• ATVT – Apno Taluko, Vibrant Taluko

  • ATVT – Apno Taluko, Vibrant Taluko

    February 24, 2012 Author: admin

    ‘ATVT – Apno Taluko, Vibrant Taluko’ – Decentralizing powers for Maximum Governance

    At the beginning of the 51st year of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi launched Apno Taluko, Vibrant Taluko(ATVT) in order to empower people locally to guide the growth process through Taluka Sarkar – a sub district citizen-centric approach where governance and development is activated at the grass root level. At 51 talukas at a go, the Vibrant Taluko (ATVT) centres were launched!

    Shri Narendra Modi wanted that instead of the State standing on 26 pillars (of 26 districts), it should stand on 225 pillars(of 225 Talukas). Under ATVT, every Taluka in Gujarat is empowered and self sustaining to provide a local platform for driving double digit growth and social development. The decentralization of administration upto sub-district (taluka) level has made it speedier, effective, transparent, and citizen centric.  This has led every taluka to aspire to develop faster and instill a sense of belonging to give a new stimulus to the development process. Every taluka now plans as per its requirements and as per the challenges that it faces, and accordingly carries out more focused implementation of development schemes to reap higher benefits.

    Gujarat: Apno Taluko-Vibrant Taluko:

    Applications for assistance under various schemes are now collected and processed at the taluka level itself and the citizen need not go upto district headquarters.

    This initiative entails a major revamping in the administrative set up and a shift in functioning. The concept mooted by Chief Minister Shri Modi underwent rigorous brainstorming ministers, government officials and experts before taking a final shape. It has also led to improvement of infrastructure services at taluka headquarters.

    The Government has made a provision to provide Rs.27 billion over the next four years for this. ATVT is another step towards grassroots democracy taken by the Gujarat Government.

    Functioning of Taluka Seva Sadan:
    1) All the services of different departments will be available at one place.
    2) The administration will be more effective, transparent and citizen-centric.
    3) The applications will be sorted round the clock.
    4) E- Governance will make the system rise to a further level.
    5) All the information about the plans and action as well as the acceptance and screening will be available at one place only

    Pic courtesy: Gujarat Magazine (Gujarat Information Department)

    Minimum Government and Maximum Governance plays a major role in Taluka Governance. Red tape and harassment by middle men is curtailed as they were major hindrances to people in smaller towns and villages. People esp. farmers had to travel to utilize the services of middle-men who would charge exorbitant to handle paper work. Risk of corruption, harassment and delayed work resulted to time, money and stress too. Now, people can directly contact their Taluka Jan Seva Kendra. This form of governance is also beneficial for uneducated, low income backgrounds as their needs are fulfilled by Jan Seva Kendras.

    Apno Taluko, Vibrant Taluko – ATVT governance is innovative, proactive and in tune to the needs of the region. It has shaped the livelihood and economy of the people living in Talukas.

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    Dear Sir, CCTV cameras should be installed at every government office to improve the efficiency of the work. When the govt. servant feels that he is being observed by his seniors, he is likely to work more efficiently, politely and honestly.
    Dave Balkrishana
    Taluka of gujarat state now with latest technology ,only need the efficient operators/ officers as a Devotee from retired caders availables/ and full controling systems without fail.
    Kush Varu
    ATVT idea is the best but employees who work there shoud work towards achiving the GOAL of ATVT in order to get better result. i also feel the need of proper monitoring system on ATVT.
    Snehal Parmar
    very evoking speech by Narendra Modi once again. I feel proud to be Gujarati.