“Simplicity became a fashion”: The Modi Style

September 1, 2012 Author: admin

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On Friday evening, the nation watched history being created on social media, as for the first time ever an Indian Politician held a Live Google+ Hangout session. The session truly depicts the transparency and the desire to connect with the mass prevails in the heart and the deeds of the Chief Minister.

Lifestyle stories have always caught my mind and I would specifically like to mention one of the questions asked by a law student from Delhi, regarding the lifestyle i.e. the food habits and the exclusive dressing style of Mr. Modi, the all famed “Modi Kurta”. That was something I too was curious to know about. As the man leading the state, holding such a significant position needs to take a special care of himself.

Surprisingly, the answer to the diet habit was extremely simple. Mr. Modi loves to have “Khichdi” which generally the youth will hate today, besides the most startling fact was that like a “Parivrajak”, for 45 years, he had to almost beg for food every day. “Whenever I used to visit a house, I had whatever they could offer.” Mr. Modi said.

The expected answer to the next question was a Renowned Designer behind esteemed “Modi Kurta”. There was definitely a renowned personality to design the exclusive Modi Kurta but he was Mr. Modi himself. Shri Narendra Modi said “I had to wash the clothes myself for about 40 years, and found it difficult to wash long kurtas. I had cut the sleeves short, so that it becomes easy to wash and also occupied less space in his bag. Now it has become a fashion. ‘Modi kurtas’ are being sold everywhere. My simplicity became a fashion.”

A true legend I would say, Mr. Modi is. The assortment of lifestyle questions also included the rest periods, as a man needs sound sleep at least for 5-6 hours a day that’s what I have heard from doctors at least. But this man handling some of the great responsibilities sleeps hardly for three to four hours a day and works for almost 18 hours. All this and many more secrets of Shri Narendra Modi’s life 

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He is a standing example of the type of a man admired by the Indian way of thought, 'simple living and high thinking'
I dont know since how long I know Sh. Narendrabhai, must be more than 40 years. He was a PRACHARAK. I remenber him as a person detemined. He was always confident about what he is intended to do. He was definitely different than the others. His KURTA was definintely very convenient and adopted by other PRACHARAKS and SWAYAMSEVEKS.His beard was equally populer and an identity, but it was not effectively adopted by others unless he become a prominent. All his gestures inspires not only te party workers but his opponents and criticizers as well
Narendra Pal Singh
dats very impressing. Hats off to H.E. Narendra Modi ji..