels forming gang against you. NDTV went to the extent that you are looking for loopholes not to attend the trial. I have stubborn faith in you. You said "Narendra Modi-ko Phaasi dhena Chahiye agar 0.0001 percent wo Galat Hai tho". Everyone of us have faith in God - the Supreme being thanking him to have given you to India. You will be PM of India sooner than later and God has great plans for you. NDTV's favourite Teesta Seetalvad has started feeling guilty and nervous. Yesterday, she said that she suspects one officer among the panel that will examine Modiji.
hiiiiiiiii,sir i am bhagyesh desai from ahmedabad aap na lakhela blog aek thi aek chhadiyata hoy 6e
sir jsk ( jay shree krishana) don't worry sir for this sit samansh we all gujarati with you y are realy a truly icon of gujarati and i proude to be a gujarati beacuse my cm ( comman man) is narendra modi god bless you sir jsk bharat ma ta ki jay
નેતા જ્યારે નેતાગીરી નીતિ થી કરે ત્યારે પ્રજાની પણ ફરજ બને છે કે નિયમો નીતિથી પાળવા અને વ્યક્તિગત સ્વાર્થ બાજુ મૂકી પોતાના ભાગનું લઇ બાકીનું પાડોશીના હાથમાં જવા દેવું . પણ જો આ વર્તન લોકો માં ન આવે તો એમાં વાંક પ્રજાનો રહે છે નહિ કે નેતા નો . અનીતિના ઊંડા સાગરમાં ડૂબેલ પેઢીઓ કે સમાજ કે જેના કણ કણ માં સ્વ સ્વાર્થ નીતરતો હોય તેને રાતો રાત નથી બદલી શકાતો. નરેન્દ્રભાઈ સુરાજ્ય નો રસ્તો બતાવી એ મેળવવા બનતા અવરોધો દુર કરવા પ્રયાસ કરે પણ લોકો એ પણ પોતાનો ભાગ બજાવવો જ રહ્યો , એ પછી દીકરીને ભણવા મોકલવાનો હોય કે શિક્ષકે ભણાવવાનો હોય કે, બિલ્ડરે પ્લોટ વેચવાનો હોય કે , મકાન બનાવનારે માલ સારો વાપરવાનો હોય કે પ્રજા એ વાહન ચલાવવા નિયમો પાલન કરવાના હોય. જે પોતાની જિંદગી સુધારવા જાતને મદદ નથી કરી શકતો તેને કોઈ મદદ કરનાર નથી . એમના જ રાજ્યના અને એમના દોસ્ત છીએ એમ કહી અનીતિ કરનાર ઘણા હશે જ પણ સામે જો કહેનાર નીકળે કે હું રીપોર્ટ કરીશ તો કરનાર ખચકાશે . દરેક પોતાના બાળકો માં સારા સંસ્કાર લાવવા પ્રયાસ કરશે તો સમાજ જરૂર બદલાશે . સામાન્ય માનવી એ પણ બદલાતા સમય નાં વહેણ સાથે પોતાના માટે કંઈક કરવું પડશે. ભણતર અને દુનિયાનું જ્ઞાન જ લોકો ને સજાગ કરશે.
kamlesh patel
sir,jay mataji i am kamlesh patel from gujrat in padra sir i am disebal dancer pls give me chance i perfome in front of you in swarnim gujrat plssssssssss
mitesh shah
respected sir ,thanks i m a student for hole living life,this time i m not preparing for gujrat board examination,i am a working person. thus best best of best wishes to mr. narendra modi.
sajin narayanan
Gud evening Sir, I am 23 year old boy from kerala.I am really impressed by ur message and i am one of ur great fan.I have been working in RSS for the last 6 years.U r the icon of INDIA. All the best.
V. U. Rao
Modi has definitely all ability that needs to be a PM, If we want to put india forward we should voice in support of modi.
K. M. Talwar
"He is the person India needs. He will help India to progress and powerf"
aaj jo sab tv chennel media vale gujarat ka gujarat ki praja ka shri narendrabhai ka apman kar rahe hai unko gujarat ki praja ko jaroor javab dena hoga .... vande mataram jay gujarat
Dear Sir, This is all a conspiracy created by the Congress Government. We all love you and support you from our heart. People like Manish Tiwari should first look at his own party before asking for resignation. They are shielding the murderers of people from Sikh community in the 1984 riots. They have no right to blame others because. I appeal to all the people of Gujarat and the fans of Narenbhai to send mails in support of our beloved Chief Minister. Sir, you are here not because of the congress party but because of the work that you have done and the place that you have created in the hearts of people. All these years congress has only been spreading hatred in the minds of people by pitting one community against the other. We are all with you sir. Best Rgds,
Niraj Patel
Respected Sir, I am one of the student of PANDIT DEENDAYAL PETROLEUM UNIVERSITY. On behalf of the student of UNIVERSITY, I would like to mention some complain which the university is not taking care at all. Our recent complain is that we are going to US for training purpose on behalf of our univeristy on our own expense. Suddenly they have cancelled the plan and said that only selected student will go for such training. Actually at the time of announcement they were not a single student who want to go and bear such a huge expense. They have indirectly forced us to join the US training. Finally we got ready for that leaving the training which is supposed to be taken in India in indian companies. But now they have cancelled the plan for majority of the students and have be told that you all not going to US. Now we don't have any chance to go US as well as in Indian companies for training purpose even though we have paid the fees for that purpose. We are just in big troubles. Univerisity is also not giving even a single response to us. So, I kindly request you to take some action against university as well as responsible higher authorities for just misguiding the student and their parents. They is not a single piece of paper of our expenses for fees that have been paid by us. They demand the fees any time and in any situation without prior notifications. The above mentioned is not just a single complain, there are many such complain from the start of our graduate education. All those complain were also not small, but at that time we were able to handle and don't want to spoil our universities name. Now they have crossed all the limits which can test our patience. Even we are not sure about the Engineering stream line & which degree is to be given to us. They are just playing with our futures. So, I kindly request you to take the suitable action on University as soon as possible.
Maneesh Jha
Dear Modiji We need you for our Gujarat,Don't see the dream for P.M.Prime Minister position is for time being,We know your ability. You will be C.M. No.1 for Life Time.Politics is not only in election but everywhere from top to bottom.Party members are involved in internal politics.You are not politician. You are patriot hero.If you are not in election scenerio what picture would be.You are in the heart of People.Go ahead,we are with you.
'SIT' ki dadagiri nahi chalegi nahi chalegi ...we are all gujarati with our honorable CM Narendrabhai
Devang Dalal
Respected Narendra Modi Sir, Keep on posting your messages on this blog, as we feel very inspiring from your words. You have shown by yourself what a man can do. Your ideas are of great help to us. I think there is something in you that speaks. I think GOD is very kind to all Gujaratis that HE has given us such a terrific leader. We feel so safe and secured under you. I personally feel that your should be the PM of India, so that our country shall be free from all dangers. You have a brave heart and may GOD give you long life with no worries, so that we can bring our country on top. JAI HIND - PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN, BUT MORE PROUD TO BE A GUJARATI UNDER YOUR SUPPORT. Regards DEVANG DALAL 9825140075
P. S. Anand
"Just I would like to ask people who oppose Modi, When you’re concerned about Godra tradgedy, why don’t you think of Sikh riots in 1984 which killed over 3000 innocent public, for which congress is responsible, how can you vote congress? is it not genocide? How will you forget in many states congress engineered communal riots just to protect its power? In Pakistani militant attacks so far more than 67,000 public were killed in last 17yrs. For god sake which country on this earth would tolerate these kind of attacks on our public?? Why don’t so called secular governments respond to this?? If you kill few americans - USA would blast the whole country? So the case with China, Russia, UK, Israel etc. Why don’t India would respond the same way? There is no value for a life in this over populated country? How long we have to suffer this pain? Modi has the capabilities to address all these issues. India deserves as a PM someone like Narendra Modi, hope soon the dream would come true!!!"
Shakti Gurha
Iam from poona as seen to Gujarat it is because of Narendra Bhaai who had controlled the state from terrorism and given good quality of infrastruture for industries which is helping the local and Indian youth for employment. I appreciate to his confidence level which he has to handle thing, also thanx to people who had supported in his bad time. We want him to be nation leader to handle situation from terrorisms and grow the Indian economy
Randeep Singh Jauhar
"I live in Hyderabad and visited Baroda last year. I took a Taxi from Ahmedabad airport and returned next day by another taxi. Both the taxi drivers were muslims and both were singing praises of Narendra Modi. I did not ask them anything. They were proudly telling me about the progress Gujarat is making. Both said he is decisive and strong. It is time the media stopped talking about the 2002 riots and see what Modi is capable of doing for the country and give him his due. As a national leader he will excel and will set new bench marks in governance. He will also safeguard minorities without pandering to them for their votes."
rishikesh trivedy
Dear Mr. Modi, I appreciate all that you have done and are doing for Gujarat and Gandhinagar in particular. Roads have been widened and the general security levels have gone up.Infrastructure has also improved. I write to you as other authorities are turning a blind eye to a problem that i have noticed. I am also aware of how much you value environment and its upkeep. I want to bring to your notice the open and pitiable rape of Sabarmati that is taking place every day (night) just behind Raj bhavan. sand is being mined indiscriminitely and without any concern about the impact this is going to have on the ecology of the region and the environment. Just 2 years back there used to be prestine white sand in the river bed. Now there are just big holes and you cannot even walk in the river bed. this will create hovoc with the flow of the river. it will not retain water and flow of water in monsoon will be very fast eroding the sides of the river. also water will not be retained and water levels in the sorrounding areas will go down. Earlier sand mining was done with help of donkeys but now JCB machines dig up the sand day and night and degrade the river bed at a much faster rate. Sand mining from the river has been banned in Kerala already as they could see the adverse effects it had on the rivers there. I urge you to have this activity stopped and also ban river sand mining. Regards, Rishikesh 09426289518
Dear Mr.Narendra MODI, I am Riten PATEL studying in Switzerlad and a big big fan of you.Actually I am from Sarsa,Dist-Anand, GUJARAT.I count you as GODFATHER of Gujarat and you deserve all what you have done for Gujarat.I really appreciate for your work and I wish you would be our prime minister to your whole life.I was really waiting to send you greetings from long time and today I found your contact details through web. If this is a correct E-mail address please could you send me an e-mail for confirmation. Thank you Riten PATEL
Amit Panchal
Equal right to all riligions,Stop unnessary noice polution during religion procedure,Remove elegal person liveing in INdia,Specific Identification to each person for income tax as well as photo ID,Deduct tax before employee earning,Keep control on all companies to give all rights and minimum wedge to all employee.Atleast people can work and live standard life, No need chairs in Govt Office as well as banks,No need peon(patawalo/Helper) in bank as well as in Govt for wate.
ketan m prajapati
Hello have a nice day Sir i am ketan prajapati from ganeshpura ta-kadi di mehsana Dear Sir, Hu tamara sarek kary thi khoosh chhu jeva 108, shikshan sudharna hospitalization good devloment in ahmedabad abn north gujarat
Dear Sir, I am very happy with the development you have done to Gujarat. But my request is do not limit yourself only to Gujarat. Please feel your responsibility and vision to other countries also. You are Indian and you should give equal imporatnce to other country also. Shetty
hello, good morning sir, aap ne mara koti koti vandan,
राजेश जोशी
नमोनमः । अद्य केवलं अस्माकं संस्कृतभाषिणां मित्राणां कृते भवतः संदेशस्य अनुवादं कर्तुं प्रयत्नं करोमि । दोषान् सन्ति चेत् क्ष्यम्यताम् । मित्राणि, मार्च आगच्छत् तथा च एषा परीक्षाणां ऋतुः अपि अस्ति । बोर्डस्य परीक्षाः आरभन्त्यः । तथा च तत् सर्वेषां विद्यार्थिनां तेषां मातापित्रोः कृते च महत्वपूर्णम् दिनम् अस्ति । मम सुहृदः मित्राणि, देशस्य भविष्यः, ये दशमी द्वादशी च कक्षायाः परीक्षायाम् उपवेष्टुं गच्छन्तः सन्ति, अहं तेभ्यः तेषां प्रयत्ने महत्याः सफलतायाः शुभेच्छा ददामि । प्रत्येक सिद्ध्याः मूलं महाप्रयत्ने, दृढनिश्चये, समर्पणे च भवति । श्रेष्ठस्य ज्ञानस्य परीक्षा जीवनस्य यात्रायां भविष्यति । तस्मिन् अर्थे वयं सर्वे जीवनस्य विद्यार्थिनः स्मः । अत्र अहं स्वामी विवेकानंदस्य वाक्यं सूचयितुम् इच्छामि - "उत्तिष्टत । जाग्रत । प्राप्य वरान् निबोधत ।" इति उच्यते यत् परीक्षाः जीवनस्य भागः अस्ति । भवतां सर्वाः चिन्ताः त्यजतु तथा ज्ञानाय कार्यं करोतु । फलं तु स्वयमेव अनुसरेत् । अन्ते अहं भवता सह मम सफलतायाः उपायं भाजितुम् इच्छामि । इच्छा + स्थिरता = निश्चयः । निश्चयः + परिश्रमः = सफलता । अहं निश्चयेन मन्ये यत् भवत्सु प्रत्येकः अस्माकं देशस्य उज्ज्वले भविष्ये योगदानं दातुं समर्थः अस्ति । मम सर्वेभ्यः विद्यार्थिभ्यः मित्रेभ्यः शुभेच्छा । भवदीयः नरेन्द्र मोदी
Rakesh Shukla
Respected Sir, I am from Uttar Pradesh and my wish is to see you as Prime Minister of India. Currently our country is suffering from various problems and I think these problems can effectively get solved if we can get leader like you in centre as well. but many times i have seen in your interviews that you keep yourself limited to our state of Gujarat. I with many other friends would request you to come in India's mainstream politics and coming to mainstream politics for the betterment of India is your responsibility too, please dont escape from your responsibility. Once again I wish to see you as Prime Minister of India.
S. A. Rizvi
"hey, Mr. Narendra Modi is a great man i must say.and those all muslims who say he is murderer of muslims. i want to say all those muslim people that”the percentage of happiness and all about good things for muslims in gujarat is very high than other state of india”.so my dear muslim friends please understand the truth and than after say all.our gujarat’s development ratio is 19.13% which is more than double of all india’s development’s ratio.and like gujarat modi can develop india and put on 1st position in world. so vote for modi and let’s become for NO. 1 country’s citizen in all around world."
Pankaj Gulati
"Modi has done a lot in Gujarat. He is better then Congress which has done nothing in last 50 years except create slums. Modi should become PM of India and work for the betterment and development of all People. We will vote for modi."
R. V. Gumaste
He has got a good track record as the CM of Gujrat and he has the decisive leadership that India require’s at this time.
raval mehul
dear sir i love you
raval mehul
dear sir hu gujrati chu maru gam vad nagar ni baju ma shah pur che
Jaiprakash Joshi
As Gandhi-Sardar of Gujarat have contributed in independence and construction of India, Sant Shri Narendra Modi will lead and contribute solidity against terrorism...Modiji will set an example to fight against terrorism...!! Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat.
Bharat Dangar
Namaste Sir, I have read your given encouragement to student for the recent board examination. This is really wonderful work as a leader one should do. In the history of Baroda BJP, First time we called Shaher Karobari meeting to appoint school wise incharge to wish the students. we went to each and every school center of board examination to encourage the students and wish them for ther examination. That was wonderful program by all karyakarta. Many Parents called me to appreciate this work and also congratulate u and told that Narendra Modi ni Party ne j aava Vicharo aave..... one thing that i never forget, one parents told me at school that Mara Dikra ni Chinta hu j karu chu evu mane hatu parantu tamne anhiya joya pachi mane em lage che ke BJP pan mara dikra ni chinta kare che.... still i remember his innocent eyes and his facial expression... i think this is Credit of our work.... Heartly Thanx..
Hi I am sorry about this. I was not mean. I have lot of respect for Mr. Modi jee. But if i hurt i am sorry.
THNK U SIR JI TO ENCRAGE THE STUDY [quote][b]JAI...........JAI.............. GARVI GUJRAT [/b][/quote]
krishnan ramaiah
may god bless you , so that you can lead this nation to real glory. it is very nice of you to have remebered the students whenall the others are very busy in swindling at the expense of the poor man. we need few more narendra modi , wish you start an instituion to bring up young dedicated youths of india. with pranams krishnan ramaiah
Nakul Vadher
Sir, Thanking you for your support, as always. This is going to motivate me a lot, even after board exams.
vrutant shah
sir, I have seen first CM in my life who really cares for the student appearing for examinations that is the reason today in INDIA every one wants to leave under your shadow from a person of 80 years to a child of 8 yrs because everyone knows who is NARENDRA MODI and what are his strategies for development of GUJARAT. your wishes for student is like motivation for them. I WANT TO AWARD YOU AS A MAN FOR INDIA AFTER MHATMA GANDHI.
we all are students of life/and world. I wish them great success.
Prem Sagar
"India is the only country where Minorities are given special preference and treatment whereas if you look at other countries it will be opposite. If you take Pakistan and other Arab countries they openly declared themselves as islamic nation and it will be impossible for a hindu to live their religious life fully in those countries. If you take Srilanka the majority (buddhists) are doing mass killing over tamils who was considered to be Hindus. If we consider US and Western countries eventhough not openly declared those government seems to be linked with christainity. Even in some local parts of India where there is a majority of Muslims or Christians you can notice the hindus living there are deprived. When someone like Modi treats all citizens with equal preference then others call him non-secular. This nonsense attitude should change. If Modi becomes PM, India will create History."
K. Ando
in india there are one men who can lead india in each platform sosical, economaical and political that all belongs mr modi.iwill apeal all my frends and allcomunity vote for india not your community because india is not for one .
Subir Ranjan Ghosh
BJP Needs Some Good Personality & Excellent Minister Like Shri Namrendra Modi But From My Consult The Next PM Of India Is Not Narendra Modi Because The People Of Gujarat Needs Narendra Modi & Their Goods Works For The Development Of Gujarat In Positive Direction & Narendra Modi Also Told That He Will Not Going Anywhere From Gujarat So Narendra Modi Is Not Our Next PM
Sir, This is a major concern for all IT professionals.Gujarat has no doubt increased engineering seats like anything during past few years but I would enlist some of the main parameters on which we still lack.I am sure you would be aware and working on it. [b]Points where Big cities of Gujarat lack into: [/b] 1. Cities like Pune/Banglore/Noida/Gudgaon/Delhi/Mumbai has got plenty of colleges for engineering and they are famous as well. So companies prefer young man power quite handy in such cities. 2.Climate has been quite pleasant due to proper plantation/maintenance of trees.They have declared hefty fines for cutting tress whereas in our state trees are cut like anything for widening of roads or so..That's why avg temperature of Ahmedabad is always very high comparatively. 3.Goverments of these cities/states have provided lands to IT companies almost like free of cost which saved their overall OPEX and CAPEX. 4.Due to IT companies, all int'l std hotels have arrived in such cities where we stil lack becuase they don't foresee any good business/int'l clients..traffic of int'l flights etc... 5.Gujaratis are considered to be born businessmens so companies prefer more job like environment which they find in such cities...However they are right upto some extent but I feel Gujaratis are equally good in jobs as well.. [b]Positive factors of Big cities of Gujarat.. [/b] 1. Excellent roads and other infrastructure. 2.24X7 electricity which other IT hubs still struugle for.IT companies, with my great astonishments, are still happy to run their units on DG in such cities..YOu can imagine what a big gain they foresee there and not here... 3. Very decent local public which is always helpful to people coming in from other part of the country. 4. Very cheap life style which is major concern of worry in present IT hubs..They are expensive like anything starting from buying a lemon to buying a flat. 5. Excellent airports/railway station with great connectivity.. 6.There is no major difference with other IT hubs to attract IT giants.. they are also eager to enter into golden state of Gujarat... 7[b].The purchase power of people will definitely increase if IT is there in city because they pay comparatively quite high salaries which translates into good money rotation in market and churning of malls and big brand showrooms/theatres is less in IT hubs compared to Gujarat even in recession... The reason is pretty clear -> [/b] Sir, if we don't take necessary steps well in time we will end up losing the companies and by the time Ahd,Baroda,Surat will become IT hubs other cities would have reached their other remarkable levels.. They simply get advantage of more companies there.. we have to spend lot of money staying there...We want to see our state grow in IT as well.. We feel very painful when we hear Gujarat is only for business people.It can be said a major hub for chemicals/pharma/textile but not for IT...You are the only hope for IT prof staying outside Gujarat.. Please consider my concerns if they sound genuine to you.. you can consider as a mass request .. thanks a million in advance...
Yogesh Parekh
Dear Sir, I fully agreed to Dilip Shah sugestion.In abroad we find really difficult about our documents.Atleast school leaving Certi. should be in english.By saying that I am not against Gujarati language.I am Gujarati & proud of being Gujarati.It will be great if you look into this matter.I dont flatter you but it is true,you are the great C.M.and the best citizen of India Thanks, Yogesh Parekh
Respected sir, I have just read the blog. It's very good to inspire students through give them wishes. But sir i would like to inform you that in S.S.C/H.S.C exam there is a mischives happen in some exam centers. students are come with the 'kapli' & some teachers also support them in doing copy in exam. Sir, I would like to tell u that take personaly interest and do something for those students who gave sincearly exam. Thank You.
Parin Mehta
I am studying in US right now but I never miss a single update on development in Gujarat. I really appreciate our honorable CM Narendra Modi for his sincere and diligent work. He is a man with vision and hope. He dreams for Gujarat welfare and always gives his 100% to make them those dreams come true.I have known that Mr. Chief Minister considers whole 55 million Gujarati and do his best for welfare of these people. Words can not be enough to describe this revolutionary politician come CEO.
sanjay parmar
hamne bhi padai ki lekin aaj tak kuchh nahi hua kaas me gujraat me peda hua hota
kapil shah
પ્રિય નરેન્દ્રભાઈ જય ગરવી ગુજરાત , આપના બ્લોગ દ્વારા જે આપની જોડે વાત કરવાનો મોકો મળ્યો છે તે અદભુત અને આનંદદાયી છે. IAS અને IPS ની તૈયારી કરવાનો માહોલ ગુજરાત માં બને તે માટે આપ કંઈક પ્રયત્નો કરો અથવા તો ગુજરાત ના યુવાનો ને આ ક્ષેત્ર માં આવવા માટે હાકલ કરો હું અને મારા જેવા ગણા લોકો આપને દિલ્હી માં પણ ખુબ ચાહે છે અને દરેક ગુજરાતી આપની વાત ચોક્કસ માનશે. કપિલ શાહ વિજયનગર, સાબરકાંઠા ,
mukund shukla
Sir, aape aapel safaltanu samikaran j fakt vidhyarthi matej nahi parantu safata prapt karvano dhyey rakhnar darek vyaktine kaam lagshej.
Mehul Menghar
Dear Sir, I really admired by your speech and your message to the people of Gujarat. I am proud to be a Gujarati. Sir I have read your given encouragement to student for the recent board exam. This is really wonderful work as a leader one should do. We fill that we can see another father and mother both in you. I have no bought about your leadership for entire India. Sir , I do not have complaints about any thing happen but I just want to take your few seconds to go through this message. I want YOU TO ADD ONE SUBJECT FROM STNDARD ONE WHICH WILL TEACH ONE STUDENT REGARDING HOW TO APPROCH DIFFERENT GOVRENMENT BODIES AND HOW TO FIGTH AGAINST CRIME. For this please review below what is happen with us which will be happen with anybody. There are sequence of accident happen with my family at Bhuj – Kutch . I am not writing for only my family but in future it has happen with any body. A six month before my mother had a sever accident when she was walking around with my pregnant wife. At that time boy was riding motorbike above 80 KM/Hr speed and made an accident with my mother and fortunate my wife was saved but mother got sever injuries. At the time of accident Gujarat Police is standing side of road but nobody turned to save my mother and final my pregnant wife carried my mother to hospital and started primary treatment. Sir we register case against that boy but there is no rules has made for minor to punish until he or she kills any body. Now a day this boy is riding same motor bike with same speed ……… Sir ??????????????????????????????? I have completed my studies from Gujarat Nirma Institute . But Now time has come to revalorize present education system. At present We are producing Engineers, Doctors , MBAS and all other well educated personality but we are enable to produce only single student like Swami Vivekananda. Why Why Why ???????????????????????????????????????????? There is no affection to my country lows my country norms and top of that all NRI will say INDIA is place where all Uneducated Gundas will do politics and all well educated will follow them……………………..This is totally wrong for Gujarat ……..Because I believe after Shri Shardar Patel , you are my iron man ………..with same burning and I can fill safe under your decision , faith. Sir, please change the present education system not to produce successful Personality but want to produce successful Indian in which we can see the mirror image of Swami Vivekanand , Sardar Patel and of course my favorite Narendra Modi. Sir my contact detail is : 9004084118. I don’t knows your contact but my heart and my soul will pray for your internal burning for good human being not good Political leader. Sir You JUST PUT ONE STEP AHEAD WE WILL LAY THE STONE OF OUR BODY AND MIND TO BUILD THE NATION AS YOU DESIER.
Vishnuji Thakor
Respected Sir, As a CM of Gujarat, you take care of students like former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is a matter of pride. Thank you very much for encouraging students with your success formula. Under your chairmanship, Gujarat is moving towards all round development. My best wishes to all students taking board exams. Thanking you, Vishnuji Thakor
Rasnidhi Nayak
Dear Sir, It is our(Gujarat's) great pleaser that all the world has pointed us as growth engien of India. It is due to your working pattern & zeal. Thanks
Jigar Thakkar
Thank you very much for your best wishes. I have never seen the leader like you in gujarat. i Wish the leader like you be always in Gujarat. Thank you Jigar Thakkar
Dear Chief Minister, Just missed the chance to avail the benefits under [b]PMEGP[/b] scheme while your Dabhoi visit in Kalyan Mela. Happy to know about the various programmes for the benefits of underpriviledged, Women & Industries which is carried on by the state for the development. Look ahead for more progress under your leadership. Regards
dilip shimpi
obsrvation coming from experience is of great help
this first time in my life,when any leader will think for student's future . C.M. sahab plz give your imp time other part of india. sir if you visited my home city satna. It would be best for us.
vrutant shah
hello sir, As you are the CM of gujrat you will not interfior in the matters of Mumbai our CM is working for our progress but i want you to send a message which if you will send it to our CM of mumbai.That is our Govt. is spending crores of rupees on Terrorist KASSAB which will finally give no result to the people dead in that act.So instead of spending money on him please suggest our Prime minister that spend on poor peoples or for the development of nation or for the soldiers who are fitting for us. The only decision for KASSAB is just give to the peoples of INDIA and the treatment we will give will be yhe best treatment given to anyone ever in the world and i ensure you sir thatb after that treatment no terrorist will plan for any attack in INDIA . SIR KINDLY SEND THIS MESSAGE TO OUR PRIME MINISTER sir this a message of the common peoples of INDIA
Shivranjan R. Gullvady
Modi is the way to go. I am impressed with the GIFT project, which to me is the new face of emerging India. He has the ability to duplicate the success he has had with Gujarat, one of the key states responsible for keeping India on the world map, at national level. I read a comment somewhere that Modi has done things for Gujarat and not the whole India but these people probably don’t realize that it’s because of states like Gujarat that India is doing well. Gujarat is one of the key locomotives that’s pulling the national economy. On top of the results that he has shown and his administration qualities, his non-corrupt image helps.
C A Bhaskaran
now indai wants dynamic and young PM who can clear the present hurdles. there is nobobdy available other than SHRI NARENDRA MODI
Ambarish Raj
"Those people who are making minds from the partial media are useless, or selfish in some way or other. Just look the comments made by the minority brothers in gujrat. & make the mind. Modibhai must become the PM. He is the only person capable in all the way."
D. V. Buch
"Narendra Modi has done a lot for muslims in Gujarat. We will vote for him. Congress is the most communal party. it believes in divide and rule"
Harish S. Umaranikar
Respected Sir, I am Harish S. Umaranikar from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. I am very proud of you that you are No. 1 C.M. of Gujrat in India. But we want you as P.M. of India so that fans like me can get advantage of your work to all over India. Wish you all the very best for your future working.
Harshad V. Mehta.
By spending less for celebration, traveling, entertainment, house decoration and living very simple life; we should see that the price of all goods come down. We should not depend upon government as it's interested only in earning extra at our cost by planning many big projects. how about selling of 10 % of our jewelary in market and not buying new one for next five years and there by increasing value of our rupee to bring down price of all materials? We should not expect and wait for AVTAR [ of God ] to help us. HARSHAD V. Mehta. 707, Saruddhi, Orlem, Malad [ W ], mumbai - 400 064. [ Mbl. 9833521242 ]
shivang prashant oza
CHARAN PRANAAM RESPECTED SIR, i had got ashirvad letter from PRAMUKHSWAMI MAHARAJ.Sir, i read one mantra in it, 'EFFORTS + PRAYER = SUCCESS' . Sir,after a long time i again read the true formula of success.Sir you are doing great efforts for our nation.We future of nation learn the true meaning of politics from an idol leader like you.i am in 10th std and i read your blog today sir. thanks for best wishes.
Respected Sir, You are our Guruji,If we have your blessings ,we will definitely do our nation proud. Thanks for everything you have done for Gujarat. I have never seen such a powerful ,energetic and down to earth person. Wish you sir ,all the very best in all your future endeavours. Thanks & Regards, Vikram R Shony ,Kochi (Kerala)
Namaste Modiji,U doing a great job for gujarat, i heartly appreciate for that, keep doing this, we with u, all Gujarati with u,
Vasudevan Rao
Gujarat has become the heart of India because of its developmental agenda and hard work of the Modi Government.... Vande Gujarat..
Nirav Shah
Sir, may you have a long, long life so that India can benefit from your leadership and wisdom. Our support and wishes will always be with you. MP
I wish u good health and happiness.Under ur leadership our state is making very huge progress,we all r proud of it, god bless u for ur long life and happiness in ur life.
Harish Dhruv
Respectable Modi ji, Namaste| Aapko janm din ki hardik badhai| May God Shri Ram ji bless you with many many more years and Shakti to continue with your innovative selfless work. And bless us with strength and knowledge to help you in every step.
Shailesh Mehta
Narendra modi is a good leader but the definination of a leader is thar"who can create a more leader but not more follower" so that's our message to CM that he must create more leader and he must have to try to move towards delhi and finally sky is the limit for narendra modi. But don't forget us to be a part of CM fellowship programme.
Vishal Patel
hon. Narendra Modi sir as you making so much progress of Gujarat...4 that we are so grateful to you and many other Guajarati have a desire to have a essel world type fun park with most number of rides in it..
Mihir Desai
narendra modi nu gujarat ma 100 taka matdan ek adhunik nirnya ne karane loko mo utsah jovai rahyo 6,che koi congi c.m takat aa rite 100 taka matdan karavi sake.jay jay garvi gujarat bharat mata ki jay..
Sunil Pandya
c.m. shree narendra modi saheb ne sadar pranam, tame gujrat mate sara kamo kariya se,
Pathak Mansi P.
repected sir, you are too good and a very big roll model of mine.
dear sir, i have already graduate, but your massege is very nice to all student , iam buisnessmen at ahmedabad. i very aprishiat all your work and i am big fan of u and your work for gujrat is mindblowing . and growth of ahmedabad roads, lights, devloping all lakes is wonderful and you are most powerfulman of our country i wish for you to become p.m of country but not want to loose a wonderful c.m. of my state. thanks your resopceble gujrati, akash thakar
Hello sir, aje jyare bija desh ma rahine gujarat ne agad avtu joye 6e to aakh ma pani avi jai 6e. tame gujarat ne avu sari rite agad lavyu 6e k aje bija desh ma rahine pan em boli uday 6e ame gujarati 6e ane amru gujarat 6e. tame je ajna generation ne aagad lavano prayatna karo 6o te khubj sundar 6e. kakariya, sabarmati ne tame jivtu kari didhu 6e. Ame tamari lakheli kavita vachi tee bauj superb 6e.. swarnim gujarat geet ek dum saru 6e
rupa jhaveri
narendrabhaiwe are all so darn proud of u.dilipbahi is right- students will all benifit with a lc in englishand all the very best to u. keep doing the fabulous things u are doing for our stategod bless u
Respected Sir, Thanks for your wishes. Though I am not belonging to 10th or 12th student I feel I am student forever as I would like to learn new things ever.I am saying on behalf of all I knew appearing in exam. I will convey your message to them.It feels good knowing your key to success. Thanks once again.
આદરણિય મોદી સર, આટલી વ્યસ્તતા વચ્ચે પણ આપ આપનાં ગુજરાત ની ભાવિ પેઢી ને કારકિર્દી ગઠન માટે ની શુભેચ્છાઓ આપવા માટે નું ચૂકતા નથી.હેટ્સ ઓફ ટૂ યુ સર. ગૌરવપૂર્ણ વારસા ને જેટલો આદર...એટલોજ ભવિષ્ય ને એક નવી ઊચાઇઓ આપવા નો જજબો...ગુજરાત નાં એક એક પાસાંઓ ને સાચવ્યા છે,સંવાર્યાં છે,સન્માર્ગિત કર્યા છે... do better take care of your self. જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત...જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત... warm regard -manisha baroda
Parin Shah
Respected Sir, My self Parin Shah from Bharuch. U are right, There is no another option of hard-work. But with hard work proper guidance is also required. Today I want to share something with u. I am doing Engineering from L.D. Engineering College. My school name is Amity High School. I feel very lucky that god has given me a chance to study in such school. After 2 years of leaving the school still i not forget single moment of my school days. There are lots of school in Gujarat, But how many of that have good quality? Today in the e-world we have to improve quality of education but we still not forget the basic principle of education. U have done great job in this field but still lots of work is remaining. Sir,I don't say that only you do this job alone. We all are with you. We want to establish an University like Oxford in our state. Sir,Hope you will helpful to fulfill our dreams. Regards.
Respected Sir, Proud for you and thanks for write for student here.. Thanks Regards, Nitin
Dr Dilip Mehta
Many students and parents are facing problem because of School leaving certificate in Gujarati. Certificate in English will work in other states, other countries and Gujarat as well. while Certificate in Gujarati will work in Gujarat and may be in other state of India. Similarly Birth Certificate given by municipal corporation do not mention name of state and country of birth
માનનીય સર, આપે એસ એસ સી અને એચ એચ સી ના પરીક્ષાના ઉમેદવારોને શુભેચ્છા આપીને આપે આખા ગુજરાતના આત્મવીશ્વાસમા વધારો કર્યો છે. આ બદલ આપનો ઘણો ઘણો આભાર. આપની વેબસાઈટમા ગુજરાતીમા પણ લખાય તેવી સીસ્ટમ પણ હોવી જરુરી છે.તે માટે આપને વિનંતિ છે. ગુજરાત જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત છે અને રહેશે. આપનો આભારી હિરેન
Dr Dilip Mehta
Our beloved Modiji Congratulations for motivating students to achieve their goal. I am sure your efforts will strengthen my Gujarat and our India. I want to draw your attention to below mentioned fact. For getting transcript for MBBS from Government Medical College, Bhavnagar,( this must be happening in other colleges of Gujarat) students are forced to give donation of Rs 1000 for each copy of transcript and for verification of copies of degree certificates and identification (which are part of application for USMLE examination)Rs 500 donation for each paper is required to pay. No other state charges like this. I feel donation should not be by force and that to from student who have not started earning. It may send wrong massage in mind of student. This is in contrast to your vision.
every body talk about Post Godhra and Muslims killing when it’s come to modi. but there are many riots during congress government in gujarat and thousands of hindu got killed. why not media debates this. and only stuck on 2002. so it’s not about 2002 and muslim killing but it’s about modi, who is modern sardar patel and congress, indian media, NGO are scared of him. they know people all over india like him. well i say what happen during 2002 was need to make point that this is hindustan and we are hindus.
Sundeep Agarwal
K. K. Mistry
"Hello Everyone….What ever you think about Modiji is purely depend on the Media. actual thing is very different than this.Modiji helps muslims a lot and who think he has hand behind Riots after godhara incident is wrong.he is the man who helps a lot and give a safe place to live in gujarat. modiji dont announce his help and support on media but everyone knows he is great.the way he handled gujarat and muslim league is phenomenal.Media who dont know such thing they always put Modiji in a Negative Role. but as a true muslim i can say he is the Greatest Minister our league has seen. Thanks Modiji to help and Protect. Allah apko hamesha hi aise banaye rakhe."
S. K. Patel
"the post godhara riot was looks to me more like internation schem. it was fueled by congress and media. the media and cogress was intrested to keep BJP away from Delhi.. and it was also supported by external world to keep bjp from ruling. because in bJP rule india was perfoming so great that it was chanlleged for all other countery in the world. they want to keep india as undeveloper. so only they can find the big market in india. so post godhara was the schema of congress,media and external country."
H. C. Grover
"Modi Ji, Our country need a person economically develops the country and solves unemployment problem, and need a hard working person like Modi and not hardly working smart people like other politicians."
Narendra Modi Sir, Now you are rocking via Blog. Keep it up.
Dilip Barot
MODI is GUJARAT And GUJARAT is Mr. MODI & Mr. Modi is Grate Hindu Chifministor of Gujarat. So Mr. Modi is Grate
In Gujrath 2007 election Bjp get (Mr. Modi) won the major seats. This election was modi v/s all congress. Congress want to win election on godhra Scandle basis but invain. because people knew that congress played with people in name of dharmanirpkshata. They want people fight with each other & they will win election but people became wise now. They are literate now
Dr. Dhagash Patel
Second name of Mr.Mody is Pieceful Gujarat, Developed Gujarat and Democratic Gujarat where every one can live as Gujarati not according to the goverment's requirement and this is the state of vigile people that is why BJP got the mejority.JITEGA GUJARAT and THANKS TO Mr.MODY
I am really proud to have such a leader. Friends, vote for BJP. Modi for PM. Jai-Ho!
Manish Kapadiya
gujartis r damn lucky 2 hv mr. modi as the c.m of gujrat, who is supposed 2 b d prime minister of india…!!! long live modi… jitega gujarat…
Atara Vijay
hello,sir ,hu collage no student chu pan mane aa mail malta etlo badho anand thyo ke nahi aamara study no amara parents sivay bija ne pan khyal che, amaru bhagy che ke amne tamara jeva CM malya. ane mari passe suggestion che ke jo aapne bord na student ne exam pela temna house par jo nani avi chhithi mokaliye to mane lage che ke temna utshah ma vadharo thase and parents pan khub garve anubhav se ane khali subhecha j nhi sathe sathe jyare result aave pachi temne congrats karti ek chhithi moklvi joie and sathe sathe temne ek mahiti khata ni pustika pan aapvi joie jethi te temna manpasand course ni pasandgi kari sake and je result aavi gaya pachi no j time che te ammara mate khub hard hoi che kyo course pasand karvo kai khabar nathi padti to aava time jo tame amaro hath pakdo to khubj faydo thay ane maru aa suggetion work karse j kem ke ,mane lage che k aa ek muskeli che pass thaya pachi couse pasand karva ni to muskeli ma hath pakdi ne tame amaro adadho bojo halko kari nakhaso.bas aatluj kevu hatu ane mari passe koi sarra idea hase to mara loko mate hu share karto rahis .bye and jay shree krishna.
kishor ruparelia
thank you very much modiji student are our him very proper way.every child followspeople like you so pl.go on proper honest way for the future of nation best of luck.
paresh goswami
all the betst.................
Harshil Shah
Respected Sir, U r great sir. U take care of everybody in society. I don't know that how can u get time from ur very busy schedule? I also convey my best wishes to the std. X and XII students and want to give u one advice that Just follow the success mantra of sir. I m also trying to implement this mantra in my life. Jay Hind.... Jay jay garvi gaujarat...
Respected SHRI NARENDRA MODIJI, Pranams. It is a timely wish. Thank you very much for the timely wish. I am just admiring your way of action in each and every field. May GOD BLESS YOU for a long and healthy life. Thoug i am not a student but a father of student i feel very much happy. S.ARUL
Dilip Shah (Surat)
Sir, I congratulate you for your courtesy of wishing best wishes to the students of our state. I wish to draw your attention towards the problem our students suffer after they leave their schools and go for higher studies,many go to other states and quite a few abroad-may be after graduation. Many gujarati medium schools in our state are issuing School Leaving Certificate (LC)in Gujarati. They face too many problems later on.Why 'LC' can not be issued in ENGLISH only irrespective of their medium of study.I am a father of two children-both professionals-both are now in US-one graduated in Maharashtra,I know how much we sufferred.Translate/Notarised/Still Submit original in Gujarati....all these problems can be resolved if ALL STUDENTS IN OUR STATE BE ISSUED 'LC' IN ENGLISH. This will be a great service to our students and their parents. This is the experience of many students/Parents. Sir, you being a dynamic CM, you and you only can bring CHANGE in the system. Please look into the matter and do as requested.
Ummed Singh Nahata
Dear Narendra Bhai, it is shame on our leadership that still, after 63 years of independence, we have not been able to reform British education system, giving importance to exams so much instead of real learning. If you are really sincere, take the pains to do that in future, no one needs to wish for success in exams. High time we do and if we do we are capable to become Knowledge World Leaders, thanks to hard work put in by saints and scholars for centuries.
Hasit Raval
Modi Sir, I have not written Dear beacuse for all Gujarati you only r Dear & Leader. I don't have any words for you. You are simply the great. Hasit Na Jai Hatkesh Mobile - 9825044623
અખિલ સુતરીઆ
૪.૩.૧૦ / વલસાડ નરેન્દ્ર્ભાઇ, ગુજરાતના ધોરણ દસ અને બારની પરીક્ષાઓમાં ઝળહળતી સફળતા ઇચ્છતા વિદ્યાર્થીઓને જ નહિ પરંતુ કોલેજમાં અભ્યાસ કરતાં વિદ્યાર્થીઓને પણ શુભેચ્છાઓની જરૂર છે. સમજણપૂર્વક અને એકાગ્રતા સાથે કરેલ અભ્યાસ લેખીત પરિક્ષાઓમાં માર્કસ કેટલા અપાવે તે ખબર નથી પરંતુ, જીવનમાં પ્રગતિ અવશ્ય કરાવે છે. તાજેતરમાં જ અમે ગુજરાત રાજયના અંતરીયાળ અને સરહદી વિસ્તાર જેવા કે ઉમરગામ, સંજાણ, વાપી, ધરમપૂર, વાંસદા, અનાવલ, ઉનાઇ, બાજીપરા, કડોદ, માંડવી, નસવાડી, ઝંખવાવ, નેત્રંગ, ડેડિયાપાડા, રાજપીપળા, વસંતપૂરા, ગોરા, બોડેલી, છોટાઉદેપૂર, દેવગઢબારીયા, ગોધરા, દાહોદ, લીમડી, ઝાલોદ, સંતરામપૂર, લુણાવાડા, પાંડરવાડા, બાકોર, બોરસાઇ, ગાંધીનગર, રાંધેજા, પ્રાંતિજ, હિમ્મતનગર, રાજેન્દ્રનગર, શામળાજી, ભીલોડા, ઇડર, વડનગર, મહેસાણા, વિસનગર, કરલી, ખેરાળુ, વડગામ, પાલનપૂર, સિધ્ધપૂર, ઊંઝા અને પાટણ સુધી અમારા અંગત વાહન દ્વારા, અંગત બચતમાંથી સ્થાનિક બાળકો, યુવાનો તેમજ મહિલાઓને નિઃશુલ્ક ધોરણે જીવનોપયોગી જાણકારી પ્રેરણાદાયી વિડીયો ફિલ્મ દ્વારા આપવા માર્ગદર્શન ગુજરાત યાત્રા તા.૨૨.૧૧.૨૦૦૯ થી તા.૨૮.૨.૨૦૧૦ દરમ્યાન કરી. સમગ્ર પ્રવાસ દરમ્યાન આશરે ૬૦,૦૦૦ જેટલા બાળકો, યુવાનો તેમજ મહિલાઓ સાથે સીધો સંવાદ કર્યા બાદ લાગે છે કે, આપના દ્વારા લેવાતી કાળજીના પરિણામ જે આવવા જોઇએ તે નથી આવી રહ્યા. આ વિસ્તારોની શૈક્ષણિક સંસ્થાઓ અને ત્યાં ફરજ બજાવી રહેલા શિક્ષકો વર્તમાન જરૂરીયાત કરતાં ‘ઉપરથી આવેલ આદેશ’ને વળગીને ચાલવાની વૃત્તિ રાખતાં જણાયા છે. કાગળ પરના રીપોર્ટ અને વાસ્તવિક પરિસ્થિતી વચ્ચેનો ભેદ પાતળો નથી. જેનો ભોગ નીશ્ચિત રીતે વિદ્યાર્થીઓ અને વાલીઓજ બને. આપણી શિક્ષણ પ્રથા, વ્યવસ્થા, પધ્ધતિના થઇ રહેલા વ્યાવસાયીકરણના લાભ કરતાં વધારે નુકશાન થઇ રહ્યાનું સાડા પાંચ કરોડમાંનો સાદી, સરળ, સંસ્કારી જીન્દગી જીવવા મથી રહેલો છેલ્લો ગુજરાતી મોંઘાદાટ અને અતિશય સ્પર્ધાત્મક થઇ ગયેલ શિક્ષણ મેળવવા આ કાળઝાળ મોંઘવારીમાં વ્યવસ્થા તો ઠીક, વિચારેય કરી શકવા અસમર્થ થતો જાય છે. અપવાદ તો બધે હોય જ. નિયમો પાળવા માટે અને યોજનાઓ સામુહિક વિકાસ માટે બનાવવામાં આવતી હોય છે પણ જયારે નિયમો તોડવા અન યોજનાઓ વ્યક્તિગત લાભલક્ષી બનતી જણાય ત્યારે કોને કહેવું ? બાકી અત્યારે તો આપ પ્રજાના રાજા છો. મને લાગે છે કે તમે હજુ પણ તદ્દન સામાન્ય અને છેવાડાના વ્યક્તિની પહોંચ બહાર છો. ગુજરાતના સંસ્કાર, ગુજરાતની અસ્મિતા, ગુજરાતની પરંપરા ... સૌનો સરવાળો એટલે ‘ગુજરાતી’. ભારતના સંસ્કાર, ભારતની અસ્મિતા, ભારતની પરંપરા ... સૌનો સરવાળો એટલે ‘ભારતીય’. વંદેમાતરમ.
Dear Modiji, Its really very pleasure and encouragement to all the stundents who are going to write exams this year. Gujarat people really lucky to get you as CM. I dont have any words to say. Vande madaram, jai hind.
Ganpat Patel
Dear Narendrabhai Modi, you are doing hard worker for Gujarat.your presents in your CM office hardly five days in a months. The people of Gujarat wish to see you personaly some unsolved problemes from all concern Commissioner, Chairman and concern Mantri Saheb also. I would request you to make some program for above questions, even approched your video conference office even a reasult are nill pl see my humbly one question some offices are not responding your office letter. G M Patel
i would say just one thing.. sir u r vry dedicated to ur state and the country... thts it...
all izz well.......... dont worry abt exams. its nt the only thing whr u cn prove urself... everyone on this earth cannot be a brilliant student.
G K Patel
Respected Modiji, The people of Gujarat are grateful as they got you as CM who cares of each and every people of the Gujarat. Students and Parents of Gujarat are over joyed by your emmotional and elderly gesture. Nice work Sir. G K Patel,Vadodara
G K Patel
Address respectfuly,when you are addressing to CM of State, either if you are a elder then Sri Modiji. Give respect and get respect.
Sir, This is the firs time I'm seeing a C.M taking care each end every people in his country. I'm very much sad as we dont have this type of responsible and caring CM. We miss u so much. Thank u Sir
Atmiy Narendrabhai, Sada panch karod gujaratio mate Jyare tame vicharo chho to vidyarthio no samavesh thai jaye chhe.Emna pratye tame bataveli atmiyata kharekhar yogya ane stutilayak chhe.Marathima ame kahiye chhie " Bole taisa chale tyachi vandavi paule" Dhanyavad.
Atmiy Narendrabhai, Jyare tame kahyu ke sada panch karod gujaratio mate kam karu chhu , vidyarthio mate shubhecchhao mokali tame e vatane khari kari batavi.Marathi ma kahiye chhiye - " Bole taisa chale tyachi vandavi paule" - means kahelu kari batave ena charan vandan karva jeva chhe. Aapkobhi bahut bahut badhaiya. Aapno snehankit, Prashant Nilkanth Deshpande,Ex-Dahod , now in Mumbai
यशवंत कुमार
आदरणीय श्री मोदी जी ! बोर्ड परीक्षाओं की शुभकामनाओं के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद | अभी मेरी फिजिक्स की परीक्षा हुई है जो की अच्छा रहा | आपकी शुभकामनाओं से बहुत उत्साह बढ़ता है | उम्मीद है आगे भी हमारा उत्साहवर्धन करते रहेंगे |
Gunjan Pandya
The people of Gujarat are grateful that they have got you as the CM who takes care of each and every people of the state whether it may be from small kids, childrens, adults n senior citizens. Nice work sir. Gunjan Mumbai
Mansukh Saradva
Dear Sir , This is a spirit of leader.nothing more today. Thanks, Mansukh
Thanks your simlpy great
Respected Sir Thanks for the wishes . I read all the comments and happy that peoples love you so much.(I am also one of them). Thou this is not right forum to write but I would like to bring this to your kind notice , Why there is discrimination between CBSE and gujarat board students in admission to higher education, A student with 85+ percentage in CBSE has to struggle for admission to a good collage but a student with 60% in Gujarat board gets admission.Are the students of CBSE are not son/daughters of Gujarat. There should be acommon admission test and merit should be made based on that only.
Ankit saxena
hi sir i'm a big fan of uors i know if u'll be the prime minister of the india then all the problem will be remove.I want to be the part of your party but i don't have parental background of politics but my kean interest is in politics.If u provide me opportunity that will be fine for me.
Ashok Patel
Good feed back from Praja.
kapil shah
PRIYA,Narendrabhai naMaskar, aapne hu varamvar you tube par sambhalu chu aapne divas ma 1var na sambhalu to mane bhanva ma maja nathi delhi ma IAS ni taiyari karu chu gujarat na vidhayarthio aa exam ma gana ocha bese che to aap jara e taraf dhyan aapso to bhavisya ma aapna marge chalnara administrator gana hase je gujarat ne chokkas maan apavse.....ME SWARNIM GUJARAT VARSA MA 5 SANKALP LIDHA CHE ANE AAJE AAPNO 100 DIVAS AAPVANO VICHAR YOUTUBE NA MADHYAM THI SAMBHALYO ANE TE KARVA MATE PAN KATIBADDHA CHU AAPNO ANE GUJARATNO KAPIL SHAH JAY GUJARAT JAY BHARAT
Vineetha Menon
How extremely sweet and thoughtful of you.....:):):)....You are great!!
Satish Dholakia
Students and Parents of Gujarat are over joyed by your emmotional and elderly gesture !
P. K. Dutta
"I openly challenge to all indian meadia if they can let them defet Modi by being PM of India.even all indian & international meadia & Congress,UPA,CPI unitedly work to do so then also no doubt in it our narendra Modi bhai will be PM of our India very soon. We all hindus are with you Modije no body can stop you from becoming PM of india …"
N. S. Kalsi
"Salute to Mr.Narendra Modi - As True Indian. In the current situation only the person name MR. NARENDRA MODI who will manage our NATION as GREAT INDIA securely. He is INDIA’s KING / INDIA’s Proud..First off all i want to message to all our FALTU media’s why they are not covering MODI’s 2003 to 2009 awarded great work at locally (India level) as a GOOD News for all the indians. We know thi is the GLOBAL News one person as a STATE miniter who attracted 12 LAKH CRORE on only his credit or power even in this age of global meltdown."
Ajit Prabhu
he is a true leader! he works for all communities.we need him as prime minister soon.
Balraj Vasudevan
"He is really a true indian leader. I want him to see as a prime minister of india. I want him to follow the policy of israil and austraila."
dheer pathak
Hello,sir i have son 8years old n he eager to meet u i dont know how my son meet u i know that his wishis too uncommon bt plz try to get her wish fulfill.
Chandrashekhar S Bhatt
Shri Narendrabhai: we are so pleased with your administration and management skills that GUjarat has beocome a roll model for any government. Being a public servant, i feel that we should be held accountable and use the public resources to provide the basics to all the citizens. in government transparancy and simplicity are the key factors to move forward in the direction of succes. Our state and quite frankly our nation needs a leader of your caliber. i hope some day you rise to national level in Delhi and hopefully you may have able successor in Gujarat. Gujarat shall move forward for energy independance with use of green technologies and organic farming. with all basic infrastructure felt down to the mass, which other way happiness can be felt. please have no political clout but whatyou have affirmed [transparent government] shall prevail wish you very happy and healthy life ahead. jay Bharat, Jay Gujarat chandrashekhar s bhatt
thank you, Mayur dave
Neema Agrawal
Dear Sir, Thanks for sharing a success mantra with us, Jay Hind and Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat !!!!!! With Regards, Neema Agrawal
Thanks for your best wishes, no doubt u r great. May God bless u and u reach at the top of the Indian Politics. Your caring nature and wishes will help all to enspire all the student to reach his/her goal Thanks again from me. I salute u Narender Bhai.
Amit Brahmbhatt
Dear Modijee, I appriciated that you are taking intrst in each & every area of people of Gujarat aswell as whole country. I agree on your opinion that Study is an important part in human life. I hope you as a CM of Gujarat will contribute best for the better standard of education. Today modification in education is must to reduse the apathy of new generation's students. Hope you will strive hard to make Gujarat pioneer in morden education. Thank You Amit D. Brahmbhatt
Harish Deshmukh
Jay jay garvi gujarat, jay ho all gujarati ki with MR Modi Jitega Gujarat aur hum India ko nya mode denge..nai soch denge.
i am proud to say that after independence their is some who cares our future of india . thanks to him may god bless him forever